8 Effective Ways To Convince Your Partner To Beach Travel

With all the stunning beach travel photos on social media and the great vacation deals available, who wouldn’t be inspired to have a great travel experience with someone special?

For many couples, traveling to a great beach destination is a dream come true and can take a relationship to a whole new level. The combination of sun, sea, sand, and breeze conjures a romantic feeling and can be a memorable experience.

However, while beach travel with your partner can be romantic and exciting, not everyone is easily swayed to travel. Your partner might feel at a loss with all the necessary preparations, or may not completely agree with your travel plans. Being concerned and particular about traveling together is alright, but you’re missing a great opportunity if you pass up the chance for a great beach adventure together.

Have you been trying to convince your partner to embark on a beach adventure with you? Here are 8 effective ways to make your partner say yes to beach travel!

1. Connect to your partner’s interests.

Connect to your partner’s interests

Listening and relating to your partner’s interest is important to encourage them to beach travel. The general excitement of traveling can make you forget about their specific interests. Making this mistake can make your partner feel that they are not part of the journey.

Ask your partner what they like to do on the beach before being high with your grand ideas of traveling together. If your partner loves a great dining experience or sports, try to incorporate these things into your planned trip. Be creative! You’ll find that adjusting to your partner’s interests need not be complicated or expensive.

2. Convince your partner of the health benefits.

health benefits of going to the beach

Did you know that there are numerous health benefits in going to the beach? According to Harvard Medical School, 15 minutes of sun exposure can transform cholesterol-related body compounds into vitamin D and can provide 80 to 90 percent of the required daily amount of the vitamin. While vitamin D is vital for healthy bones, skin and mind, it’s important to apply sunblock with at least 30 SPF to ensure skin protection.

There are many other great health benefits of going to the beach. The list includes exfoliating the skin and curing acne, improving joint symptoms, increasing your metabolism and alleviating depression. Certainly, going to the beach with your partner is not only fun; it can also be healthy for both of you.

3. Inspire your partner with travel stories.

amazing travel stories

Your partner’s reluctance to travel to the beach may be rooted in being uninspired with the idea. While some may have travel anxiety, others just don’t find traveling interesting or worthy enough to step out of their daily routine.

An effective way to encourage your partner to travel is through amazing stories. Social media can be a great place to start, what with all the amazing beach photos and gorgeous sunsets and sunrises. It’s also great to read books or travel blogs together to get the impression that both of you can do it. You can also watch related movies or YouTube videos for a more visual inspiration.

4. Plan your adventure ahead of time.

Plan your trip

Spontaneous trips can be fun for certain people, but a great adventure requires time and preparation. Rushing the preparations for a beach travel with your partner can only lead to stress and a botched trip!

Planning your adventure ahead of time is not only beneficial in allowing your partner more time to be convinced. It can allow you to score great hotel and airfare deals. A well-planned beach adventure can alleviate the stress involved in traveling and can ensure that your partner will feel at ease.

5. Share your plans and consult them on the itinerary.

interesting beach activities

Allowing your partner to decide on certain beach activities before and during the trip can make the experience truly memorable for both of you. To make the deciding process easier, consider taking turns when choosing what to eat and where to go.

Giving up full control of the travel decisions can be difficult when what you want is for everything to be perfect, but remember that strong relationships know the importance of compromising to create lifetime moments your partner will want to be part of.

6. Determine a budget.

Make your partner say yes to a fantastic beach vacation by showing that you can afford it. Budgeting should not be hard to do given the great deals and options available. There are budget airlines that have frequent promos, allowing you to realize your dream vacations like a trip to Boracay. Going to destination beaches also give you a lot of budget options. For example, you can easily have the best accommodation in Boracay that suits your budget.

7. Have a travel company plan the trip.

Beautiful romantic sunset

One of the best ways to make your partner say yes to a beach vacation is to hire professionals to plan the trip. While planning on your own can be fun, having a packaged tour is a great option and removes all the logistical woes.

A travel company’s experience can make your journey smooth sailing, especially if you want the trip to double for something big like a wedding proposal. You can also make specific requests on food, sights and accommodation to personalize the trip.

8. Take small steps for a big trip.

Stunning beach wedding

Taking short trips prior to your vacation is one of the effective ways to entire your partner on a beach vacation. Short trips near home can ease your partner into the big travel plans you have. It can also get them used to the idea of traveling with you. As they say, big things begin with small steps.

With these eight tips to encourage your partner to travel, you’re sure to make that dream beach vacation come true. Like some people, your partner may just be worried or not used to the idea of traveling. But, once you allow them to settle into the beach groove, the door to great travel possibilities will open for both of you.

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