How to Apply Eyeliner


How to Apply Eyeliner

How many times have you seen another woman wearing eyeliner that just didn’t look good, and you wished you could say something, but had no idea what would look better?

It’s time to stop wearing liner that doesn’t do our eyes justice. What we see in magazines only works for certain eye shapes, not to mention eye color and lash length. There’s a lot to consider when deciding what type and style of liner to put on your eyes, so we’ve taken the guesswork out for you.

Here is the complete list of how to apply eyeliner for every eye shape.

Round Eye Shape

People who assume that since they don’t think their eyes are very slanted or hooded, they must have round eyes, often misinterpret the definition for this eye shape. To categorize your eyes as round, their height and width needs to be almost the same length.

Within this type, however, there are two different kinds of round eyes in proportion to your face. Your round eyes can be big like “doe eyes” and you might like to downplay their size, or they can be small in comparison to your other features. If they are small, you can disregard the round eye techniques and apply makeup as if you had a smaller eye shape, like almond.

The biggest assets of the round eye are liquid liners and triangular shapes. Famous celebrities that have the traditional round eye (“doe eyes” version) are Emmy Rossum, Amy Adams, and Zoe Deschanel.

You Are a Dreamer

All of these celebrity faces have that “nice girl cuteness”, mostly because of the shape of their eyes. Women with round eyes can use their sweet, innocent look to their advantage and highlight their eyes to light up their face.

Round eyes are the “dreamers” and are associated with creative and emotional people. People with round eyes are often perceived as innocent and trusting and must remember to not be led astray. The secret of your passion is all in your sweet, dreamy look, because your heart is as open as your eyes.

5 Looks for the Round Eye Shape

1. Thin Liner in Lashes with Tri-color Eye Shadow

Create a thin, even line from where your lashes begin to where they end, avoiding filling in the inner crease where your cornea is. By using your liner to accentuate only your lashes, you keep a natural look that doesn’t distract from your eyes.

To begin the tri-color shadow, pick 3 colors all similar in shade (for instance: beige, golden brown, and coffee). Split your eyelid into three sections with the smallest being the first one by your inside corner.

Fill in, going from lightest to darkest eye shadow from the inner corner of your eye. This is the perfect daytime look that shows you are wearing makeup, but puts more emphasis on your features than the actual product you’re wearing.

2. Triangular Eyeliner

This is the perfect liner look for going out, and can be intensified or played down. Starting where your lashes begin, draw a thin line of liquid liner to the end of your lashes.

To elongate your eyes, at the end of your lashes draw a line that goes slightly up following the line of your lower lid, trickling it down into the original line at the start of your lashes. This is not a cat eye and doesn’t swoop up in wings, but rather a distinct geometric line for your lashes.

3. Fox Eye

Triangular liquid eyeliner is the mark of the round eye, and is key to making your eyes pop. This is thin eyeliner from where your lashes begin to the end of your lid and then a slight downward triangle to connect with your bottom lashes.

Not a harsh long triangle, but a little stubby mark to connect your bottom and upper lashes. This creates the illusion that there is more curvature to your eye shape.

4. Shock of White

By putting liquid black liner thinly on your upper lashes and about halfway from the outer corner of your bottom lashes, you can utilize the white crayon liner as well.

Put a thin line of white liner in the inner lid of your eyes to make them pop against the harsh black liner.

5. Doll Lower Lashes

This one is tricky, but if you pull it off, it can be an asset to the round eye for a subtle work look. Put the thinnest line possible of crayon black eyeliner on your lower lashes and use mascara to extend your lower lashes to their fullest length.

Spend more time elongating the bottom lashes than the top to maximize the power of this look.


Eyeliner Look for a Round Eye Shape to Stay Away from #1

Thick black eyeliner all the way to the very corner of your eyes. This will not enhance the natural shape of your eyes and will make them dull. By keeping liner only in your lash line, you elongate the round eye, but if you thicken the liner from corner-to-corner, it is too much exaggeration for one feature.

Eyeliner Look for a Round Eye Shape to Stay Away from #2

Full bottom lash liner has the same effect as the corner-to-corner liner. Only putting liner on the bottom lashes, and worse, from corner-to-corner, takes away from the shape of your eyes. Round eyes should stick to lash liner and keep their creases free and clear.

Eyeliner Look for a Round Eye Shape to Stay Away from #3

Chunky crayon liner, that on other eye shapes makes the eyes appear softer, on a round eye will seem out of place and as way too much. By using the thin liner of a liquid brush or pen, the round eyed can shape their eyes without distorting their natural shape completely.



