How To Improve Your Day With Morning Exercise

Despite our mornings always being overly busy, making time for a morning exercise should be seen as necessary as it will improve your day drastically.

Studies have proven that exercising early in the morning is more beneficial for the inside of your body as well as to attain maximum results externally.

Exercising in the morning starts the day off right and allows for what comes after breakfast to be better. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it is what starts the day off; you wouldn’t skip breakfast, so don’t skip exercise in the morning because it serves the same purpose as breakfast by optimizing your day.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking that you don’t have time in your already chaotic morning (trust me I understand fully). However, even if you exercise for a minimum of 15 minutes, your day will improve beautifully in various ways.

Start when you get out of bed

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Before you do anything, after you wake up, you should consider some stretching in order to loosen up, get the blood flowing, clear and awaken your mind and feel refreshed.

The next step up to stretching and the most beneficial thing to do is yoga, which is actually easy to do even with minimal time. That’s right: something as simple as getting out of bed and doing sun salutation, eagle pose, warrior pose and—my personal favorite—the chaturanga vinyasa, which is a series of yoga moves all on its own, is the perfect way to kick off your day and morning.

Even if you were to stop after you did the yoga portion and skip the other exercise, you would have a better morning and day when compared to doing neither of these. However, for a better morning and for the better morning to carry over into being a better day, doing the rest of the morning exercise is recommended.

Do this quick and effective morning exercise routine

The following 10-minute exercise routine is made up of 10 exercises that work your whole body, but involve you to push yourself hard for the whole 10 minutes.

This exercise routine is perfect for people who have busy mornings, and allows you to do each exercise with as many reps as you can within 1 minute, meaning you have to push yourself as hard as possible.

The best way to do this is to do each 10-minute set three times for a full body exercise that will leave you sweaty and feeling accomplished.

The first exercise is lunges (rotating legs quickly) followed by squat jumps, push ups, plank, bicycle kicks, jumping jacks, t-stabilization and the last minute entails a seated rotation. The beauty to all of these exercises is that, when done together, you get a quick, easy, effective and equipment-free workout that shapes and tones your whole body.

By exercising in the morning, you have mental stimulation all day

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Serotonin is one of the best chemicals in your body that can be naturally induced by exercise. The best part is that even doing 10 minutes of exercise ensures that you will have your endorphins and serotonin pumping and flowing, which causes your brain to make you much happier.

By exercising in the morning, all of these natural chemicals will not only boost your mood but also wake you up. Bye bye groggy mornings that seem to drag on all day where you feel exhausted, and hello feeling revitalized and refreshed all day.

Exercising in the morning will also provide you with great focus throughout the day, which typically is not the case if you don’t get some form of mental stimulation early on in the day.

Morning exercise will also increase productivity due to your body having the stimulation that it is supposed to have.

When exercising, you get your blood and oxygen flowing throughout your body, which causes natural chemicals to interact within the body that aids in the lessening of depression, anxiety and stress (plus serious health issues that may occur down the road), thus ensuring you not only have a better day, but a better level of focus.

A rapid metabolism is another benefit to morning exercise

Studies have also shown that exercising boosts your metabolism in general. However, when a person exercises in the morning, their metabolism skyrockets and will continue to burn calories for 2-24 hours.

You’ll also be motivated all day!

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Waking up a tad bit earlier ensures that you have time to exercise instead of the typical thoughts of, “I’ll start tomorrow,” “I’m too tired,” or “I’m too busy.”

Early morning exercise ensures that your exercise regiment is on the front burner and will not be pushed to the back. Exercising in the morning is also a constant reminder to eat healthier, which I’m sure you’re thinking makes no sense, but a person who exercises early on will feel more inclined—even oblige—to eat more healthily for optimal results.

Morning exercise may seem like it will make you more tired because you may have to wake up earlier, but it does the opposite—it will wake you up and make your day so much better.

It will improve your life drastically, especially if you follow the workout routine mentioned earlier as it is quick, easy, efficient and will benefit your mind and your whole body. If you have any suggestions for any morning workouts, feel free to share!

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