Love Compatibility: Aries With Other Zodiac Signs

Horoscopes are so much fun and they can give great insight into so many things, like personal traits, characteristics and even compatibility between the twelve Sun signs! If you are an Aries and are looking to see what astrology has to say on whether or not you and your guy are compatible - read on!

As you probably already know all Zodiac signs have different personality traits and qualities. Most importantly they receive different influences from the planets which affect their nature and behavior. And our nature is what makes us more or less compatible with others. So you can see where our Sun signs can come into play when it comes to compatibility and love.

For example, if you are an Aries it’s presumable you’re quite fond of your freedom; you’re direct and even a bit impulsive. And that goes for love too. You could even say that you’re a bit self-centered which is typical for this sign – it is after all the first one of all the Zodiac signs and is considered to be like an astrological infant. And infants have needs and want those needs fulfilled! There’s nothing wrong with that of course, that’s just your nature and personality and your partner will have to be okay with who you are so you don’t clash. Whether he’s a Sagittarius or Cancer could make a significant difference on whether or not your personalities mesh well.

Aries and Aries in Love:

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Nothing mundane about this combination! Since both of you have similar tendencies and types of behaviors, and neither one of you is very open for being the receptive or calmer one – it’s quite possible it’ll be…uh…turbulent, to say the least. However, this does not necessarily mean this is not a good match. If you manage to make your respect for one another be greater than your strong personalities you’ll make it work. And the turbulence and all those ups and downs are actually what you both need at times – you need the love to have movement and you’re not the ones to be happy sailing steadily on calm waters! One or the other will make sure to stir things up once in a while.

So, what you have on your hands is something really intense. Electrifying even! Sexually you’ve met your match and the passion will be high. However, there will be times you’ll need to try to make it work. Give each other space, realize that your partner wants to be predominant just as much as you – so both of you will have to take a little step back at times, and understand that the intensity of your relationship is actually what both of you want, need and feel comfortable in.

Aries and Taurus in Love:

This can be somewhat of a challenge (not that you’ll shy away from a challenge)! You two have very different personalities but have one thing in common – you can both be pretty stubborn and set in your ways. You’re enthusiastic, intense and loud while your partner is more down-to-earth and likes to take things slow (or at least at his own pace). So you can see where you would run into problems. His pace may be just a bit too monotonous for you.

However, you can try to take this whole personality clash thing another way. After all, there are a lot of qualities that a Taurus possesses that you admire. If you let your differences lead to a balance instead of a conflict you can actually complement each other in love quite well.

Aries and Gemini in Love:

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You have a lot in common! You both enjoy doing a new exciting thing, you like to have fun with everything you do (and love is no exception) – so, you won’t find it hard to enjoy each other’s company to the fullest. Enthusiasm and energy are there and that’s great but sometimes that’s just not enough. You can run into problems when the playful impulsive relationship you two share starts feeling a little too undependable and erratic, even for you! The thing about your partner is that he’s pretty indecisive and that goes for relationship stuff too, which can be quite irritating.

So, try to be patient with a Gemini and learn to do more than just enjoy the fun stuff! If you want a serious relationship you’ll have to look to the future and set some goals because living in the moment will only get you so far!

Aries and Cancer in Love:

You two are polar opposites when it comes to love and expressing feelings or affection. While you pride yourself on being assertive and direct (sometimes borderline aggressive) your partner is very much in a shell. A Cancer needs time and someone who’ll be easy to him, gently pulling him out of his shell. Sadly, being gentle isn’t really your thing. Also, you like the spontaneity and the erratic feel of your relationships, while a Cancer craves something that feels a bit safer.

So, the first thing you need to do is realize there’s a significant difference in your styles and the way you show your emotions. Next, you’ll have to decide – can you play yourself down to make it work? This doesn’t have to be a hopeless case – you can learn a lot from each other, but it will take some work.

Aries and Leo in Love:

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Two fire signs make for a fiery combination! Sparks will fly, especially in the beginning. Later on too, but the more the relationship progresses, you might find yourself being infatuated and infuriated with a Leo, almost at the same time! You two simply have very strong personalities – you both like the spotlight, you like being pampered and celebrated, you like competing and you both have a temper! So, between that and the fact that both of you expect the other can be reluctant to give, you can see that this can be challenging.

