How He Proposed To Me Thanks To Capricorn Man Secrets

As in every relationship, my Capricorn man and I had a fair share of problems. But, when I read Capricorn Man Secrets, everything changed. Here's how!

My Capricorn man and I had recently run into problems. I was confused trying to find many answers, until I  got this fantastic book. The result is- my Capricorn proposed me, thanks to Capricorn man secrets.

When I first met him, everything was great. I saw him as perfect boyfriend and potential marriage materials because he was so responsible and hard-working.

My Capricorn always so respectful too and was so different from my other boyfriends that I had dated. He opened doors for me and brought me flowers, took me on nice dates and always listened when I talked to him. He never pressured me into having sex or anything I felt uncomfortable with, and he was always on top of his other commitments like school and work.

When I met my Capricorn man, he was finishing his Master’s in language studies and was working as a writing coach and adjunct professor at a local college.

Unveiling the Capricorn Man Secrets

If you’ve ever dated a Capricorn man, you know they can be so headstrong when it comes to their goals and aspirations, and my Capricorn man was not going to stop until he was a professor at his alma mater.

He was gaining teaching experience at our local community college, yes, but I knew his dreams would take him somewhere out of California. His alma mater was in New York and he missed the cold and all the things you could do in that city: watch theater, listen to music, go skiing.

At first, I saw his drive as something incredibly admirable. I wanted to be like, always going after my goals no matter how unattainable they seemed. He was an amazing encourager and was always serving as my personal cheerleader.

I was an art student that didn’t really know what I wanted to do with myself, but I made pottery on the weekends and sold my mugs and ceramic plates online to supplement my regular income, which I made by being a graphic designer for a boutique hotel in California.

My patience was wearing thin when it came to our future

Capricorn man secrets

The problem was that now as we had been together for longer (2 years at this point), I was starting to wonder if he wanted to settle down, or that I was going to come second to his dreams.

Whenever I brought up the future he would get testy and tell me that I was “pressuring him.” He said we would get married if it was meant to be, and if it was meant, it would be “in God’s time.” After the first three times of hinting at my impatience of waiting for him, I decided to let it go.

A Capricorn man is generally very sincere and so while he was hesitant about talking about the future, I did have to admire his honesty about where he saw us going.

He never said he didn’t see us together, but he also knew he was dedicated to other things and could not promise it would work out for sure. I decided to let things take their own, natural course. That is until he scored his dream job in New York.

We got into a huge fight, and being his pessimistic Capricorn self, he told me that he didn’t see us working. He thought I was “too needy and selfish,” and that he needed space.

I was devastated but decided to pack all my things and move out of the apartment. I went to stay with my best friend just until I could figure things out for myself, and she asked if I have read Capricorn Man Secrets.

After leaving, Anna’s secrets helped me win his heart back

In Capricorn Man Secrets, I learned the secret to keeping a Capricorn man,. It pretty much came down to patience. I needed to understand my boyfriend’s love for his career and the passion he has for his dreams. By pushing him towards the future I wanted with him, I was pushing him away.

I also feared that I might have been losing him by not taking my own career seriously enough, Many days I would skip out on the pottery making and instead spend my time with him.

Every time when he would not give up anytime from his schedule to see me I was very mad.  I realized that not only do I need to back off so that I don’t lose him, but I also learned that I need to take better care of myself and figure out my own dreams. All it meant was that I needed to spend more time delving into my own passions and figuring them out.

Breakup was necessary

While we were on our break I spent time practicing my pottery skills and ended up taking a screen-printing class.

I was learning that art really made me happy, and it wasn’t healthy for me to neglect for someone else, as it was a part of my identity. I was losing myself in my relationship with Capricorn man—the very thing he was afraid of doing.

My Capricorn man has a good heart and is much softer than he lets on.  I really didn’t notice it until after we got back together—yes, we got back together. That’s the good news. How did it happen, exactly?

Aside from getting my online store up and running with more products, I also worked overtime for my day job as a graphic artist. A lot of money started coming in and I was putting it away in savings.

