4 Delicious Homemade Chicken Sausage Recipes

Like sausages but don’t like the fact that you don’t really know what’s inside? Try making your own. For an even better and healthier version – try making chicken sausages. Here are 4 delicious recipes for homemade chicken sausages.

Before I give you the actual sausage recipes, I need to inform you about the ingredients you need to start making them. First of all, you will need a meat grinder as well as a sausage maker. If you want real sausages, you will need sausage casings as well. It’s best to leave the skin and some fat on the meat, because sausages are not very good if they are dry. After that, of course, come the ingredients for each individual recipe.

1. Kids’ Chicken Sausages

This is pretty much the basic recipe for chicken sausages; they are called “kids’ sausages” because they are not too spicy and are therefore suitable for kids. You will love them too. It is a very mild but also a very tasty recipe. To make these sausages you will need: chicken meat, salt and some pepper. The amount of ingredients of course depends on how many sausages you want to make.

Grind the meat in the meat grinder and put it in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper and mix everything well with your hands. Don’t put too much pepper if you’re making the sausages for your kids. Stuff each sausage casing with the same amount of meat mixture. You can now fry the sausages, grill them or freeze them for later.

2. Italian Style Chicken Sausages

small sausages

Now, this is one spicy sausage recipe, but it is absolutely delicious. For Italian style chicken sausages you’ll need: ground chicken meat, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, basil and a lot of garlic.

Grind all the ingredients and mix them together. Stuff the sausage casings and voila – a delicious, spicy and tasty homemade chicken sausages. They are best when grilled and served with fresh salad. You can also make them with the addition of mozzarella cheese, they are even yummier that way.

3. German Style Chicken Sausages

Moving on to another country, and this time a country well known for sausages. Try German style chicken sausages. You’ll need: chicken meat, onion, garlic, mustard, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and cumin.

Grind the meat, the garlic and the onion. Crush the cumin and mix all of the ingredients together. Make sure to mix everything well, because the mustard needs to be equally dispersed. Stuff sausage casings and use the sausages right away. They can’t really survive for too long in a fridge, but they will do fine in a freezer. Serve with potato salad or even better with sour cabbage cooked in beer.

4. Chicken Sausages With Sun – Dried Tomatoes

This is a unique and elegant sausage recipe. It’s perfect if you want to surprise your quests with something different and super tasty. You’ll need: chicken meat, sun – dried tomatoes, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, basil and oregano.

Grind the meat and chop the tomatoes really finely. Mix with the rest of the ingredients and stuff the sausage casings. These sausages are best when grilled, but they are also delicious if smoked. Use them to make a sausage and cheese omelette or serve them as a standalone meal.

Have you tried one of these recipes? I’d like to hear how your homemade chicken sausages turned out.

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