How to Turn On a Pisces Man in Bed

Want to learn how to turn on a pisces man in bed? We've got you covered. Use these tips to drive him wild next time you're having fun between the sheets.

You know how sometimes you just want a lover who is sensitive and in tune with your womanly needs, and your desire for romance?  Sometimes you may even find yourself thinking that life would be so much easier if you were attracted to women instead of men, because at least a woman would be on the same emotional wavelength as you!  Luckily our Pisces men are the female equivalent in this sense.

When I think of all the Pisces men I know, it dawns on me how very feminine they all seem to be. Pisces are dreamers and they are sensitive. If you want to seduce one in the bedroom you must bear in mind that their attraction to sex is a romantic one (how deliciously perfect!).

They associate sex with love and romance.

You can expect your sexual session to be one of languid foreplay and prolonged love-making. This is ideal for women who like to be sexually spoilt in softly lit environments.

Still, that doesn’t mean that a Pisces man won’t be interested in a bit of kink!

The Pisces Personality

The Pisces Personality

I have a male friend who is a Pisces. When we first met my initial impressions of him were a complete contradiction. This guy obviously had a very fluid attitude towards sex and relationships, claiming to be a bit of what I would personally consider a male whore! But at the same time, the way he spoke about sex with all these different females, it was like each and every time, he fell head over heels romantically in love.  Sex for him is definitely an act of love-making.

Despite this friend of mine having had many sexual partners and many one-night stands, it appeared to me as if he had a strong desire to be in a long-lasting relationship, and I felt that without it, he was a lost boy searching for some kind of emotional nourishment.

Pisces men have an extra-special kind of sensitivity about them. Often they have a bit of a sixth sense too. That means in the bedroom they are likely to provide an extremely physical and emotional kind of satisfaction.

Like water, Pisces people like to merge with their partners in a physical, mental and emotional sense. Often they take on the persona of the ‘ideal’ type for their partner. This is why a Pisces male or female might come across as strong-willed and serious with one partner, and then a bit ditzy and flirtatious with the next.  They adapt so naturally to the needs and preferences of the other person.  They are not naturally assertive creatures, and they tend to go with the flow.

Turn On Your Pisces Man in Bed

Because he is a dreamer he needs a woman who will listen to him and nurture his creativity into fruition. Often a Pisces Man works well with a woman who is quite opposite to him. Together they can make a rounded whole. In the bedroom, this means he needs a lover who is receptive to his ideas . He he will have plenty of them! But his sensitivity and head-in-the-clouds demeanor will mean that you may have to take control, and even make the first move.

A Pisces man finds a dominant woman very attractive. My Pisces friend very rarely asks a girl out or makes the first move unless he is certain she is interested. He says that if she shows interest then he will meet her half way, but there is no point in chasing a woman. It is the Piscean sensitivity that puts him off a woman who plays hard to get. He wants to connect with you, so why put barriers up?

He will be very open to ideas of dominance and submissiveness in sexual play. Pisces man  will like to have a go at both roles, probably being very receptive to a powerful woman. But despite this seemingly raw sexual scenario, he will probably appreciate a romantic environment over chains and a bare cell! His interest lies in his need to have mutual trust and faith with his partner, and his desire to connect on an emotional and spiritual level.

What Does He Like?

Pisces men love long drawn out sessions of seduction and foreplay-both physical foreplay (like teasing and driving him wild with your sensually swirling tongue) and psychological, mental foreplay (by turning him on with flirty, dirty words and texts throughout the day). The more effort you put in or allow him to put into the ‘romancing’ the more satisfying the sex will be for both of you. He cherishes the rituals.. It’s not because he needs stimulants or aphrodisiacs to get him in the mood, but simply because he is romantic and appreciates the effort and involvement.

A Pisces man can’t engage in sexual activity as a mechanical act.

Intimacy is very important to him. Pisces man likes all sex positions where he can have intense contact with his partner, such as “the classic spoon”.  He is not afraid to experiment in bed.

Be gentle with him, please him with a lots of cuddles and caresses.

10 Pisces Sexual Facts

10 Pisces Sexual Facts

1. He is gentle and affectionate, so show an understanding for what he is all about and he will be eager to open up in the bedroom.

2. Pisceans make some of the best ‘best friends’. Bear this in mind during your love-making to fully appreciate the potential of a long-lasting relationship with this caring and sensitive sign.

3. Pisces men are expressive by nature so be receptive to his creative gestures. So,  If he writes you a song, it’s not cliched, it’s romantic!

4. He is a passionate lover and needs to feel a real connection with you.

5. Pisces men are generous,. Don’t be surprised if he showers you with unexpected gifts to express his feelings. Say thank you by encouraging his kinky side in the bedroom.

6. Your Pisces man may have a foot fetish… just a heads-up!  If he doesn’t, he will still certainly appreciate his feet being caresses with yours in bed. Feet are the most sensitive part of his body.

