How to Have a Dream Honeymoon on a Minimum Wage Budget

It’s tough enough in this economy to keep a roof over your head and food in your belly. Add the extra costs associated with getting married into the financial mix and you’re sure to make your budge scream for mercy.

After a wedding, the second most dreamed about event in a woman’s life is her honeymoon. It’s being in just the right place with just the right man, sharing intimate moments and fun, new experiences.

So, how do you have a honeymoon to cherish forever when you don’t have a lot of extra cash lying around? Try these five budget friendly options:

1. Sign up for different discount travel, airfare or hotel websites

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There are tons of different websites that are interested in selling you travel packages you can use for your honeymoon. The best way to find just the right deal for you is to sign up on several sites so that you get regular emails with their special offers.

You can check out Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz to name a few. And, if you know where you want your honeymoon to be, you can also sign up for sites local to that area. For instance, if you want to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico then you might sign up for emails from, or if you’re thinking Las Vegas, Nevada, you might try

A lot of couples struggle with this decision every year – which honeymoon destination should I pick? So how can you agree on a place? Here are a couple of things.

If you start early enough, you’ll have plenty of time to see the many different discounts and deals that they offer and snatch one up that looks good to you. The more you plan, the more you’ll likely save.

However, if you don’t mind waiting until the last minute, you can get one of the supersaver deals that often require travel within the next thirty days. Of course, you risk not finding a deal you want, but who knows? You may find an appealing option to a vacation spot you hadn’t considered.

2. Ask for “Honeymoon Cash” instead of registering for gifts

Let’s face it, the days of waiting until you’re married to live together are all but gone. Most couples have lived together for quite some time prior to tying the knot. That means that you have most of your daily household items that used to be the staple gifts for a new couple starting their life together.

So, if you have everything you need already, why not just ask for cash that you can use to put toward your honeymoon instead of registering for gifts that you truly don’t need? Sure, a six slice toaster that gets the bread golden brown every time is nice in theory, but wouldn’t you get greater satisfaction from a dream honeymoon with your new hubby?

Now, some would argue that it’s kind of crass to ask for cash. However, I for one would rather get a couple what they want for their wedding than to waste my time and effort picking out something that they’ll hardly ever use and not truly appreciate.

Besides, if someone has a problem with it, so what? It’s probably the same person that would find fault with the items you would register for anyway. You need to ask yourself who you’re trying to please – everyone else, or you and your husband-to-be?

3. Get a part-time “Honeymoon Job”

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If you truly have your heart set on going someplace special and are willing to do what it takes to get there, you can always get a part-time job and save all the earnings to put toward your honeymoon. With enough notice, you’ll know exactly how many hours a week you would need to work and for how long you’ll have to save enough for the honeymoon of your dreams.

If you already work a lot and you’re worried about spending more time away from home, keep in mind that the payoff will be there in the end. Picture yourself at your vacation destination having the time of your life all because you were willing to put in the work to get yourselves there. Remember that it’s only temporary and you are going to have a better start to your new life together because of it.

4. Agree to listen to a timeshare spiel

This may not be number one on your list, but if you want to get away and save some money at the same time, you have to admit that this is an option. As long as you’re willing to take a couple hours out of your time, you’ll likely get your accommodations and some meals taken care of for a few days.

Does this mean you’re taking advantage of them if you don’t intend to purchase their product? No. If they are offering to pick up some expenses for you just for listening to what they have to say and considering the option, then you shouldn’t feel guilty by letting them take care of some of your expenses. You shouldn’t worry about taking something that someone is willing to give.

5. Honeymoon without a plan

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If you’re an adventurous couple and aren’t looking for anything spectacular or fancy and just want to have some time along together, then just pack up your car and start driving. Realistically, there are tons of things to do and see in most any area of the world, so it’s not like you have to go far from home to have a great time.

Besides, if you stop at a hotel for the night and share with them that you just got married, they may give you special rates or additional courtesies just because they are excited for you. While it’s not a guarantee, there are still lots of people and businesses out there that like to extend helping hands to couples who are just starting out.

Sometimes the best vacations are the ones that aren’t really planned. When you go about each day without an agenda, you’re free to do as you please which may be less stress and worry about making sure you’re where you’re supposed to be at a certain time.

The point is that you can have a great honeymoon without starting your loving marriage in debt. Just use a little creativity and see what you can come up with. This is just the beginning of your wonderful journey. More ideas? Here they are.  Please share yours in the comment section below.


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