Amazing Exercises and Tips for a Bigger Butt

Having a big, sexy butt is not as hard as you think! Read on for some tips for a bigger butt.

“I like big butts and I cannot lie.” This is one of the apt statements that succinctly state everyone’s desire to have the booty worthy of recognition, similar a J-Lo or Kim Kardashian.

Problem is, people are discouraged by the myth that a drool-inducing tush is a product of genetics – certainly not!

With effective exercises, you are easily on your way to getting a bigger butt in no time.

Exercise those glutes!

One of the muscle groups that are easily neglected are the gluteus, since it is far more comfy to just sit on your butt all day and watch TV. This results to ending up with a saggy behind.

Despite popular myths when it comes to toning, fad diets, brisk walking and even running do not necessarily firm up the gluteus. TYour best bet are exercises that are based on resistance training and weight training.

The level of soreness and pain that you feel on your bottom after a brisk exercise is sufficient proof that the exercises are working.

The best tips for a bigger butt include specific types of resistance training and weight training which target the glutes allow you to build muscle. The added bulk of muscle gives the appearance of a curvier, shapelier behind. Here are some workouts that help you get a better backside with time and training.

Strength Training and Leg Workouts

Strength Training and Leg Workouts

Before you do your exercises, be sure to stretch those muscles first to avoid any muscle injury.

When it comes to the training proper, beginners should start with at least one or two types of exercise, including squats and the wall-seat before they venture into the addition of lunges and leg curls. Here are the best exercises and tips for a bigger butt.

  1. Squats – This exercise helps tone the legs, buttocks and the hips. In order to achieve the best way to do squats, you must locate your body strategically under the bar, arch your back and keep the head up. Be sure to move away from the rack, then act as if you are going to sit down. Place your thighs parallel to the floor before you lunge up to stand. Try a set of ten to fifteen before you add repetitions. Don’t do heavy weights – the goal is to tone, not increase muscle mass.
  2. Wall Seat – Position yourself against a wall, cross your arms, and “take a seat”. Don’t move away from this position until you feel that your legs will give out. You should do at least three sets.
  3. Lunges – This exercise is a cross between a wall sit and a “walking” squat. You can stay stationary in your little spot and reverse the legs as you go. Kick your leading foot frontward and lower your body, keeping your back straight and head up. Bend your knees until your are at the point of grazing the backs of your legs to the ground. Do another repetition, and repeat. You should do at least three sets, with a repetition of eight to twelve.
  4. Leg Curls – If you are at the gym, you can be sure that there will be equipment for doing legwork. Find a leg curl machine, lie down on your tummy and curl your legs, towards your waist. This effectively creates a bigger backside by toning the area where the gluteus maximus meets the upper thigh’s muscle.
  5. Leg Workouts – Leg workouts, similar to leg curls, shape the glutes because while doing leg exercises, you indirectly shape the glutes as well. These include leg presses and calve-raises. This may take at least sixty to ninety minutes each time.
  6. Steppers – You do not need to go to the gym for this one. All you need is a flight of stairs. It engages the muscles of your butt through the repetitive motions of lifting your legs and switching. Not only does it tone the butt, it also tones the abs, plus it gives you a cardio workout!

Abdominal Workout

Abdominal Workout

The best tips for a bigger butt can’t go along with  abdominal workout? Why?  Because, what’s the use of having a drool-worthy backside if you’ve got that dreaded muffin top? Most of the fashion faux pas that have to do with muffin tops are actually because of tight, tight jeans – the same tight jeans that are supposed to show off the fantastic booty.

Having a small and flat waistline emphasizes your hips and your backside. Likewise, abdominal workouts target the muscle group of the stomach and lower back, all the while incorporating the leg muscles and the glutes.

A sample abdominal workout regimen may include oblique crunches, crunches, bicycle crunches and leg-raises.

Cardiovascular Workout

While jogging or walking does not boost a shapely backside, cardiovascular workouts are still essential to lose the extra weight. Curvier women have Type II muscle fibers, which worsens the body’s natural shape over time.

Even though it is through genetics that you acquire Type II muscle fibers, it is not too late to mix the benefits of Type II muscle fibers, known as fast-twitch muscle fibers and slow-twitch muscle fibers, and you can do that through cardio.

To get the most out of your time and increase the effects of your cardio workout, do sprints instead of slow paced walking or jogging. To do so, warm up by stretching lightly or doing a five-minute jog, and sprint for ten to fifteen minutes while flexing your butt at the same time. Repeat this process several times.

You should be aware, however, that targeted butt exercises can be extremely tiring and can be very difficult on the knees.

You may experience soreness and pain on your backside, and strain and uncomfortable sensations on the knee area. In order to prevent this, you should always check if you have the proper positioning, if you have stretched and warmed up properly prior to exercising. Be sure to cool down properly as well.

Doing butt exercises can be easy, all you have to do is incorporate these exercises everyday. However, make sure that you do not do not do all of them at one time. In fact, the best thing to do is to alternate exercises.

For example, you can do cardio exercises on Mondays and Thursdays. Then, you can focus on your abs on Tuesday and Friday and then work on the legs and butt during Wednesday and Saturday.

Feel free to create a schedule that works best for you – what is important is that you give your muscles time to rest and recuperate before working them out some more. How these tips for a bigger butt work for you?

Foods that Make Your Butt Bigger

If you’re looking to increase the size and power of your glute muscles, you’ll need a protein-rich diet.

Eat brown rice, eggs, salmon, quinoa, chicken, spinach, avocados, steak, greens, beans, sweet potatoes, turkey, bananas which are sources of protein and very important for building size and muscles.

Drink milk, and plain Greek Yogurt,  eat cottage cheese  and chia seeds. Don’t let their size fool you, they are full of protein.

Avoid junk food. You want bigger butt, not bigger arms, legs and belly!

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