How To Survive Heartbreak: 8 Tips To Relieve A Broken Heart

Breakups are simply heartbreaking, but we all go through it at least once in our lives. Learning how to survive heartbreak will make things a lot easier.

A breakup is one of the worst things to happen in our lives. It fills us with so many horrible emotions, from grief to sadness, anger to emptiness.

By learning how to survive a heartbreak you can mend the pieces of your broken heart faster and get back to living a life full of joy and fulfillment.

We’re going to teach you 8 simple ways to get over that broken heart.

1) It is OK to cry

Woman Suffering From Depression Sitting On Bed And Crying

A lot of people think crying is a sign of weekend, and even when trying to get over a broken heart, they still bottle up their emotions.

This couldn’t be any more FALSE! Crying and letting your feelings out is definitely the first step in how to survive a heartbreak.

Releasing those emotions will allow your mind to free and your body to become more relaxed.

At first, there may be a lot of tears and sadness, but as time moves forward you will find yourself being more relieved than anything and those sad emotions will slowly fade away.

2) Accept heartbreak

Another important step to surviving a broken heart is to accept it, but also accept that it is NOT all your fault. It takes two to be in a relationship, and it certainly takes two to end it.

Do NOT put all of the blame on yourself and wonder what you could have done differently to stop this.

Sometimes, we don’t do anything at all, and the other individual is just ‘over it’ and not ready to commit. Other times, there’s bits and pieces from both parties that lead to an inevitable breakup.

Accept the breakup and move on.

3) Talk it out

Girlfriends Talk and eating ice cream

Much like bottling up your emotions is a big no-no, so is avoiding talking about your feelings.

Discussing the breakup with your best friend or a family member- someone you love, adore, AND trust- will ultimately help you in your goal to surviving a breakup.

4) Have fun!

When you feel like you are emotionally ready to step out of the house, call up your gal pals and go have some FUN!

Having fun with people you love will get you happy and laughing, and completely taking your mind off of that awful breakup.

When wondering how to survive heartbreak, this is definitely a step you should NOT miss.

Whether you’re going to get pedicures with your gal pals or heading out to the mall for a little shopping spree, you’re bound to feel better by the end of the day.

Hey, go out on a hike! The fresh air and nature will also help to soothe your body and mind.

5) Focus on yourself

woman looking herself in the mirror

If you have ever wanted to start up a new workout regime or try a new cooking class, NOW is the time to do it.

You have all this free time and energy that you used to waste on ‘whats his name’, but now that free time has opened up for you.

Take advantage of this extra time and allow yourself to focus on YOU and YOU only.

Working out is an awesome option as it will help to release tension and sadness while trying something new or learning a new skill will make you feel fulfilled and accomplished.

6) Don’t contact him

I know you keep looking at your phone wondering if he has texted or called you, but you really need to stop.

If he wants to contact you, great. But you will be way too busy worrying about yourself to even notice that silly text message, right?

And if he finally realizes he has made a mistake by breaking up with you, he is going to have to seriously prove it to you with something more than just a text message anyways, right?

Ladies, I can’t tell you enough: do not contact him. If he broke up with you, you do not want to seem desperate by running after him begging for another chance.

Leave it alone. Move on. You’ll only set yourself up for additional heartbreak if you try and connect with him.

7) Don’t ‘check up’ on him

Beautiful hispanic woman texting on a cell phone

When you’re trying to survive with a broken heart, you need to really just delete him from your memory; and along with your memory, delete him off of your phone and social media while you’re at it.

Checking up on him will only make you miss him more, especially if you see a post you don’t like. Don’t check up on him in any way, shape, or form. Don’t even think about him at all!

8) Be open to others, but don’t rebound

As time goes by, you’re obviously going to be noticing all the cute guys surrounding you that you probably never noticed before.

If a guy ends up flirting with you, why not flirt back innocently with him? There is no harm in that and it will actually make you feel more confident in yourself.

But wait! Before you quit reading this post on how to survive a heartbreak, let me make it clear that a ‘rebound’ is a BAD, bad idea.

Rebounds never work out and you will probably end up catching feelings for whoever your rebound is.

Instead, take it slow and have some innocent fun with a man or woman. Flirt, go out on a date, whatever you need to do!

Surviving a broken heart doesn’t have to be so difficult. By following these simples tips on how to survive a heartbreak you will get over this disaster in no time at all. How do you survive a bad breakup?

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