Pay Attention: 9 Signs He Is About To Break Up With You

The harsh truth is that most of your relationships won’t end up happily. That’s painful, but you’ll protect your heart if you recognize the signs on time.

Not all of your relationships will last. No matter how much you want your current relationship to go on and on for a long time, chances are it will end up in a painful break up if you're not with the right person.

And there can't be anything worse than to be broken up with by someone you truly love without seeing it coming.

Yes, it would hurt to know that he'll soon be gone from your life but as with anything, it's better to be prepared than to wake up one day wondering why you didn't see the inevitable fallout.

We know how heartbreaking it can be to be dumped unexpectedly so we've rounded up the telltale signs that guarantee he'll soon blow your heart to smithereens for reasons only he would know.

1) Something just doesn't sit right with you

woman suspicious of her man

Ever had that feeling that something is off but you can't quite pinpoint what exactly it is? Yes. When your intuition tells you that something is wrong, chances are it is right. Never doubt it.

Find the perfect timing to talk to him about your relationship. If he's willing to sit down with you, you may be able to still work it out as a couple.

If he keeps putting the talk off and throws you various reasons here and there, you can be sure that an impending trouble is right around the corner. It's an obvious sign that he's about to break up with you. Prepare yourself!

2) He doesn't make love with you like before

One of the most obvious signs that he is going to break up with you sooner than later is when he doesn't initiate sex.

And on rare occasions that he does, it could be because he just wants to please himself, not because he wants to connect with your soul.

So if he doesn't make the effort anymore to keep you satisfied (and screaming for more) in bed, it could only mean one thing: he's about to dump you.

3) He doesn’t make an effort to look attractive to you

man sitting on a couch looking at a laptop

Or if he even spends the time to look good, it’s for other women around. You’d know it’s for others just by observing how he treats you.

If he has started acting like he’s always off to a party but you’re not even asked to join him at all, then it’s another obvious sign that someone has replaced you in his heart and he’s about to break it to you soon.

4) He stopped being romantic

He used to take you out on dates once a week and on occasions that he’s not able to take you out to a fancy dinner or brunch, he makes sure you still have a blast during a simple but special date indoors.

But recently, you've realized that it’s going to be one month already and you haven’t had any trip outdoors and you haven’t been able to eat together indoors.

Now, that’s him telling you that his interest for you has lessened or worse, vanished into thin air. Soon, he may end up breaking up with you and you know what to do before it happens.

5) He's been picking up fights with you lately

couple fighting

Whether it's a petty or a huge fight, he's been constantly picking up one with you recently. You used to manage these things very well in the past but now, he's suddenly become disagreeable to anything, including working things out with you.

He used to find a way to sort things out and keep the peace between the two of you but now, he looks like he just doesn't care anymore.

If so, it's a surefire sign that he's going to leave you soon and you'll always know if it is for someone else already.

6) He's suddenly gained more friends from the opposite sex

Being generally friendly is one thing and being friendly with the opposite sex because he has a hidden agenda are totally different things.

Do not ever confuse the two just so you can justify the times you've seen him being friendly with other girls around or those times when he's always online but not sending you even one quick private message.

It's another sign that he's breaking up with you…and this time, it's truly undeniable that it's for someone else.

7) He doesn’t care about the things that used to bother him

indifferent man and a woman sitting on a couch

Remember how he gets all kinds of annoyed and sometimes even upset when you have a friendly chat with someone from the opposite sex?

Remember how he doesn’t want you to be on your phone at all when you’re together in bed? How about the fact that he doesn’t want you wearing too revealing clothes?

Yes, these things bothered him greatly before but now, he looks like he couldn’t care less whether you’re flirting with another guy while you two are out in public.

He doesn’t get your attention when you’re on your phone even when you know you shouldn’t be. When you wear clothing he finds too skimpy, he gives you a quick stare and moves past you as if he didn’t see you at all.

When he behaves this way, you know something heartbreaking will happen next: he’s about to break up with you.

8) You’re no longer included in his future plans

During the first few months in your relationship, he’s always excited about what he thinks your future should be like. He may have talked about marriage, a house with a white fence, a pet or two, and eventually, kids.

But he’s stopped talking about anything related to plans and decisions making with you. Why? It could be because he doesn’t see you in his future anymore, a perfect reason for him to bail out of your relationship soon.

9) Constant communication has become a dream

woman looking at her phone

He used to see to it that you know about where he’ll be at when he’s not with you but now, you’re always left wondering where he’s at and if he’s gone MIA already.

This is because he doesn’t care to shoot you a quick text or private message. He doesn’t call either. It’s as if he doesn’t have a mobile phone.

When he gets home, he doesn’t bother to tell you about his day or why he didn’t even remember you during his break time.

When he does this, you have no business sitting around waiting for him to realize that he should treat you better because it’s what you deserve. Before he breaks up with you, kick him to the curb!

Bonus tip: He’s breaking up with you, but it doesn’t have to break you

We know it can be quite hurtful when any of these things happen, especially when your partner is someone you’ve already imagined and even planned a future with.

But the earlier you recognize the signs that he’s about to dump you, the better. It will buy you some time to prepare for the huge fallout or better yet, it will give you the courage to break up with him first.

So if any of these signs are evident in your relationship, don’t turn a blind eye. Don’t let him treat you like you’re dust or dirt because girl, as Noor Shirazie once said, you’re made out of comets and stars.

So shine bright and never let anyone, even the guy you’ve given your heart to, dim your light. You've got this! Good luck!

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