If you can never seem to make perfect, but more importantly, identical cat eyes, there is a way to ensure that they are symmetrical. Using the edge of a spoon ensures a straight edge and takes the guesswork out of eyeliner. Hold the spoon tip facing your mouth and carefully line along the curve of the spoon. It will create a perfect angle every time.

Hooded Eye Shape

This is the eye shape which most people who have it complain about. The hooded eye is characterized by eyelids that fold over a part of your eyelid, decreasing the amount of your lids that show. Hooded eyes can have a little bit of their lids showing or none at all.

The challenge here is using the hood to your advantage and opening up your eyes without them seeming caked in makeup.

The trademark advice for the “bedroom eyes” is to utilize the smoky eye and cat eye swoop. Famous celebrities with hooded eyes are Blake Lively, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence.

You Are Mysterious

Each of these celebrities has hooded eyes which contribute to the mystery factor in their look. There’s just something about hooded eyes that makes them intriguing and make people want to figure you out. Whether it’s lovers who want to tame your spirit or friends who want to know your true thoughts, you intrigue everyone around you.

Thought to be warm and helpful to people, those with hooded eyes appear to have a secret. What the mystery everyone wants to be clued in on is or the true source of your inner warmth, the truth is… you guessed it, a mystery.

5 Looks for the Hooded Eye Shape

1. Miniature Smoky Eye

The smoky eye was made with hooded eyes in mind. While the hood presents a challenge, the best way to maximize your eyes is that when doing a smoky eye you make sure to use the traditional colors (greys, blacks, even purples) and keep it small. Leave some space, if you can, between your lid and the hood and do a smaller smoky eye.

You will be amazed that the same level of dramatic “going out” attitude can be packed efficiently into a subtler smoky eye. Make sure to use cream based eyeliners for this and eye shadow shades overtop. Cream liners stay on best for hooded eyes which tend to rub off makeup.

2. Simple Daily Look

Like the rounded eye, hooded eyes benefit from thin liquid eyeliner on the top lid, where the lashes grow, but the difference is, they can extend the liner all the way to the inner crease.

It’s important if you go with this more natural approach, you extend your top eyelashes to their fullest length to overpower the hooded lid. Extend your eyeliner all the way to the crease along with a thin lower line in your inner lid with dark crayon liner.

3. Dramatic Green Smoky

This is a dramatic party look for hooded brown eyes. Instead of the typical beiges in the crease of the smoky eye, use a light ivy green verging on mint.

Complete the look with a cat eye swoop, but be careful. Too dramatic of a cat eye will take away from your shape; keep the cat eye small and conservative in the swoop.

4. Work-with-the-hood Cat Eye

When doing a cat eye, make sure you don’t begin the swoop until you’ve fully reached the end of your hooded lid. Don’t make the mistake of starting the swoop too early or at too much of an angle, or your lid will wipe it off quickly.

Work with the curve of your lid to create a look that stays on and is more suited to the slope of your brow.

5. The Black and White Cat

This is the equally dramatic “going out” look for both blue and green eyes. Complete #4 hooded cat eye, and then add a line of white on top as a second layer, and then another layer of white in your bottom inner lid.

This is a fierce look that maximizes the width of your lid and packs a punch that goes with any clubbing outfit.


Eyeliner Look for a Hooded Eye Shape to Stay Away from #1

Using too much liner and combatting that with too much brow highlights. While you should highlight the outer arch of brows for hooded eyes and use dark liner, be conservative with both. Thin dark liner and small amounts of brow highlights.

Eyeliner Look for a Hooded Eye Shape to Stay Away from #2

Too thick of a liner with your smoky eye, paired with all over dark shadow. The thickest part of your eyeliner should be the outer lashes area, and avoid coating your entire lid in dark shadow because it will minimize the size of your available lid. Use the dark shadow at the outer corners, about where the hood stops, for the full potential of the hooded smoky eye.

Eyeliner Look for a Hooded Eye Shape to Stay Away from #3

Using cheap liquid or crayon liners. Hooded eyes need the more sophisticated liners to prevent them from rubbing off. If you’re going to splurge on one makeup article, make it your eyeliner. Whenever you can pick cream eyeliner over crayon, do so.



Eyeliner stencils are expensive because they can only be used once or maybe twice. Making your own is way easier than you’d think. Using scrapbook scissors with the scalloped edges, cut strips of paper and hold directly over your top lid. Line over them and remove to reveal a perfect scalloped lining underneath. Using glitter or different colors can take this even further, and you can also use multiple stencils to create layered effects of your lids.

