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Makeup Must Haves You Can’t Be Without

Looking pretty is hard work, because you have to watch what you eat, exercise on a regular basis, take care of your skin. Every woman needs extra help in maintaining her looks and that's why makeup is here.
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Makeup Tips for Dark Skinned Women

The makeup industry may be neglecting dark beauties for the most part but let’s make the most of it! Learn how to play up what Mother Nature gave you with some rocking make up techniques and styles!
Asian Women with make up
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Make Up Tips for Asian Women

When we think about gorgeous Asian women, their flawless skin and seductive eyes, one word comes to mind – porcelain. The thing that most people don’t realize is that, for most women, flawless means knowing how to tackle multiple problems, and turning them into something breathtaking. Here’s how.
egyptian makeup
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Egyptian Makeup Tips

The ancient Egyptians loved makeup. I mean – really loved makeup. They believed it has all sorts of benefits, from cosmetical to medical, and even religious. In ancient Egypt makeup was also used to show status and every wealthy person paid big ancient bucks for it. Not to mention they adorned the statues of their gods with, wait for it, makeup. Centuries after the Egyptian pharaohs, YouQueen shows you how to be a queen – Egyptian style.
too muck make up
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How to Tell If You Have Too Much Makeup On

Powders, blushes, eye shadows and lipsticks can diminish any imperfection, as well as, accentuate every beautiful feature of your face. But if you exaggerate and apply excessive amounts of makeup, you will end up looking like a clown and making an extremely bad impression. To look naturally beautiful, check out the following suggestions on how to tell if you have too much makeup on, and apply them regularly.
makeup for fair skin
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Makeup For Fair Complexion

Having fair and pale skin can come with a lot of issues. All the flaws are more visible, the bags under the eyes can look striking and to top it all – you need to choose special makeup. Here’s what you need to know about it. Remember that makeup you’ll be wearing doesn’t only depend on your skin tone, but on your hair color as well. However, there are some general tips for makeup for fair complexion. They are as follows.
bright beautiful young woman with blue eyes
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Smoky Eye Tutorial for Blue Eyes

So, you’re hitting the clubs this weekend? And you want to dazzle everybody who’s present. Well, with a great smoky eye and the lovely shade of blue in your eyes, it dazzling will be a piece of cake. Here are 5 tips how to raise smoke when you enter a room just by doing a great smoky eye.

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