At the time I did not know if my Capricorn man and I were going to get back together, so I decided to start hunting for a nice new apartment with the money I had saved up. I decided that even if my Capricorn man and I were to get back together, I would still need my own place as he was moving to NYC and I was staying right here in California.

My man came back to me thanks to Capricorn Man Secrets help

How to seduce Capricorn man

After about a month of our fight and break up, he called me. We had not spoken to each other since, but he called and asked how I was doing. He told me he was leaving for New York in a month and wanted to see me. He apologized and at the time. I did not want to see him but knew that time was running out, and I did miss him. I wanted him back.

We met for dinner and he was telling me about his new position and what it would entail. I was so happy for him. I knew he was doing what he really wanted, and he was simply glowing from all the joy.

We ended up having dinner and then going for drinks afterward,. Then when it was 3 am he asked if I wanted to drive down to the beach and sit on a blanket. “We can watch the sunrise”, he said, and I was so exhausted, but also so in love with him, that I said yet.

Then I ended up staying with him that morning to catch up on sleep (thank heavens it was a Sunday!). We woke up and I helped him pack a few things away.

He asked me where I was staying, and I told him I have found an apartment. He asked if he could come see it, and I told him yes, so we went back to my place. When he saw the apartment, I know I could see his heartbreak. The reality of him leaving was hitting him, and he wasn’t ready. Neither of us was.

My personal cheerleader and love of my life was back

“Did you ever apply to Toptal?” he asked. I told him, no, and my Capricorn man told me he thought I should. Again, he was my cheerleader, always telling me to go ahead towards my dreams. He brought over my laptop from my bedroom and he sat with me while I applied.

Two weeks later, I received an email that I have been accepted as a freelancer for the company. I called my Capricorn man and he brought over champagne. We toasted and laughed and of course, he had to tell me “I told you so.” He asked me to come to NYC with him since my job would be a work-from-home position, but I told him I just signed a seven-month lease.

Anna’s secrets are precious

Capricorn heart sign

I learned from Capricorn Man Secrets not to push my Capricorn man and just be more patient with him. I also learned that I have to respect his space, be his friend, and show my intellectual side, too.

We agreed we would see each other 1-2 times per month, and we would try long distance. I would stay in California in my new apartment and he would stay in NYC in his. This would give him time to miss me.

Anna’s advice totally worked! After the seven months were up, I packed my bags and moved to NYC. We’ve been living together in NYC since, him working for Columbia and me for Total as a freelancer.

This past weekend, my Capricorn man proposed to me. He teased me and said not to ask him for kids right away. “I’m trying to make it work,” he said, and of course, I said yes to marrying him.

Q&A About Capricorn Man Secrets

Can Capricorn Man Secrets really help in getting a proposal?

Absolutely! Capricorn Man Secrets offers valuable insights into understanding and connecting with a Capricorn man on a deep emotional level. By aligning your actions and intentions with his desires, you can create an environment where a proposal becomes a natural progression.

What are some key qualities a Capricorn man looks for in a partner?

Capricorn men value loyalty, ambition, stability, and trust in their partners. Demonstrating these qualities and aligning your goals and aspirations with his will significantly enhance your chances of building a strong and lasting connection.

Is the “Capricorn Man Secrets” guide reliable and trustworthy?

The “Capricorn Man Secrets” guide is a comprehensive resource created by relationship experts who have extensively researched the intricacies of the Capricorn male personality. It provides practical advice and guidance for building a successful relationship with a Capricorn man.

Are Capricorn men known for being romantic?

Capricorn men often express their love and affection through actions rather than grand gestures. While they may not fit the traditional mold of a romantic partner, they demonstrate their commitment and devotion through their unwavering support and loyalty.

So, if you find yourself on the path to forever with a Capricorn man, remember the importance of trust, loyalty, and aligning your aspirations. With a sprinkle of magic and a dash of Capricorn Man Secrets, you too can embark on an extraordinary journey of love and create a proposal-worthy romance.