Almond Eye Shape

The almond shaped eyes can be easily recognized by their elongated shape, which looks like an almond, obviously. This is another shape that has two subcategories based on size.

If you have a wider almond eye, you can use thicker eyeliner lines for every style, but if you have smaller almond shaped eyes, you should use thinner strokes.

Almond eyes were made for liquid liners of all shades, and by reading these tips, you can make the most of your shape. Famous celebrities with almond eyes are Megan Fox, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner.

You Are Peaceful

Those with almond eyes are not known to react with anger and they spread an aura of calm. They are perceived as sophisticated people with elegance and class that cannot be denied. Women with almond eyes are prized for their patience and understanding natures.

People flock to them with their problems and for their wise advice that they are happy to give them. Men love them because they listen to what they have to say but have opinions of their own as well.

5 Looks for the Almond Eye Shape

1. The Duo Swoop

Almond eyes are the queens of the swooping liquid eyeliner, and to create an interesting, fresh look, utilize a duo swoop. On the top lid, go crease-to-crease in a very thin dark liner, ending in a thin very deep swoop.

On the bottom lid, start an extremely thin liquid line at the eyelash start and end in a sharper, less swooped point.

2. Full-eyed Triangular Liner

This is the one look where almond eyed can fully encircle their eyes in thin liquid liner, and it enhances their features without distracting from them.

By keeping the inner liner sharp and pointed towards your nose in balance with a triangular swoop at the outer eye, a dramatic going out look is achieved. If you go with this dramatic look, be careful not to use too much eye shadow and avoid dark colors.

3. No Bottom Liner

The only exception for putting bottom liner on almond eyes is the very specific geometric look of #2, and that look is only for a night on the town.

The normal day look for almond eyes should be heavy on the lash length and only emphasize the top with eyeliner to open the almond eye up a bit.

4. The Nude Cat

Pick nude colors for your lids and use multiple tones of colors close to nude but slightly off. Smudge them together so they blur, but not that much that you can’t still see the distinct colors.

Line your top lid in a thin cat eye swoop that is angled high enough for the nude colors to melt into the swoop. This is like a very subtle smoky eye look, but with nude colors instead of the traditional grey tones.

5. The Swallow Swoop

This is basically a cat eye swoop, but very thin and elongated. The trick is to make the swoop look the same width and darkness as your eyelashes, so it blends in.

You can even bird tail the end of the swoop so it makes a “V” at the end.


Eyeliner Look for an Almond Eye Shape to Stay Away from #1

Never put liner in your waterline, it will make your eyes look squinty. Even in the full-eyed triangular look, no liner should be in your inner lid.

Eyeliner Look for an Almond Eye Shape to Stay Away from #2

Don’t use cream eyeliner as it will swallow up your eyes and have a similar effect as the waterline liner. Always stick with liquid eyeliner for almond eyes, because it gives you the precision you need to widen the look of your eyes.

Eyeliner Look for an Almond Eye Shape to Stay Away from #3

Don’t use bright colored eye shadows (greens, blues, etc.), stick with natural toned colors as they brighten the eye and create a more open shape.



If you need colored eyeliner in a pinch, but don’t have time to run to the store, use a clean eyeliner brush and wet it. Drag it several times through your eyeshadow color you wish to use and get an instant glimmering, colored liner. Be sure to use a clean brush and go over it as many times as you can to ensure that the color is as dark as you can make it.

Upturned Eye Shape

You’ll know you have upturned eyes if you’ve ever been described as “cat-eyed.” The outsides of your eyes slant up and are higher than the inner crease. Your go-to assets with eyeliner are glittery eye shadow (often gold) and liquid liner.

The biggest thing to watch out for with upturned eyes is making your cat-eyed swooshes too dramatic as that can make your face look asymmetrical, since your eyes are already tilted up at the sides. A lot of the rules for upturned eyes and almond eyes are the same, with some slight differences due to making the “cat eyes” symmetrical.

Some celebrities with this shape are Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis and Scarlett Johansson.

You Are Fierce

Just like these celebrities, people with upturned eyes are ambitious, determined, and most of all, fierce. You’re not afraid to go for what you want and let everyone know what you expect. Your peers are drawn to your “inner fire” that never seems to simmer out.

Make sure you keep time for yourself and for your friends because this type has a tendency to be all about business. You are a go-getter and have unending energy to fuel your big dreams that are within your grasp.

