Makeup Tips for Dark Skinned Women

Makeup Tips for Dark Skinned Women

The makeup industry may be neglecting dark beauties for the most part but let’s make the most of it! Learn how to play up what Mother Nature gave you with some rocking make up techniques and styles! Here are the best makeup tips for dark skinned women.

Applying makeup for most women is like drawing on a slightly curved piece of paper. For dark skinned women, however, makeup can pose quite a challenge. Although it may seem that some makeup tricks are basically lost on you, don’t give up – you just need to learn what works for you. Every girl should be able to use makeup as her favorite beauty ally.

Dark skinned women usually have plump lips, nicely toned skin and piercing eyes so there’s a million ways to go to flaunt it all. Besides, makeup is playing, it’s self-expression, it’s fun – use intense colors, make bold choices, make it your own in every way!


Because, for dark skinned women, getting an even skin tone is an absolute imperative, buying an adequate foundation may be the most important thing. Find the one that looks natural, even if it means mixing a few different foundations. Makeup artists recommend using a shade ever so slightly lighter than your own skin tone.

Try your best to apply it evenly. You may want to use a brush or a cosmetic sponge, for extra control, although many girls find it easiest to use their fingers to get it everywhere evenly and blend it out nicely. As the name itself says it’s simply – foundation – it should be very light and not feel like you have a ton of it on your face.


Makeup Tips for Dark Skinned Women

Dark skinned girls usually have a problem with oily skin. Yes, it’s a huge bummer, but – there are a lot of products that can solve, or, at least, lessen this problem! When in need of a quick fix, try using some good old powder. It will give your skin an instant, fresh look. Be sure to pick a translucent powder without any yellowish, or any other similar remnants. Take time to choose, in some cases a quality powder can even replace foundation.


It might seem exaggerated but dark skinned women can really benefit from using blush. Since in fair skinned women blush is so frequent, it usually seems kind of casual. When a dark skinned woman uses blush it automatically reads as elegant and stylish. Colors that work best are darker shades of red and orange.

The way you apply your blush determents what’s accentuated on your face. Example: if you have high cheek bones put blush right on top of them, if you have fluffy cheeks and a rounder face shape suck in your cheeks and apply blush right in between your cheek line and your jaw line.


Makeup for Dark Skinned Women

Although contrasting colors can be fun, using an extra light color of lipstick on your lips is a total no – no for dark skinned women. You will not look chic, more likely, you will look sick. Try to minimize the contrast by choosing colors like deep purple, wine, brown and, of course, the classic – red. No matter the color, transparent lip gloss will intensify the look and add sensibility to your lips.


Flaunt your eyes! If, in other cases, contrast was seen as slightly risky, but this is where it starts to get interesting. Your dark skin is actually a playground for different eye shadows. While on fair skin bold mixes can seem like too much, you have the luxury to experiment with deep colors.

You can easily pull off the bronze look with some shimmering eye shadow and colors like pumpkin, gold, or pink that will look great against your complexion. Make sure to use shiny eyeliner, maybe silver, which will look great and accentuate your lovely eyes. Also, black eye shadow and the smoky eyes look will look absolutely enticing on dark skin and eyes!

Define your brows

Well-defined eyebrows can frame your face and make your features stand out. Use a brow pencil or powder that matches your hair color to fill in any sparse areas and create a natural-looking shape.

Don’t forget to moisturize your skin before applying makeup. Also, use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Remember, the key to great makeup is to enhance your natural beauty, so choose colors and products that make you feel confident and comfortable.

Do you have more makeup tips for dark skinned women? Share them in the section below.

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  • I loved and needed this post.But if it’s for dark skinned women then why are all of the celebrities you mentioned not dark skinned?That kind of doesn’t make sense.They’re supposed to be examples but they can’t be really because they don’t have the skin tone you’re talking about.But nice informative post.Thanks

    • This is a common problem. I find than when non african American people say dark, it’s in comparison to the fairest of fair.

      They don’t realize when they say dark, black girls are thinking Gabrielle Union and Nia Long, Beyonce and JLo aren’t considered dark… so it’s confusing…

  • Article was ok. I’m a brown skinned black girl. This article made me feel like my darker skin is a liability to make the best of, instead of just a regular part of the spectrum. FYI, I’m not an alien, I’m just brown..

  • Hlw.. I m dark in complexion nd I cnt understand what should I where! can you pls say wat should I do!!! :(