7. Pisces work well with partners who have quite opposite personality traits which balance him out.  The opposite sign to Pisces is Virgo.

8. If you want to surprise your Pisces man create something musical or poetical for him that expresses how you feel.

9. Don’t criticizes Pisces man.  Negative vibes in the bedroom are a no-no, unless you want to pour water on the romantic mood he has gone to the love and effort of creating for you both to enjoy.

10. The Piscean touch will torture and tease you, mainly because Pisces men lack the confidence to follow through… so be sure to assure him of what you like, and give him permission to keep going, and a little harder…

Make Him Fall in Love With You

There you go, now you know how to turn on and satisfty your Pisces man in bed, but how to Make a Pisces man fall in love with you?

Don’t be too available, don’t be aggressive ,be gentle, tender and loving with him.  Be careful. You have a slippery fish in your hand. It can swim away anytime.

Let us know about your experiences with Pisces men in the comment section below

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About the author

Scarlett Robinson

I am inspired by the ways people interact. Human behaviour and emotions are wonderfully complex, and I want to dig deeper and understand more. This is why I explore intimate relationships in my writing. (I’m also ever so slightly kinky.)


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  • What does it mean if a close male friend continues to briefly or accidentally touch your hand and fingers when he didn’t need to? What if he gives you tight bear hugs?

    • Hi Sasha,

      It’s difficult to say. From what you have written it does sound like he is trying to find ways to express how he feels.

      Ask yourself this – is this the way he behaves with other close female friends? If so then it may not mean anything. Does he have many other close female friends? If he doesn’t then he may just feel a close bond with you, but it might not mean anything more than friendship. Do you secretly want more from this friendship? If so then be aware of looking into signs that aren’t really there.

      On the other hand, listen to your instincts. If you do feel there is more to it and you feel the same way, then mirror his body language and see where it goes. Or if it’s something you’re not comfortable with, back off slightly and he should get the message.

      And there’s always talking :)

  • this articla is kinda true. A lot of pisces at my school arent shy a lot of them just walk up to a girl and put their hand between the girls leg and then leaves. plz help me

    • Alathra ! I understand your confusion. I am a pisces and the main feature always given to us is the one of a “shy person”, but that is not quite true. Though, many pisces really are shy, much and much much more of us are introverts not shy (being shy and being introvert are not the same things). There is an article on this site about “How to know if your guy is an introvert”, and belive me it was like someone wrote that about me. I recomend you to read it, to have a full uderstanding about pisces personality.

  • I totally agree with the above article, I´m a Virgo and I have a Pisces lover, the sex is out of this world and we get on together like a house on fire, the only thing that is negative is that he is sometimes unsure of himself, apart from that I think he is a man made in heaven. He loves sex in many different places as it excites him, so you never know where or what to expect from him.

  • Wow my pices is everything of what is described here. Romance and sex all in one. What more cold a girl ask for. The sessions are long because of the emotionał need and I am one very satisfied woman. He is 13 years my junior and though we are just starting out I know how ever long we last it will be one of the best memories in my life. He will keep my young. And I will keep him working and emotionally connected. So who knows it maybe till death do we part. He will only get games and frustration from someone younger.

  • I am a 33 year old virgin deciding to take the plunge with my Pisces boyfriend and I noticed he responds very well to romantic gestures/advances but he is shy about making his own. How do I calm my own nerves while drawing him out? I know he can be a passionate lover but I worry about that first time being awkward at best.

  • Pisces men are literally the best. There charmers but I feel like a Pisces man makes you feel “girly” as a virgo woman. Even when mad I get over it and smile. Sex by far is the best experience, as a virgo woman I’m giving him my all trying to make him happy in bed but he’s doing it 50x better. Virgo and Pisces are meant to be , are natural loving and caring personality draws in a deep connection that’s hard to break.

  • I’m a Libra dating a pisces man and he is everything this article says. He’s told me, he doesn’t look at women sexually because he wants to make love to his woman, not just have sex. The foot thing and dominating scenario, all true. I’m 40 and have had a few great lovers in my life, but he is by far the best, most attentive and most selfless lover I’ve ever had.

