Romance Decoded: How To Be Romantic

The world of romance can be very hard to navigate through, and it can be very difficult to know where to start. Here’s how to be romantic, even if it is not really in your nature.

Romance. A word that is simple but also quite hard to understand, especially when it comes to the real world. Let’s face it, movies and books have created overly high expectations which have made romantic gestures, dates, and the act of romance itself to be seen as a massive production. That has actually set the bar very high for people in reality due to it being unrealistic.

However, that is only the mere thought people have which can be and is seen as intimidating. Despite romance being sometimes crazily awesome in movies, people, in reality, still love romance in the not over-exaggerated form.

I find that it is important to say that there is no definition of romance that actually sums up what it means or entails. After all, actions speak louder than words (unless those words are words that are the sweetest and most heartfelt).

Men and women alike are either hopeless romantics or have no romantic bone in their body (at least that’s what they think). I am a firm believer that everyone is romantic, and I for one, am a hopeless romantic, just not in all the typical ways.

The word romance can have no definition as it is something that is sweet and loving and is different for every couple. Some people may want a private boat to have dinner on while the moon and stars give that romantic glow, while others simply love the idea of a surprise date out to a movie they have been dying to see. It varies.

As for the people who are not romantic, that’s just because you fall into the trap thinking that it is so difficult to actually be romantic. Actually, it is very easy once you know how and you have the right person to be romantic for.

Listen to your partner

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You know your partner best, but you also have to listen to him to find out what's on his mind, what he wants and what he needs. Sometimes he won’t even tell you that, you just need to read between the lines.

For example, if your significant other keeps hinting that he wants to go somewhere or mentions how he used to love going to a certain place, take him there. He will be happy and will think that it is really sweet that you are doing something special for him. Even if your partner says something once, you should listen and keep it in the back of your mind for possible surprises to sweep him off his feet.

You don’t even need to go out to be romantic if your significant other is really stressed at work or sick. If you want to do something sweet for him, then get him his favorite movies and create a tent with some sheets, put some nice lights, pillows, and an inflatable mattress in the tent facing the tv and do a movie fest while you cuddle. You can even just do a nice dinner, it’s the sweet but small things that count and will say a lot to your partner about your relationship.

Once again, this all depends on the scenario and what your partner likes, but knowing that you care and that you are paying attention to him in a very romantic way will make him very happy.

Plan with your partner

Just because it’s something romantic, it doesn't mean it has to be a surprise. It can be just the day of doing things you love and exploring together, while the best part is that all the planning you’ve done together will make it very exciting for both of you. You can also plan a day filled with activities that will make you bond even closer, such as hiking, rock climbing, mini golf, and anything else that you to love to do, you can do photo days, or even paint together. All that matters is that you two planned a special day of fun together and made great memories.

Wear your heart on your sleeve

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As cheesy as this may sound, being emotional, gushy, and romantic verbally is sometimes the best way to be romantic. Who doesn’t want to hear about how much they are loved, wanted, needed, desired, and cared about? It’s also the best confirmation about a person's feelings because actions do speak louder than words.

You can as well send cute and sweet texts throughout the day to let the other person know you are thinking of them, or even cute little gifts, but keep in mind romance and love isn’t about gifts, it’s about each other.

When it comes to romance, you can even express it through just being a kind, caring, loving partner who supports the other person in the relationship. Romance does not even have to be in the gestures, it can just be your love and connection along with everyday parts of your partnership. It’s about thinking, caring, and doing things for your partner in the sweetest ways. If you have any more tips on how to be romantic, feel free to share them below!

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