5 Looks for the Upturned Eye Shape

1. The Big Loop

Using a dark eyeliner crayon, continue making a thin line as usual, but once you get halfway through your upper lid, swoop the line up in a thick arch and continue making the line in the eye fold towards the inner corner of the eye.

Outline the dark liner lightly in dark eye shadow, and fill the open area, between the two sides of the liner, with a light beige or golden eyeshadow.

2. The Three Lid Look

Making a slightly sloped, needle sharp cat eye in liquid liner, draw a second cat eyed swoop in eyeliner crayon on top of the first, but leaving blank space in-between. Don’t put this in the eyelid crease but slightly over it.

Smudge the second, higher wing to be more faded but still visibly a cat eye swoop. Fill in the space between the two wings with bright and glittery eye shadow. This is a great “going out” look that will turn heads when you walk in.

3. Modified Full-eyed Triangular Liner

Similar to the almond eye’s full-eyed triangular liner is the version for upturned eyes. The difference is that here there is a break in the dark liner on the bottom lid. Making the inner eye crease even more slanted downward will highlight the already natural slant of your upturned eyes.

The break in the liner allows for a more even appearance with the upturned eyes already angled in slant. See #2 in almond eyes for a more detailed description.

4. The Ultra-three-lid Look

This is an even more dramatic “going out” look than #2; the original Three-lid for upturned eyes. The difference here is that instead of doing the upper swoosh in smooth eyeliner, you complete it in eye shadow of whatever daring color you chose.

Increase the arch by the point where your eyebrow begins to rise, but not at the highest point for a bit of contrast.

5. Brown on Black Liner

Upturned eyes can get dramatic with their look, but for more natural days, where you still need the precision of a liquid liner but don’t want the severity, cover the liner in a coat of brown eye shadow when wet.

This will give your eyes a softer look and the thin lines you need without having to use a brown eyeliner crayon.


Eyeliner Look for an Upturned Eye Shape to Stay Away from #1

Making eyeliner swoops too dramatic will make your eyes look too slanted and out of symmetry with the rest of your face. For every style for upturned eyes posted above, make sure to not exceed eyeliner angles of about forty-five degrees.

Eyeliner Look for an Upturned Eye Shape to Stay Away from #2

Avoid dark eye shadows on top of dark liner as it will put too much dark colors over your eyes. Cat eyed people should stick with light colored eye shadows and glittery golds.

Eyeliner Look for an Upturned Eye Shape to Stay Away from #3

Avoid full bottom lid eyeliner and stay away from intense cream eyeliners as both make your eyes appear squinty.



If you run out of liquid liner, you can sharpen a pencil liner to the sharpest possible point and hold it over a lighter for a few seconds. Test the pigment on the back of your hand first, but it should create a thicker pigment that resembles liquid liner in a pinch. Make sure not to overheat the pencil as it will run and melt, just enough to soften the tip, but not enough to visibly see it melting.

Monolid Eye Shape

The monolid is when there is no visible crease between your eyelid and your brow. It’s a trickier eye shape, because not having an easily recognizable eyelid makes applying eyeliner and other eye makeup difficult.

Most monolid women are Asian, but some European and African ladies share this rare eye shape. The essential looks for the monolid to use are bottom eye liner and the most dramatic liquid cat eyes compared to all the other shapes.

Celebrities with monolid eyes are Sandra Oh, Kim Yuna and Doona Bae.

You Are Playful

You’re the life of the party and always up for a good time. You’re adventurous and your friends come to you when they are looking for weekend plans. You may be a jokester, but you know how to be serious too.

While you’re quick to get out and be around people, you also are very organized and budget your time well. As the rarest of eye types, you are few and far between, but when someone finds a person like you, they will remember your face.

5 Looks for the Monolid Eye Shape

1. Dramatic Cat Eye

This is the one eye shape that can go bold, black and angled as they please with the cat eye swoop. Having a monolid keeps symmetry from being an issue with too dramatic a swoop in your cat eyeliner.

2. Downward Point

Monolids need to create a look that lengthens their eye, so by creating a downward point on the side with a brown or black eyeliner crayon, this is possible. It’s a great everyday look and while monolids can pull off the cat eye just fine, this is also a great option.

If you really want to create a more natural look, connect the downward point to both eyelids and on the upper put a thin line to the natural start of your lashes. Go over the upper part of this look with a lighter brown or dark brown on black color to really blend it together.

