8 Reasons Men Shouldn’t Get Upset When Women Get Jealous

You'll have to deal with jealousy at one point or another in your relationship. So, if ever your boyfriend gets upset when you're jealous, we've rounded up the reasons you can use to make him see the good in it.

Being a jealous woman in today's fake-how-you-feel society is never viewed as a good thing. We know that that's why we strive to keep our cool even when we saw our man just check out that hot chick who passed by while we were sitting over coffee. We've been afraid of being labeled as the ‘jealous woman’ so we've done our best to be play the cool girl’s role.

Today, however, all the faking ends. Here are eight reasons when we're jealous and why rather than being upset, our boyfriends should just be more accepting and happy about it.

1. We're jealous because we care about our relationship

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We've worked hard for it together, and we don't want all our efforts to go to waste just because you can't resist flirting with anything that wears a skirt. It's one way we check what's in your heart, for if there's no love anymore, there's no point in making both of us stay and suffer, right?

With that said, jealousy is one way we show you how much we care (even if you won't agree to that all the time). You can ask your mom or sister or any female relative you're close to if you're still not convinced. Better yet, here are more reasons.

2. It means you're not just important, but prized

Things that don't have that much worth to you often get ignored. They disappear and you don't even notice that they did. It's the same thing with you and our relationship. You're of so much worth to us that we won't just shrug off any sign that we may lose you over someone.

Call it possessiveness, but it's just us guarding what's rightfully ours. It's the same thing with anything we value in life. For instance, your home or car. It's not like you just let anyone stare, get near or touch it when you're around, right?

3. It's also our subtle way of showing we're scared of losing you

It's not like we can tell you about our greatest fears and insecurities in life as we share dinner before going to bed or watching Netflix on our days off. So, when we show our jealous side, it's us simply telling you we want you in our life for as long as possible.

4. We're capable of feelings, too

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We can't blame you if you've forgotten that we feel things, too (insecurity and jealousy included), given the fact that we've always showed you our strong and independent side. However, we actually do and jealousy helps us to get that message across. We sincerely hope you get it by now.

5. We're reminding you about how you behave in public

We couldn't really care less if every woman who passed by us (or the other way around) at the mall bats their lashes to get you to notice them. However, if you respond by winking at them or giving them that smile that captured our hearts when we were just in the beginning of our relationship, it's another story.

6. You should learn to be sensitive to our feelings

It's an art most men struggle to master. Our jealous side will help you to get better each time until you nail it (and you can thank us then).

7. It's one way you can improve in the relationship

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If you take any of our comments about how you can't resist doing a double take on hot women who pass by you constructively, take a mental note of the supposed criticism, and take it to heart without resenting us. You'll be a better version of yourself. When that happens, we won't be able to help ourselves. We'll fall more in love with you.

8. It’s the best way you can test how much we love you

It pains us to be mushy and corny (and we know you feel the same way, or worse), but that's the number one reason behind our jealousy: we love you. You should actually have known it for some time now, but if you still need convincing, we're giving it to you straight now.

We're jealous when your attention is on someone else because we are in love with you. Don't make us repeat that, okay? We're not Chuck and Blair. We're an even better couple than them.

You'll hardly find a woman who will intentionally act jealous all the time. It's because when we get jealous, it's almost always because there's a reason behind it.

Or, it's probably because of some things that you do or might have done without knowing it will make us jealous. With this said, know that we know how jealousy is completely unavoidable but should only be exercised in moderation (because too much of anything is never good). So, keep calm and be assured, we won't be the jealous woman if you don't give us a reason to.

Do you get jealous over something or someone? How do you deal with the jealousy you feel? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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