Actually, Kids Can Give You The Best Life Advice Ever

Kids go with the flow and believe that anything is possible. So, who better to turn to for advice than a child? They can give you the best life advice ever!

You are likely wondering how an adult can follow advice from a child. Think about it though: children are happy because they do not complicate things.

They just go with the flow and think anything can happen. Do you remember when you were a kid? Yeah, me too. It was a relaxing life with no real responsibilities.

I’m not telling you to go crazy and become reckless in life because you have responsibilities now. I’m talking about doing what you really love and taking risks when you like someone.

You don’t need to read a lot of crazy tips and advice to tell someone that you like them—and you don’t necessarily need to have a job you love.

The reality is that some people don’t know what they love or never have the opportunity to find that dream job. If you love something, you do it for the sake of it. These 10 kids have the best life advice ever, and we can all learn from them!

1. “Be a geek, rapper, rocker or whatever you want.” – Lauren (9)

the best life advice

You behave differently at work compared to when you are alone or with friends. This means that you can stop making excuses to be yourself.

Wear the clothes that you like—you are not hurting anyone if you do so. I love when people are themselves. You only got one life and it is short.

2. “Eat some candy or dessert.” – Eileen (8)

Who doesn’t love candy? We know that sugar isn’t healthy, but still we love desserts and candy—and kids love ice cream and cereal. They don’t put limits on their diet.

So, go ahead and eat something delicious or that you love rather than deprive yourself. The keyword is ‘moderation’. I eat what I like, but I don’t (usually) go overboard.

3. “Want something? Go get it.” – Nayeli (8)

This is really a great advice. Sometimes, we want something that is expensive or hard to obtain, but there is always a way to get it without having to do something immoral or illegal.

If it is expensive, save money or make sacrifices. As Shakira says, try everything.

4. “Be a superhero when you grow up.” – Joseph (7)


I know: it sounds funny, but this advice is good. Never let go of your imagination. Kids believe they can do and be anything they want. You don’t know when your ingenuity or imagination can change your life for the better.

5. “I think you’re supposed to get shot with an arrow or something, but the rest of it isn’t supposed to be so painful.” – Manuel (8)

Love isn’t supposed to be painful; love doesn’t hurt. Rejection, loneliness, waiting, forgetting and losing someone hurts. If a relationship is making you suffer, think twice about it.

You need to love yourself first, so you can love another person. Sometimes, this doesn’t happen, but you really need to love yourself.

To be happy, you must first have sincere love for yourself. You’ve probably heard that you can’t love another person unless you first love yourself, and this is absolutely true. If you despise yourself, it’s doubtful that you’ll resist abuse or put up with unnecessary criticism.

6. “It isn’t always how you look. Look at me. I’m handsome like anything, and I haven’t got anybody to marry me yet.” – Bryan (7)

Kids are so funny and spontaneous. If you are looking for perfection, it is not necessary. Be like this kid and believe that you are gorgeous. It is about confidence.

You can always look better, but do it because you really want it—not for other people or their approval. We know that looks are important, but personality is far more important.

The moment and conditions will never be ideal, so stop overthinking them! Take a deep breath, show courage, and pursue your goals!

7. “Keep asking ‘why’ until you understand it.” – Michael (10)

the best life advice

Never be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something. As Michael says, keep going until you do understand. Seven is the magic number: keep asking “why” and you’ll finally reach your answer by the seventh question.

There’s no shame in not knowing something, and while ignorance may be bliss, it’s not attractive.

8. “If you want a kitten, start out by asking for a horse.” – Naomi (13)

This is a good way to get what you want from other people. Of course, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on your skills of persuasion and how difficult the person you are trying to convince is.

9. “Sometimes you just need to take a nap and get over it.” – Maura (8)

This is a good quote to remind us that we have limits and need to take a break sometimes. Of course, some problems are not easy to forget, but maybe a nap can help you feel better.

One thing that I find helpful is crying. It makes me feel like I’m getting rid of all the bad things.

By the way, although it might be the first benefit that comes to mind, recharging your energy is not the only benefit of nap. Think twice if you don’t have enough time or good enough reasons to take a quick nap. Here are some benefits that will convince you to think differently.

10. “Want some money? Don’t spend it on junk.” – Tom (8)


He may be young, but he certainly knows what he’s talking about. If you want to save money, don’t spend it on unnecessary items that are just going to collect dust, break or be thrown out soon—even if they’re on sale or a bargain that you just can’t refuse.

Remember: that one-time small purchase soon adds up when you make four or five of these in a day.

I love the simplicity of children’s outlook in life. While some of the things they say can be amusing, there’s a lot of truth in what they say, too, and you definitely don’t have to search too hard to see their wisdom.

It may be unconventional, but the advice of children is among the best life advice you can get. Do you agree?

What’s some of the best life advice you’ve heard from a child?

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