3. The “S” Line

Start with your liquid liner by making a thin line across your lash line. Then, make a line from the inner corner and across your lid in a shape of an “S”, and fill it in.

Allow the downward arch to be thickest at the middle of your eye and swoop up in a large arch towards your brow.

4. Creating the Crease

By using subtler liquid eyeliner on the top lid and “painting” in a crease with dark eye shadow, you can have a fashionable nighttime look. Use an ombre effect of light browns with the darkest at the corner and blending into the fake crease.

This image shows it very well, except for the eyeliner in the watermark, which shrinks the width of the monolid model’s eye.

5. Neon Swish

Monolids can get away with flashy, colorful eyeliner, if they’re feeling the urge to be daring. Instead of putting a full line of liner on their eye, monolids can do an ombre effect of light to dark of a certain color. Then at the corner of their eye, make a sharp upward triangle.

This fun and playful look is sure to get everybody talking and asking you for makeup tips after the party.


Eyeliner Look for a Monolid Eye Shape to Stay Away from #1

Bottom and top liquid eyeliner is a no go together. While monolids can get away with bottom eye liner when most shapes cannot, if you pair that with top eyeliner as well, it just swallows your eye. If you use top eyeliner, it can connect to your bottom lid and go over a bit, but not connect fully. If you use full bottom liner it’s best to only use mascara on the top lid.

Eyeliner Look for a Monolid Eye Shape to Stay Away from #2

Shimmery eye shadows, especially when it’s only one color. Monolids can create the eyelid crease illusion with an ombre effect, but if they only use one shade, it is stagnant and makes their makeup look poorly done.

Eyeliner Look for a Monolid Eye Shape to Stay Away from #3

Too much shadow too high up. It’s hard to know when to stop when using eye shadow on a monolid, because there’s lots of room to paint. Less is more with monolid eye shadow and though magazines often show monolid women with fully painted brows, steer clear.



If you are trying to make a razor sharp line from the outer side of your eye for a cat eye or another look, use a small piece of tape. It’s clear, so you can see where you are making the line, unlike when you use a post card for the edge. It won’t wiggle out of the way either, like the paper, and your edges still come out just as sharp with half the hassle.

Droopy Eye Shape

The Droopy eye is tilted slightly down at the outside crease, and is the opposite of the upturned eye. Also known as “sleepy eyes”, this eye shape has to be careful with the use of eyeliner to avoid looking tired or worn down.

The greatest assets to the sleepy eyes are bottom liner and white liner to increase the look of being awake and bright faced. The challenge here is to use liner that uplifts the corner of your eyes without making it too dramatic.

Celebrities with droopy eyes are Marilyn Monroe, Katy Perry and Paris Hilton.

You Are Sensual

All of these celebrities have a sensual quality to them, and while other features contribute as well, droopy eyed people are known to be incredibly sensual and passionate. Like round eyes, they possess a dreamer’s look, but while the round eye is more ideological, the droopy eye is more romantic.

Often dramatic and overly indulgent, the droopy eyed person needs to remember to keep herself in control. While having a tendency to party too hard, they are incredibly outgoing and fun individuals that everyone wants to be around.

5 Looks for the Droopy Eye Shape

1. Three Color Tail

For a dramatic “going out” look, droopy eyes can create the three color tail by putting on a thin line of dark crayon liner from bottom crease into a swoop upward on the outer corner. Then make a tail directly above in a white or lighter eyeliner and finish with a third tail above that one in a bright color of your choice.

This fun, flirty look will put all eyes on you with your flashes of color, while making your eyes appears more even.

2. Shock of White

Use a white eyeliner crayon and put a line of white directly under your bottom lashes as well as a delicate darker line in your watermark that points up. This will leave you fresh faced and ready for a long day at the office.

3. The Mirrored Cat Eye

This is two parallel sweeping cat eye swoops on both the underside and upper lid of the eye. Both are very thin and precise and shouldn’t be connected, leaving a tiny sliver of skin visible between the two.

The inner crease double swoop is just as dramatic as the outer one, just not as long. For an extra glamorous look, you can add glimmering eye shadow between the swoops on both sides.

4. Simple Cat Eye

Like most (but not all) of the other eye shapes, cat eyes are a good look. Droopy eyes should use them especially, because they even out the slant of their eyes and create the illusion of a more even tilt.

5. Unattached Double Cat

This is the simple trick that looks very hard to do. Make a cat eye on the top lid, and instead of going to the bottom crease to begin the second, start from the first cat eye. Continue the slant under the eye, but instead of connecting it to the bottom crease, leave it to dangle sharply below your eye.

