The Best First Date Ideas For His Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs are powerful things. While many people think they are just horoscopes that you read in the back of your favorite magazines, you’re totally wrong! Here are the best first date ideas for his Zodiac sign. Zodiac signs are based on when we were born, and each one is unique and special. These signs […]

Zodiac signs are powerful things. While many people think they are just horoscopes that you read in the back of your favorite magazines, you’re totally wrong! Here are the best first date ideas for his Zodiac sign.

Zodiac signs are based on when we were born, and each one is unique and special. These signs can tell us what kind of lover we are, what excites us in bed, what kind of partner will work for us, and what kind of activities we would enjoy.

That means it can also help us predict what an ideal first date would be!

You know the drill: You’re talking to a guy on Tinder and he asks you out, but you two are going back and forth trying to figure out what you should do.

Maybe go to dinner? Go out for a drink and a movie? The possibilities are endless, and the stars can help you figure it out!

Read on to see what your ideal first date would be according to his zodiac sign.


Two Happy Tennis Players having fun to play

This fiery sign is pretty outgoing, and they love physical challenges. Hiss competitive yet confident nature makes him a perfect person for sports and other physical activities, so he would love to go out for a game of tennis, swimming, or maybe rock climbing.

Anything that tests his strength is great for him, and you’ll get to show off for bae while you’re at it. Throw in some casual cuisine or a drink afterward, and you’ve got a great date planned.


Taurus is all about romance, and a fancy dinner is a perfect date idea for this sign. You want to take your man somewhere where he has to dress up, and you’ll get to break out that gorgeous silk dress you’ve been wanting to wear for a while.

Rich, well-made dishes that make your mouth water will definitely have him wooed and let’s face it, Taurus loves to be wined and dined. He wants to be able to sip on some wine and to be treated to his favorite kind of food.


Geminis are also very outgoing signs and love a woman who can intellectually stimulate them, just like Aquarius. If a Gemini can’t hold a deep and meaningful convo with their partner, they’ll get bored for sure.

A great first date for a Gemini is an open mic night, where you can see all forms of different performances, from singing, to live music, to poetry and comedy skits.

Not only will you have fun, but you’ll have lots to talk about with your man after the show. It’s a fun and laid back environment, which he thrives in, and you’ll both get some laughs out of it too.


Beautiful young couple is feeding each other and smiling while cooking in kitchen at home

Nothing makes a Cancer man happier than a great meal with people they care about. When they’ve got their eyes on a woman, there’s nothing they would like more than to go out for a great meal, or to have a delicious meal at home

They see dining as an event that involves sipping on wine or a cocktail and sharing good conversation and laughs. A dinner date with a great partner would make them very happy.

Cook them dinner or bake together, or take a cozy walk through a park or botanical garden for a low-key but intimate first date.


Ah, the king of the jungle! Leos have a natural tendency to light up a room, and a great first date would be a show of some sort, whether it be a fun concert, a local jazz concert, or some theater.

Leos love the finer things in life, and there’s no doubt that they love to spend money on their partners without batting a lash.

However, they are also classy and cultured people, which is why they would love a show. They find art fascinating, and any Leo man would love to dress up and go to a show.

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Young couple in love walking in the autumn park near the river

Virgos love being out in nature, and with their mindset of all work and no play, a Virgo man needs you to put down the paperwork! Virgos are incredibly hard workers, which is an admirable trait, no doubt.

Your perfect date would be either going for a walk by beach or to the park, walking around and sunbathing, and then having a picnic lunch for you both to enjoy.

Being out in the sun will help you relax, and getting to spend time and talk with your man will make you both feel amazing.


People born under this sign are very cooperative and love helping others.

A volunteer event with your new beau would make him happy and seeing a partner who equally enjoys helping others will make his heart sing.

Whether it’s working in a soup kitchen or running a 5K for a cause, doing something that you know will benefit others is the ideal date for your Libra man.


lovely couple on dinner drinking wine

These fiery, passionate signs would love to go to a raunchy comedy show or a cabaret show.

Something a little darker and risque would surely make him happy, and paired with a stiff drink, you’ll surely have a good time.

This is hands down the most sensual sign of the zodiac, and since they don’t like to fall too hard too fast, this date is something you both can have fun with, but don’t have to worry about anything too deep, romantic, and serious happening off the bat.


Sagittarius lives for adventure, so anything that’s outdoorsy would make him happy. He’d love for a woman to take him out to try to stand up paddleboard, or maybe rock climbing or bike riding.

You two can get some sun together and then head over to a local bar for some cold brewskis. Sagittarius loves the perfect balance of fun and adventure with relaxation afterward.


Group of friends drinking beer in bowling club

Capricorns are hard workers as well, but they love to have fun! A good first date for him would be something that doesn’t put him directly in the spotlight, as he can be pretty shy.

He wouldn’t be one for karaoke, but he would be one for going bowling or out for a game of billiards. He loves challenges, and he also likes going on dates that are a little more intimate.

There’s no need for a whole huge group of friends or going to a place full of drunkards. He’s well-mannered and prefers something a bit more laid-back.

Take them to a spa or a fancy restaurant for a relaxing and lavish first date.


One of the most attractive things to Aquarius is intellectual stimulation, which means he loves when a woman can sit down and have a deep convo with them.

If she can’t do that, he’ll get bored and ditch. The best first date for him is a nice local wine spot where you can get a bottle and chat with your new beau.

Choose a place that is laid back and quiet enough to chat without a bunch of music and chatter (which is why a bar is ruled out). Sip on some cabernet, get some small plates of food and enjoy your convo.



Pisces are hopeless romantics and would love to be taken on a sweet dinner date. They would like to be able to have a conversation with their crush, so a quieter, more intimate setting is perfect.

Pisces also loves art and music, so an interesting film or some live jazz afterward would really wrap up the night nicely.

You can also take them to a poetry reading or a live theater performance for a poetic and enchanting first date.

If you’re looking for a great first date idea, try and look at his zodiac sign for inspiration!

While other factors definitely help shape our personalities other than the stars, we can use our signs as a starting point for understanding different aspects of our personality.

A first date can be very nerve wracking, so choosing the perfect place to go can help make you feel more comfortable and ensure that you’ll have a good time! Let the stars guide you!