Because of your similar traits, it’s likely your relationship will oscillate between some amazing highs and horrible lows! Finding the medium might not be easy – neither of you likes to be mediocre.

Aries and Virgo in Love:

Virgos are worriers; they’re also pretty sensitive and like to feel safe and loved. On the other hand, you have an Aries – impulsive, blunt, excitement seeking, spontaneous and fun loving. On paper, you don’t really have much in common. However, this can also be one of those you-complete-me types of relationships. It won’t always be easy to look at each other like that but it’s possible.

To make this relationship work you must look at your differences as something that make you stronger as a couple rather than as something that makes it impossible for you to get along. There are qualities you possess that can mean a lot to the other person – like Virgo’s ability to put up with so much for the sake of the relationship, and your mutual appreciation for honesty…

Aries and Libra in Love:

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Libras are very reasonable in everything they do, and they can be reasonable in love too, unlike most. This isn’t something that an Aries finds easy. So there will be differences in your approach to love. Still, there’s a great chance you can make this relationship work.

There’s actually something complimentary in your personalities. Your openness and directness may bode well for a Libra since they tend to need a little push in matters of love. However, your partner might get dissatisfied with always taking the back seat to your strong personality over time. This is where you’ll need to balance each other out – a Libra grounds your impulsiveness and you give fire and fuel to his dragged out decision-making process.

Aries and Scorpio in Love:

This is a much happier union when it comes to sex than love. But it can work both ways. It’s just that sexually you’re likely to hit it off with no problems – both of you have lots of passion and energy when it comes to this. But, you have some other similarities that might pose a threat to your relationship if you’re not ready to compromise. Both of you have a strong sense of individuality and like to do things your way. An Aries lives for the moment while a Scorpio wants something more consistent.

A great fling is guaranteed here, but a great relationship – that’s entirely up to you to work on it. The stars help in the sense that you should understand your partner and his ways because they are quite similar to yours.

Aries and Sagittarius in Love:

This is a very compatible pairing, perhaps, even, one of the best possible for an Aries. It’s definitely a relationship that starts suddenly because neither of you takes the time to think things through when it comes to love. You act on impulse, and that’s why you’ll be fast acting and energetic when entering a relationship. And this energy will last you throughout! Clashes are of course possible since both an Aries and a Sagittarius have high tempers and don’t shy away from arguments. The good thing is – you and your partner aren’t the ones to hold grudges or dwell on problems. So you’ll quickly reestablish that stimulating vigorous thing you’ve got going!

One important thing for both of these signs is space! The feeling of being tied down won’t fly with either one of you, so it should come naturally not to impose yourself on one another too much.

Aries and Capricorn in Love:

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Both of you are highly motivated and what they call ‘go-getters’, but different things drive you. For you, it’s the constant need for movement and acting on impulse while a Capricorn likes to carefully think through each step to avoid errors. You don’t really care about that, what is an error after all – if that was what you wanted at that time? Differences between you two and the way you function will be obvious from the start.

At the beginning, it will seem challenging and interesting for sure but might grow to be to time and patience consuming – for you. It can work, but only if you can be considerate when the clashes happen! The differences can be mesmerizing, but also, tiring!

Aries and Aquarius in Love:

This is a good combination of signs. You have enough similar qualities to be able to understand each other, but still, differ enough to avoid any monotony. In fact, monotony isn’t even an option with an Aquarius. Your partner may not be as impulsive or assertive as you but an Aquarius can be quite aloof and even a bit quirky. Enough so that some signs would find it intolerable even, but not you. You’ll like his aloofness, and the challenge that comes with it will be all the more reason to keep at this relationship. Sure, it will bring you to your nerves end sometimes but try and find some patience!

Aries and Pisces in Love:

Not the greatest possible pairing as far as horoscope can tell. Be it the fact that a Pisces will be more sensitive than an Aries, or the fact that an Aries can’t usually gather up the patience needed to deal with the shy Pisces – there’s something off with this couple. It’s not impossible to make a relationship work of course. In fact, there can be a lot of attraction between the two at first.

The fact that your partner is a wallflower and delicate and dreamy may be very attractive and enticing to you in the beginning! But in the long run, if you’re not able to tame your own fiery persona, these are the things that will bring doom. With Pisces, you can’t be your regular blunt and upfront self! Your partner will feel intimidated and uneasy.

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