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3 Unique Almond Recipes To Try Tonight

If you want to spice up your cooking routine, you must try these almond recipes tonight! Not only are they yummy, they are incredibly healthy as well. Enjoy!


5 Healthy Smoothies You Need To Try

It’s never been easier to be vegan now that everybody seems to be doing their bit. Here are five vegan smoothies that are both tasty and cruelty free!

Skin Care

How Our Gut Health Affects Our Skin

Our skin’s health is dependent on a few factors: our gut health, the foods we eat and our skincare routine. Here are a few simple steps to help in getting that...


What To Eat If You Want To Gain Weight

While the majority of people are constantly trying to lose weight, there are those for whom the battle to gain weight is just as real. If this describes you...


3 Reasons Why You Should EAT Your Water

You’ve heard all about drinking eight glasses of water a day, but eating water-dense foods is a far better way to stay hydrated and reap the benefits for your...