How Virgo Man Secrets Taught Me To Understand Him

I’ve been dating my Virgo man for a while when we got into a huge fight and broke up. Luckily, I found Virgo Man Secrets, a book that changed my life.

If you’re someone who likes consistency like I do, then you know the best zodiac sign for you is a Virgo man. A Virgo man is known for his dependability.

When I was in my senior year of college, I was a part of a group of friends that were very wild. They went to parties, they hooked up with different guys, and they just lived life to the fullest it seemed.

I was more prudish and didn’t like to date several guys at the same time. I have gotten out of a relationship six months before with a guy that I was with for three years.

I always liked finding a guy and staying with him, and not jumping around. At times, I envied my friends who were just able to date around and not be afraid of getting hurt.

If a guy did not text them back, they figured whatever, and just kept things moving. I, on the other hand, was much more reserved and scared of getting my heart broken.

It was a week before my college graduation, and my friends invited me to a go have dinner with them. It sounded like a good idea. While I was out, I ended up meeting a guy whose name was Austin.

He was so handsome and put together. He just looked so polished, but he was on the shy side. The only reason why he and I even talked, to begin with, is because my friend Autumn had introduced us and then facilitated our conversation. We were both more reserved, but he was just so sweet. I fell for him instantly.

Two days after the dinner, I texted Austin and asked how he was. He responded right away, which was great since I worried that maybe I was coming on too strong.

We were both shy, but I felt like I have a little more courage than he did, so I had decided to start the conversation first. I’m so glad he answered, and after texting for a little while, he asked what I was doing that night! I was so thrilled.

Our first date was magical, and we clicked so quickly

Cheerful young couple on a romantic date in a caf

We went to see a movie and he was very respectful. He bought my popcorn, soda, and my favorite candy. After the movie, we went to play some arcade games.

I liked that he did not drink either and that we had similar interests. He let me pick out the movie we saw and said it didn’t matter to him. I told him which one I was interested in, and he bought the tickets online. We had a blast that night.

Pretty much from that date forward, we spent time with each other 3-4 times a week. I never even thought once that my Virgo man was interested in or seeing anyone else until I went to hang out with Autumn and she asked if we had “the talk.”

We had not, but I felt like he was more of the boyfriend type, and not the kind who would cheat. Autumn told me to never assume, so when I saw Austin next, I asked him if we were exclusive.

“Of course we’re exclusive!” he said, laughing. However, he told me he couldn’t blame me if I was seeing anyone else because we had not talked about being monogamous yet. I told him I was not seeing anyone else, only him, and it was reciprocated, which made me feel safe and secure.

A Virgo’s pessimism is not easy to deal with

Everything was smooth sailing until about 6 months until the relationship, when his anxiety started to kick in. My Virgo man is very self-critical and can also be very pessimistic which tends to annoy me.

I am overall a very optimistic person, but we would get into fights over it. He thought I was unrealistic and I thought he was always a Debbie Downer, often turning great outings into disasters. This was especially true when he was stressed about something at work.

Then, of course, there was the stubbornness issue. If my Virgo man did not get his way, he would give me the cold shoulder. This has happened time and time again, and it has been the brunt of many of our fights.

Once, when we were both very busy with family being in town, we wanted to set aside a date to go out to dinner for the holidays. He wanted to go on a Wednesday, but I told him I worked late on Wednesdays, and then I wanted to go on Tuesday, but he had a family event that night.

So, I asked if he would agree on Friday, and he said no, and began with the cold shoulder. It could be something as simple as planning an outing and if the date does not fall on when he wants to go, it will frustrate him.

What made us get into the fight that broke us up was about our beliefs. One day, he showed up at my house and wanted to take me out on a picnic, but because he did not tell me and tried surprising me, I was already dressed to go to church.

I was dealing with a few difficult things in my life at the time and really wanted to go. I invited him to come with me and then told him we could go on the picnic after, but he refused. He said that I was ungrateful, and at the time it really angered me, but looking back now I understand it was just hurt.

We ended up getting into a huge fight, and I told him I was tired of his stubbornness and inflexibility. Every time he didn’t get his way he would be cold and unemotional, and I didn’t deserve it.

He told me I didn’t understand him, and so we decided to break up. For about three weeks after, I felt relieved we weren’t together anymore, just because our relationship was so clouded by all these petty fights. After about a month though, I started to miss him.

The end was only the beginning, but Virgo Man Secrets helped

couple talking on a couch

I was searching for answers everywhere. Was my Virgo man the type to come back? I had never dated a Virgo man before. I eventually stumbled upon Virgo Man Secrets, and it made me see my relationship in a whole new light.

A Virgo man is an Earth sign, which means he’s all about reliability, consistency, and loyalty. A Virgo man loves waking up and doing the same thing day after day because he sees it as safe.

These men are also deeply emotional creatures as well, although he will never show it. He HATES when plans change or something even as small as having to reschedule an appointment or a deadline will throw him off.

The key to keeping a Virgo man is to make him feel safe, which does not mean to bend over backward for his every request. Your wants and needs should be considered too, like Anna Kovach describes.

Virgo Man Secrets also talks about how Virgo men HATE messy emotions and fighting. This is the one thing that led to our relationship falling apart, and I was afraid that if we got back together, they would start again.

I decided to call him after a month, and told him how I felt. Virgo Man Secrets taught me that the best way to deal with a Virgo man (and getting him back) is to speak to him openly and calmly. He hates emotional outbursts and doesn’t really know how to handle them. He also hates games, so being open and honest is the best way to his heart.

Be authentic with your Virgo man

After my Virgo man and I talked, he asked if I wanted to come over. He said we could order in some food and talk about things, and then maybe we’d watch a movie.

It sounded great and I went over, and we stayed up talking for hours, which led to us getting back together. Anna is seriously a zodiac genius and knew just the right advice to give on how to get a Virgo man back.

You must give a Virgo space, and I think the fact we did not talk for so long allowed both of us to breathe, and for him to deal with some personal things that were going on in his life with work and his family.

A Virgo man is one who will come back to you in their own time, after a little bit of space. To make a Virgo man feel loved, you must give him his freedom and allow him to be his own person.

They are slow to be emotionally intimate, but they will come around, talk to you, and amend the relationship is his feelings are real. Don’t worry, if he truly loves you, he will come back just like mine did.

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