What Lipstick to Wear with a Red Dress

Wearing a red dress is always a good choice, but choosing the proper makeup to wear it with may be problematic. Read our advice on what lipstick to wear with a red dress.

We can all agree that red is an amazing color, but so powerful it requires you to follow a set of rules, especially when wearing a killer red dress. If you choose the wrong makeup, you’ll risk looking vulgar instead of sexy or cheap instead of elegant. Read through our advice and learn how to choose the perfect lipstick to wear with your killer red dress.

1. Lip gloss

If you don’t feel like experimenting, keep it simple and go for everyday lip gloss. When it comes to the rest of your makeup, going nude would be a good choice. The nude color palette includes different shades of beige, brown and grey. This kind of makeup looks great with every outfit and you can wear it for any occasion, so it’s a riskless solution.

However, be careful, since combining this makeup with red could make your skin look pale. In order to avoid this, add extra rosy blush to your cheeks and accentuate your lips with your favorite lip gloss.

what lipstick to wear with red dress

2. Nude

Nude lips look good worn with a smoking hot red dress. If you’re going for nude lips, you could accentuate your eyes. Mix smoky eyes with nude lips for a really-sexy-but-far-from-vulgar look. Use different shades of black and grey to create the perfect smoky eye that will give gorgeous definition to your eyes.

Once you’ve put your killer look on, just add some blush to your cheeks and a nude lipstick on your lips and you’re set!

Finding the perfect nude lipstick is usually high on the bucket list of every beauty junkie. Here are some foolproof ways to cross it off yours!

charlize theron

3. Double Red

What lipstick to wear with red dress? Wearing a killer red dress with matching red lipstick can be too much for some, but if you can pull it off – go for it! Be careful since it can look vulgar, but if worn right, this amazing combo just feels and looks right! The only trick is to find the lipstick that matches your dress perfectly.


Once you’ve found it, there’s nothing to worry about – just keep the rest of your makeup as simple as possible.

Heading to the beauty counter is the best way to find your perfect red lipstick shade. Start experimenting after finding some good lighting. To see how the color will appear next to your skin, apply it to your arm first. Never believe the tube label.

You must understand your skin type if you want to know how to use red lipstick. Look into some red lipsticks with orange undertones if you have fair complexion. Look for apricot and fruity tones that will go well with your skin’s pink undertone.

Here is how to wear red lipstick and make it last longer.

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