Love Compatibility: Virgo Girl with Other Zodiac Signs

Find out which zodiac signs you get along best with in a relationship and if the guy you are seeing could be your ideal match, with these Love Compatibility summaries for the Virgo Girl.

You are modest, meticulous and sympathetic. Any employer will love you for your superhuman organisational skills, but which men will love you for your tendency to over-analyse?

We all have our flaws, but thankfully we all have our compatible signs too, that were made to appreciate those  and balance out those flaws.

Read on to find out which zodiac signs you are more likely to have a smooth romantic relationship with, and which zodiac signs you have the potential to clash with…

Virgo and Aries in Love

A Virgo girl and an Aries man spells trouble on the relationship front. You value organisation and planning, you don’t like random surprises that catch you off-guard because you feel more secure when you are prepared and know what to expect. An Aries man has the tendency to leap first and look later.

Not only will you find it nerve-wrecking, but in the long run you will also find it tiresome and a tad immature. He will probably find your nit-picking irritating as he prefers to kind of jump in full speed. Although saying that you could certainly learn a thing or two from each other for as long as your patience (and energy) holds out!

Virgo and Taurus in Love

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This is a very good and very natural love match. You are both earth signs which means you share that practical down-to-earth spirit of yours. You will be great friends because you are like-minded and see the world in similar ways. He will appreciate your organisational skills and you both have the same respect for money, which means you will have a financially stable relationship.

The Taurus man is slightly more ‘earthy’ than the fussy clean-freak Virgo and he will entice your raw earthy sexual urges to the surface, which will provide you with a fulfilled and satisfying sex-life. You will also appreciate his nurturing, ‘soothing’ side, as Taurus men tend to be more emotionally stable than Virgo women.

Virgo and Gemini in Love

When a Virgo and Gemini get together you have a zillion things to talk about! You may never stop talking in fact. You will be great friends and have many a stimulating conversation, but when it comes to love, you are not an ideal match. Deep down Gemini doesn’t really like the way you are so sure of everything Virgo!

You both have very different personalities and ways of viewing love and relationships. If you can stand to listen to one another without getting into a debate you could learn a great deal. Luckily you are both rational creatures and will benefit from a generally compatible rapport.

Virgo and Cancer in Love

This is a complimentary match despite the fact that the Cancerian emotional outbursts clash heavily with the Virgo’s natural logical approach. A Cancer man will however encourage a prim Virgo girl to accept and respond to his tactile manner of expression, which will be good for you, Virgo.

Sometimes you can forget that there are softer ways to express your feelings than through succinct language. You do have something to offer though, a Cancer man will benefit from the stability you offer. Beware of irritating each other. Beware of treading on his sensitivity. Keep in mind that you are both capable of tremendous devotion to each other – which is never a bad thing!

Virgo and Leo in Love

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This is a disaster waiting to happen! You, Virgo, like ordered detail. A Leo wouldn’t know a detail if it hit him in the face! Leo loves flamboyant impractical gestures. To be honest this Leo guy is going to overwhelm you with his dominant and extroverted charisma, I mean is all that gusto really necessary?

The relationship might be effective on the outside but the question you have to ask yourself is, how long are you going to be able to put up with being in the shadow of a big roaring lion? Maybe you’d work better in a business relationship where he handles the public sphere and you take care of the admin side of things!

You might just be a bit too different for a content and stable, balanced relationship, which is really what you want, isn’t it Virgo?

Virgo and Virgo in Love

I suppose it’s stating the obviously to say that you will have a lot in common! Two Virgos will inevitably find common ground easily and you will enjoy bouncing your similarities off each other… well the good ones anyway. Too much of one thing is bound to be too much in the end though, and experiencing all of your own flaws through your partner is going to be hell, because you are both so naturally self-critical anyway.

Keep it friendly, and if you are going into relationship territory it could help a great deal if you take the time to understand exactly how your own mind works if you want to get along with as few clashes as possible. If you can do this however, which shouldn’t be too difficult, then you have the foundation for a very practical partnership.

Virgo and Libra in Love

This is a friendly match of thoughtful and enquiring minds. You both have very different ways of thinking about things and approaching situations which is why a friendship will prove to be insightful for the both of you.

In a relationship however you are likely to wish your Libra man would take the details a bit more seriously. Librans are naturally intuitive whereas Virgos tend to rely on their logic and may find the Libra’s faith in instincts to be irritating and a too wishy washy.

A Libra man may find a Virgo woman to be too intolerant and prim.

Virgo and Scorpio in love

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This is an exciting love match. Your virgin-like qualities will definitely bring out the beast in your Scorpio man, which will in turn unleash your own hidden sexuality which is simmering beneath your surface, waiting to be tapped into by the right guy in the right situation.

His enquiring mind will stimulate you too and you will be impressed as he is easily able to keep up with the way you think and keep you intellectually challenged. You have the sexual depth to satisfy your Scorpion man and your organisational skills and logic balance Scorpios intense surges of creative energy.

You will make a very complimentary and compatible match indeed, but only if you can manage to harmonise your different natures so as not to antagonise each other. 

Virgo and Sagittarius in Love

There will be an initial passion and erotic fire between you. However there is a conflict between you because where Virgo looks at the details, Sagittarius is concerned with the overall picture and may overlook the details, which will drive you mad, Virgo.

Details don’t take care of themselves do they? Well according to Sagittarius they do. What does he know eh? In a romantic relationship you will both end up getting on each others nerves.

And the Sagittarius need for space and change may leave you feeling unsettles and emotionally un-catered for at times.

Virgo and Capricorn in Love

Capricorn is another earth sign and this is a very natural match. It won’t take any effort, things will just slip wonderfully into place. Why is this? Because you both share a sense of realism and practicality about love and life. You provide each other with the emotional stability needed for a long-term and happy relationship.

You both have a natural rapport and you work hard to support each other. You will appreciate your Capricorn man’s maturity, but you may both have to work on the romance front of your relationship because there is always the risk of two such practical signs becoming complacent.

Virgo and Aquarius in Love

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This is a fantastic match for friendship but not necessarily a fantastic match for love. You will be attracted by your Aquarian guy‘s inventive mind and friendly honest personality. He has lots of friends but the main problem you will have in a romantic relationship with him is that he treats every person equally.

You might think this sounds like a positive thing, and of course it is, but you will interpret his friendly approach with you as too detached. Emotionally you are both on completely different hemispheres.

So while the mental rapport will be great, if you find you need more from him emotionally, be certain you’re not going to get it, otherwise you are likely to end up having to deal with your own frustrations.

Virgo and Pisces in Love

Virgo and Pisces is a totally unpredictable love match. You are complete opposites, and opposite can either attract or never meet in the middle. If you approach this relationship with an open mind you could learn a lot and have fun while you are at it. Pisces may also encourage you out of your comfort zone, which can be viewed as a positive thing.

You will certainly bring some order to his life and he may appreciate the feeling of being grounded. With the right amount of appreciation and understanding the Pisces poetic world and the Virgo world of fact can come together in a balanced kind of harmony. Well it could go either way, who knows.

I do know that you are both naturally gentle, shy and sensitive, which means that major conflict is unlikely.

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