Grapefruit Diet – Benefits and Side Effects

Success of the grapefruit diet has been over exaggerated. If you have a lot of weight to lose, this is not the diet for you. This diet has some long term effects and it is not advisable at all.

Grapefruit diet is very low in calories. You will probably gain all the weight back once you return to a regular eating plan.  High-fat proteins are used for energy, instead of carbohydrates. This type of diet can cause high cholesterol as one of the long term effects.

Grape can interfere with medications and change their effects

Be sure to check with your doctor should you go on this diet, especially if you are on any medications. Grape can interfere with medications and change their effects.  It can significantly increase the risk for side effects or toxicity when you are taking statins, calcium channel blockers, suppressants for the immune system and anti-arrhythmic medications.

This 12 day diet, which requires you to eat half of a grapefruit or drink 8 oz of grapefruit juice before each meal, is not a good choice. It will limit your food intake to 800-1000 kcal and the moment you stop dieting, the weight will just come back. You can lose up to 10 lbs in only 12 days, but be aware of the yo yo effect.

Also, this diet is a big no-no for pregnant women and children.

Some people are even hyper sensitive to grape, so they have sickness every time they take the fruit. This results in less appetite. It is not good for your body to keep eating grape despite the sickness, because the acid can cause trouble to your liver.

Grapefruit Diet - Benefits and Side Effects

There are, of course, some benefits from being on the grapefruit diet, but they last only for the time you are on the diet. These benefits are faster fat burning, due to increased amounts of grapefruit you will be consuming. It is low in calories, so weight loss is bound to happen. That is pretty much it, considering the diet benefits.

This diet is really not supposed to be taken lightly. These side effects can make serious threats to your health, even the long term ones. Think twice if you are still thinking about trying it out. There are much healthier ways to lose your weight than this one. And they won’t have long term side effects on your health.

As far as the amount of money is concerned, you will not need any extra costs except from the regular food you buy at the grocery store: meat, vegetables and a lot of grapefruits.

Here Is a Sample Diet Day:

Grapefruit Diet

The grapefruit diet consists of more than just grapefruit. The diet recommends a protein-rich eating schedule that includes a grapefruit or grapefruit juice at each meal.

Breakfast: 2 eggs (however you prefer them prepared), 2 pieces of bacon and one-half of a grapefruit, or four to eight ounces of unsweetened grapefruit juice.

Lunch: Meat (however you prefer it prepared), salad and either one-half of a grapefruit or four to eight ounces of unsweetened grapefruit juice.

Benefits and Side Effects Of Grapefruit Diet

Dinner: Vegetables, meat or fish (whatever style) and grapefruit. After dinner, the person can take either an eight-ounce glass of skim milk, or tomato juice.

At first, this diet may help you lose weight. Studies, however, demonstrate that low-calorie diets rarely result in long-term weight loss.

Grapefruit for Beautiful Skin

Instead of exaggerating with grapefruit in your daily menu,  use it to protect the skin against sun damage, aging, and inflammation. One of the numerous factors that makes grapefruit so powerful is the role of vitamin C in immune system and skin health.

Grapefruit is rich in antioxidants

Read on and discover fantastic benefits of grapefruit for skin. Us it smartly and make your skin glow.


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