First Vacation With Boyfriend – 8 Tips To Make It Better

Taking your first vacation with your boyfriend is an exciting milestone in your relationship.

As much as we all wish we could go away with our new beaus when that time actually comes, it’s a little nerve-racking. You’re both very new to each other and you might not know what to expect from them.

They could be really, really messy. They might even have certain fears that can make your vacation a lot worse. And what about you? You haven’t spent an excessive amount of time with this person back-to-back.

What if they get annoyed with you? What if you can’t escape going to the bathroom? The bottom line is that you need to be prepared for just about anything when you go on your first vacation with your boyfriend.

However, if you remember these few things, your time together can be made much better. Don’t worry so much about the little things and just have fun getting to know this new lover.

1) Choose a place you both genuinely like

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If you just agreed to go somewhere so he’ll like you more, that’s a problem. Knowing that you don’t actually want to vacation where he does will make it hard to tolerate from the very beginning. If he asks for your opinions on places you want to go, speak up.

Not only will he get to know you and the things you like to do better, but it’ll also help you actually enjoy your vacation a lot more. Plus, if you go on on a trip with him somewhere you don’t actually want to be, you’ll hold resentment for him that doesn’t just go away on its own. It’ll be a tense vacation from the get-go, something you really don’t want.

2) Remember that he already likes you

The thing that makes your first vacation with a new boyfriend a little scary is because you want him to like you. You want to make a good impression so he wants to go on more and more trips with you.

But the thing is, he already likes you. He does! Otherwise, he wouldn’t be on vacation with you at all. You can relax a lot more knowing that he’s already on your side. He wants to make it work just as much as you do.

Not to even mention the fact that he’s probably feeling the exact same way. He wants to make you feel just as comfortable and wants you to have just as much fun as you do for him.

3) Communicate when you need to

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Don’t hold back for fear of coming across as needy or high maintenance. Most likely, you’re definitely neither of those things. If you need a break from that loud, head-banger music he loves, just tell him.

Speaking up when you’re unhappy about something won’t make him not like you. In fact, the more he knows about what you like and don’t like, the easier it will be for him to make sure your vacation is fun.

You’re still getting to know each other. It’s perfectly natural for him to do something that might get on your nerves. Just tell him that you like the music he listens to, just not at that specific decibel for that long of a time period. He might even let you take control of the music after that.

4) Plan things out thoroughly

Making a plan and seeing it through is the key to a smooth first vacation with your boyfriend. Some couples might like to be spontaneous and that’s great!

But spontaneity should be saved for other vacations together when you’ve had some practice with one another on longer trips. Otherwise, you may end up doing something you don’t like or being stuck on a boring vacation if you can’t decide what to do.

Make a plan ahead of time so you can go all out and have fun doing what you know you’re going to do. Plus, you’ll get more excited when you know just what you’re going to be doing. This also helps avoid arguments if your man wants to do something you really don’t want to.

5) Know how much you’ll be spending and who will pay for what

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Money is a super touchy subject early on in relationships, and for good reason. But you do need to know what you’ll be paying for and what your boyfriend wants to buy for the two of you.

Remember to keep in mind which of you has the larger income. Obviously, you don’t want to be spending a bunch of money when your boyfriend can’t spend as much. Make sure your spending is as fair as possible.

This will not only make the vacation more pleasant, but neither of you will harbor resentment for the other because of expensive eateries or excursions.

6) Compromise

You really need to remember that you’re a team now. However, both of you will not always want to do the same thing. You’ll need to compromise in order to make the first vacation with your boyfriend a good one.

He may want to see a comedy show one night and you might want to go see a water show with a bunch of animals. You need to talk it out and compromise.

Maybe you can do what he wants the first night and you get to pick the activity for another night. All great relationships master compromise, so getting a start early will definitely help you in the long run.

7) Try something neither of you has done

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It might be pretty cliché to say, but you should be trying new things when you go on your first vacation with your boyfriend. Show him that you’re open-minded and looking for new ways to have fun.

It’s even better when you try a new thing together. You’ll bond a lot more when you both suck at something or if you both find out you’re great at it. You also won’t feel like the only person who doesn’t know what they’re doing when you have your partner right by your side.

8) Things will get awkward, and that’s okay

Just remember that the entire vacation will not be perfect, and that’s okay! It’s your very first vacation together. You’re still getting to know one another. You’ll work out all the kinks this time so your next vacation with your boyfriend will be so much better.

It’s normal for the both of you to feel a little awkward, even if you’ve been dating for a while. Being on vacation is very different than going about your day-to-day lives with one another around. If you feel a little awkward at times, just deal with it and move on so you can enjoy the vacation.

The first vacation you take as a couple may be a little less than relaxing. However, if you remember these few tips, it’ll be a much better time. Going on your first vacation with your boyfriend doesn’t need to leave you nervous.

Embarking on your first vacation with your boyfriend is an exciting adventure filled with opportunities for growth, connection, and exploration. By following these eight tips, from choosing the perfect destination to maintaining open communication and embracing spontaneity, you can make your first vacation together even more memorable and enjoyable.


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