7 First Date Signs That He Is Not Mister Right

No matter how much of a total catch the guy you're having a first date with is, there are things that can make him unworthy of a second date. Read on to know what they are.

While first dates can be nerve-wracking, they can also be exciting if the one you’re going out on a date with is the guy you’re totally into (and who’s obviously into you). However, even if you feel the same way about each other, it doesn’t mean that he’s Mr. Right already.

You have to observe, listen, and wait to see what happens on your first date to know whether he’s even worth the trouble of going into a second one. If he does any of these things, know that he’s not worthy of a second date with you, your precious time, and your beautiful heart.

1. He keeps talking about himself

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You should be able to talk about who you are, your dreams, and life goals as much as he does during your first date. This way, you can get to know each other better. However, if the only thing that comes out of his mouth is how good he is at possibly everything in this world (except for pleasing a strong and independent woman like you), you’re surely dealing with a man-child/braggart/jerk. You’d be better off excusing yourself before you lose all your patience and end up waking him up from his dreams.

2. He shares more information than you need to know

For some reasons, there are guys who think that telling a woman they like the number of girlfriends they’ve been with in the past will make her want to be his girl. Whoever started this notion is clearly an alien because we all know that sharing too much too soon is an unhealthy dating behavior, let alone do it on the first date. Thus, be sure to let him know politely that you’d appreciate if he didn’t give you too much information because you want to take it slow.

3. He doesn’t take the time to read and respect your body language

Yes, reading a woman’s body language is an art that many guys can’t seem to nail over the years. Despite this, the guy you’re going on a date with doesn’t need to have a degree in order to see that what he’s doing is making you uncomfortable. It’s not rocket science so he better get the hint. If he doesn’t, let him know. This should at least make him understand the message you’re trying to send.

4. He won’t take no for an answer

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So he asked you for a dance, to get you a drink, or for your number and you gave him your firmest “No”. Despite this, he still insisted on his requests because he believes that you’re just playing coy. These kinds of guys are bad news so even if you think he’s harmless, you’ll be better off saying pass and not giving him another chance to corner you. You’ll never know what might happen next.

5. He touches you excessively

It’s completely okay if it’s just playful touching with the intention to just elicit a reaction. However, if he gives you one of those slimy and creepy touches, call his attention. Tell him how that makes you feel and if he still doesn’t get it, it means that he’s not the right guy for you. It can be disappointing but you’ll be better off with someone who knows how to respect your limits and the boundaries you set as a woman.

6. He’s on a date with his phone

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His attention should be nowhere else but on you. It’s understandable if he has to take a call if it’s an emergency but if it’s not, he should be all eyes and all ears to you. If he glances on his smartphone every five seconds then you could be sure he’s bored or he’s itching to be somewhere else. Whichever his reason is, it’s impolite and you have no business being on a second date with such guy.

7. He’s unreasonably clingy

It’s flattering to know that someone you like is as into you as you are into them. But if he starts to isolate you from your friends and other people in your social circles after your glorious first date, be alarmed. It’s a sign that things aren’t headed to Wonderland. Call the whole thing off as early as you can before the situation gets out of hand.

First dates are crucial because they are a way to know more about your potential partner. So, if he’s not making a good first impression by the way he talks and acts around you, know that it can be because he’s just nervous or they can be red flags that you need to pay attention to. You’ll know the truth by listening to that inner voice inside of you. Trust your instincts and don’t settle for the guy just because you think he’s too hot to miss. Good luck!

Have you ever gone to a first date with a guy who was acting like the above? How was it? Any tips for our fellow queens? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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