  • Gemini girl needs to know I have a pisces male I really want him I really feel a connection and he did to from the moment we meet we had sex and he said I blew he’s mind but he goes a few days ignoring me then he will call me and say things like we are only friends or homeies aND talks about this awsome things he wants to do with me in the bed then he tells me I am the only one he is having sex with and only me help what should I think is he in to me or am I just a fall back girl

  • I’m a pieces male and I kind of enjoyed reading this. Even though I already know this in way, it was still interesting to read- probably goes back to that reassurance thing. The way I naturally tend to come off is a bit overly sexual at times. Due to my past relationship with a female cancer I have learned to control a lot of my actions and behavior, as well as become a lot more self aware. This girl was also my first love, ever. Even before myself. I’ve always been deathly afraid of my emotions- I’ve grown up in a manipulative home, so expressing my emotions was never greatly rewarding- in fact quite the opposite was true. I’m still deeply in love with that girl, because she was the first person to ever get me to open up and start dealing with my emotions. Due to my fishy nature I eventually grew tired of her games (and almost scared off by her abrasive emotional expressionism) and I dumped her, even though I knew I was still madly in love with her. I broke her heart, and she went around to not only break mine right back, but at a multitude much stronger than what I did to her. Did I deserve it? Maybe. Did I have it coming? Yes. Do I think it’s okay? Not at all. I opened up for the first time in almost two decades, I put all my trust and love in her vengeful hands, and she did not hesitate to let me know how much control she had over my emotions…we never had sex, but boy if we did, fireworks would have gone off in China, the foundation to the house would have crumbled, and the police would have been called on us by our neighbors across town. God was she sexual. And oh, so hot. I would have loved to get a hand full of her ass as I lick her all the way from her nether regions up to her beautiful, beautiful face, taking time before reaching my destination to show some appreciation for her tts, and perhaps tickle her belly button with the tip of my love muscle.. Anyways, it was almost like she was teasing me, which I didn’t appreciate, but I later came to find out, she was trying to get me interested. She loves a chase (could it be a coincidence that that’s my name?). We were like star struck lovers, destined to fall in love, only for our love to be ripped away. It was like a necessary growing experience. She didn’t trust me, obviously because she needs a stable, concrete standing man, and I’m a go-with-the-flow lover that doesn’t even know what I want. But ill tell you what I do know- I DONT want someone that’s going to take advantage of me, I want someone that’s going to help me discover what I like (and chances are, if you take the time to do that, you will be a big part of it). My tendencies are to chase around pretty girls, then run away at the last second, all the way home to where my heart belongs- and that was with her. But she had no way of knowing my true intentions. That traces back to my inferiority complex. If you’re with a pieces male, its best to treat him like a squirrel that’s used to human contact. Let him come to you, but when he runs off, don’t chase him, just kind of “be” where he is, almost as if it were an accident. He’s smart though. He knows that, while there are coincidences, there are never this many coincidences. After a few of these “accidents,” he will start to warm up to you and, inevitably fall in love with you. He will be emotionally unsure, so he will need a partner that will be the bigger person. Don’t get revenge on him, but don’t let him bulldoze you. Teach him a lesson by not giving him what he wants necessarily, and use this time to help grow into a man. After all, we all want what we don’t have, and all he wants is some emotional stability. He wants a female that will help him grow emotionally and physically. Don’t tell him he’s too this or not enough that, even if that’s what he thinks. If he thinks he’s too weak and sickly, tell him you think he would look hot if he started putting in some time at the gym. Not only will he work to please you, but he will be amazed that you both have the same desires. He just wants to please you- but not if you make him feel like he can’t. Then, he won’t even try- failure and rejection are not options for him. These are a couple of reasons why he has trouble making moves with you. His non-existent ego is already shattered. Remember, though- emotional STABILITY. Help him become level headed, not an egotistical monster. He thinks that’s gross in a girl, and wouldn’t want it in himself either.

    • I am a cancer woman dating a pisces man – thank you for the read it was really enlightening and I can relate to everything. What do you wish your girlfriend did/ didn’t do ? What advice can you give?

  • I am a taurus women my man is a pisces man , we were vry good emotionally & physically . But our Physical was digital. we never date. we were together almost a year. he always see me in party.
    one day we are very much involve in phone sex . he was so exciated & told me he want it real. he wants to do it tomorrow. but next day he told me he is spiritual now he wanted tell me before., he will love me but different way.
    why he did that I dont know .
    I want him how he was before.
    please tell me what roll play I will do he will come to me physically like before.

  • I’m currently in a relationship w a picsces man who want to be exclusive. He is not very affectionate. I am an Aries woman whom why’s away from affection but I’m aggressive and I am not afraid to ask for what I want or desire. I also know what will make me keep interest invthis man that called me needy. Being very offended it has changed my demeanor towards him and I’m being numb to him. I like him a lot but I’m loosing ground. He is not a giver. He doesn’t make me feel special at all and I’m really over it. However it seems like I’m being tested because of his past sour relationship fails. I just don’t know right now cause he feels I’m an amazing girlfriend while I’m looking like you suck! Help me determine how I could save it.

  • I’m with a pieces man I’m a Scorpio we have the best sex ever but it seems this is the only time we bond I’m trying to be more submissive but it’s hard being the Scorpio that I am plus he has cheated A lot I feel like if I give in he will hurt me again but he says he has grown n I love him n don’t want to loose him 7 years 3 children and he is All I know and I don’t desire no one but him but he is selfish n I’m giving will it ever change he is my world n I just want to know I’m his don’t know what to do