7 Picturesque and Budget Friendly Honeymoon Locations

Want to find budget friendly honeymoon locations? Maybe also get some tips on how to travel budget friendly anywhere? Read on!

Let’s start with the overall budget friendly travel tips, then move on to some budget friendly destinations. One of the things to bear in mind when looking for budget friendly honeymoon locations is the current exchange rate.

For example, this year, the South African rand dropped drastically against the US dollar and the British pound, so going to South Africa is now much cheaper.

7 Picturesque and Budget Friendly Honeymoon Locations

If you want to go really cheap, you can find free accommodation anywhere by couchsurfing. You will find most homes open to couchsurfers aren’t ideal for a honeymoon experience, though some offer bedrooms as opposed to couches and blow-up mattresses.

Still, if you want to stay a few nights extra and can’t afford a hotel, this is a great option. AirBnB usually offers cheaper and more expensive accommodation around the globe and some places on offer are worthy of five stars.

My former neighbor in the Hollywood Hills, for example, rents out his place and I can assure you it’s quite something.

Getting around can also get a lot more budget friendly if you use apps like Uber and Lyft as well as buses, and there are sites that tell you about budget friendly travel in almost any city.

Some places even include special discounts at museums and theaters some nights among other things. Basically, once you’ve decided where to go, google budget friendly tips in that place.

As for booking flights, use sites like Expedia and Hotwire to check what the cheapest flight options are. Within Europe, check out easyJet and Ryanair. Sometimes it’s cheaper to take a bus to a nearby big city and fly from there, as opposed flying out from a smaller town.

In Europe, it can even be cheaper to fly to London with budget airlines and then catch an international flight from there as opposed to booking a flight with one airline all the way.

1. South Africa

Here, you’ll find safaris, fashionable hang outs, incredible mountains and a fascinating story about a country in the process of change. You might not want to flash your camera about, or head out by yourself at night, but few places offer as stunning sights and flora and fauna as this country.

If you feel fancy, go to Cape Town and hang out with bohemians, surfers and rich people. For a true safari experience, head to the Kruger National Park.

If you want the financial district at your footstep and the luxuries that go with it (and epic thunderstorms), then Johannesburg is your best bet.

7 Picturesque and Budget Friendly Honeymoon Locations

The rand is weak compared to the dollar and pound: head to a coffee shop and grab your morning coffee for $1.50 and dine out for $7. Want luxury? Dine for $20.

There’s a huge difference in prices for hotels, AirBnBs, etc. during the high season (end November – early March) and the not so high and low seasons. The curious thing? If you go to Gumtree you will find that everyone and their dog rents out their entire home during the high season.

It’s like South Africans’ extra income, but it does mean that you can rent an entire home for the cost of a room in a nice hotel in cities like London.

As for romance, Cape Town is one of the world’s most stunning cities. There are also plenty of hotels on the outskirts of larger cities and in the countryside that offer everything from outdoor candlelit dinners and sleeping under the stars to incredible luxury.

Lazy Leopard in Knysna, for example, offers cute little cottages for less than $100 per night in the off season—inclusive of an outdoor bathtub…

2. Morocco

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Whether you want to drink in an exotic atmosphere, sleep in a luxurious tent in the desert or rub elbows with famous French movie stars, Morocco is for you. You’ll find exquisite cuisine, design, fashion and architecture. The place is as colorful as it is intriguing.

While there are plenty of luxurious hotels in Morocco that prey off rich tourists, there are also a lot of inexpensive hotels. Going shopping in the souks will also land you plenty of great deals—if you know how to haggle.

Never offer more than 30-50% of the asking price. Personally, I always tell them I have no more money than I’ve offered and make to leave, which tends to end the argument—after a few more assurances that it’s actually the case.

If you go too low, of course, they won’t sell it to you anyway.

3. Puerto Rico

7 Picturesque and Budget Friendly Honeymoon Locations (2)

If you fancy going to South America, then Puerto Rico is an option. Here, you’ll find the incredible Blue Beach for snorkeling, plenty of sunshine and a rich nightlife if you visit San Juan.

If you choose to stay in Jacó instead, then you can easily access the rainforest. Book well in advance for the best rates.

4. Peru


Want mystic shamanic experiences, old temples and a dazzling past of Inca Gods and Spanish conquistadors, then Peru is for you. Here, you can get lost in beautiful architecture before you head up Machu Picchu to visit the Incan temples (should such a trip take your fancy).

If you want to cut costs, visit in the Peruvian spring from September to November.

5. Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is an excellent honeymoon destination for adventurous couples. This Central American country is full of natural beauty, including magnificent beaches, rainforests, and wildlife. You can go hiking, surfing, zip-lining, and exploring on a budget. There are numerous low-cost accommodations available, such as eco-lodges and beachside bungalows, making it simple to pick the ideal spot to stay.

6. Thailand

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Thailand is a stunningly gorgeous and affordable destination. Beautiful beaches, old temples, and delicious Thai cuisine await you. Thailand is well-known for its affordable lodgings, making it simple to choose a lovely and romantic spot to stay without breaking the bank.

7. Croatia

7 Picturesque and Budget Friendly Honeymoon Locations

Fancy a European honeymoon? Consider Croatia. Go to Hvar at the end of the summer season (when the prices go down and the swarm of tourists leave). Here, you can chill out on beautiful beaches, check out incredible medieval architecture and enjoy a fabulous nightlife.

There are also shuttle boats to different Paklinski islands every day from the harbor. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

There are plenty of budget friendly destinations all over the world. Find out where you get the most bang for your buck by checking out exchange rates and local prices.

Ensure you book your flights through a site where you can compare the prices and consider flying out from nearby towns if cheaper. If traveling to Europe, a direct flight to a cosmopolitan city and then budget flights from there is also an option.

Before going somewhere, check out the budget tips in that city and have a look at AirBnB instead of hotels if cheaper. South Africa, Puerto Rico, Peru, Morocco and Croatia are all currently considered budget honeymoon destinations and offer plenty of charm, history and indulgence—all in different ways.


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