Make sure the lower slash goes to the length of your crease line but hangs just below it.


Eyeliner Look for a Droopy Eye Shape to Stay Away from #1

Keeping eyeliner thicker toward the middle of the eyes will make your eyes appear to slant even more. Keep the thickest part of your eyeliner always towards the end of your eyes for a more symmetrical look.

Eyeliner Look for a Droopy Eye Shape to Stay Away from #2

Don’t completely rim the eye in dark liquid eyeliner as it will make your sleepy eyes look more tired. If you find yourself always seeming to look tired, white eyeliner is a great tool for under the eyes to make you look more awake.

Eyeliner Look for a Droopy Eye Shape to Stay Away from #3

Avoid the Big loop look or #1 for upturned eyes. Downward facing eyes are the opposite of upturned, so naturally, you want to stay away from looks that are meant only for upturned eyes.



If you like the look of thicker lashes without the apparent eyeliner line that shows the world you are wearing makeup, this is the trick for you. Pulling your upper lid up slightly, use a small brush to dab eyeliner gel or cream in-between your lashes. This is the best way to get fuller lashes without a full line of obvious eyeliner. It’s not difficult to do, and can make a world of difference.


Liquid liners

Almay Liquid Eyeliner ($7.29)

This is a great product because it doesn’t smear and lasts all day. My only complaint would be that its brush tip is a bevel cut instead of a thin line. If you’re doing thicker liquid eyeliner, it is perfect, but if you prefer thin, sweeping lines, you need a different brush.

Rimmel London Professional Liquid Eyeliner ($5.94)

This liquid liner has a great thin tip and stays on great. The biggest received complaint is that other colors than black are hard to find in stores.

NYX Cosmetics Liquid Black Liner ($6.00)

Packed with a needlepoint tip, this is the best liquid liner for the perfect cat eye or thin lid line. It stays on all day and is a fair price for the quality received.

Mark Metalliner Eye Glam Hookup ($6.50)

This product is the best if you need colorful liquid eyeliner for varying going out looks. From blue chrome to copper, this liner satisfies even the most vibrant color lover.

NYX Cosmetics Super Skinny Eye Marker ($9.00)

This liquid liner works like a marker and takes the stress out of precision application. It has a needlepoint tip for thin lines and delivers a dark color like no other.

Cream / Gel Liners

Mac Eye Care Fluidline Eye Liner Gel ($28.99)

This liner stays on no matter what. Sweat and sports? No problem, this liner won’t smudge, and while all cream/gel liners are pricier, they last when other eyeliners have to be replaced every two months or so.

Stila Smudge Pots (Black) ($20.00)

This product stays on and applies smoothly to the skin. The only downside is if you leave in heat or in the car, your liner may dry out quicker than it would have inside.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear ($17.48)

Customer reviews say these pots last them about two years and more than make up for the price. Easy to apply and sold in many colors, this is a customer favorite. We recommend buying the brush however, as a thin needle point brush is needed.

Lancome Ink Artliner ($25.00)

This liner comes in any color you could need, and is called long wear calligraphy makeup for a reason. You can create needle thin lines of any color you need that will feel more like art than eyeliner.

Clinique Brush-on Cream Liner ($16.50)

This product works well because it is a deep hue of black, but the only downside with its slightly cheaper price is that the brush is clunky. If you go this route, buying a different brush will greatly increase your satisfaction.


Avon Glimmerstick ($3.49)

This pencil has a very thin tip and doesn’t need to be sharpened frequently. Only downside is that it’s light in color and for a dark shade may need several coats.

Prestige Kohl Eyeliner ($4.60)

This brand is great because it is so effective and comes in many great colors. It’s great for that smudged look in a smoky eye, when you want something beyond the black smudged look.

L’Oreal Paris Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner ($8.95)

This pencil liner is the easiest to apply because it is a twist with no scratchy pencil tips. While not completely smudge proof, it is easy to get on with great precision.

Covergirl Queen Collection Eyeliner ($4.99)

This is another easy to apply liner that doesn’t poke your lids with sharp pencil points. It has a built-in smudging tool on the bottom that is angled for the perfect blend that stays on throughout the day.

Sephora Kohl Pencil ($9.00)

This liner is voted the best for the deepest dramatic pigment and crisp lines. The only downside is that it’s a pencil that needs to be sharpened and more expensive than the others. If you really want a liner you won’t have to reapply throughout the day, this is the one.

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