What Does It Mean If You Sometimes Don’t Like Your Partner

If you are asking yourself what does it mean if you don’t like your partner sometimes, then read on to get all the answers and advice that will help you.

What does it mean if you don’t like your partner sometimes? Well, that is hard to say, everyone is different, and same goes for every relationship and partnership.

However, if you don't like your partner sometimes, this is a warning sign that you should really consider reading into.

The best way to view this is simple. Picture yourself with your partner for the rest of your life; they are your soul mate, best friend, and the person you see every day.

You spend the majority of your time with them, and that will never stop. Imagine saying those special vows of “Till death do us part”. You should be ecstatic about the thought of that happening.

If you are starting to cringe while reading this, maybe start to sweat, breath heavily, feel anxious, nervous, and maybe even scared when you read that scenario. Well, that is not good.

If you are going to spend the rest of your life with someone, or if you foresee a very long future together, you should always like them, love them, and care for them. Those feelings of love, adoration, caring, and affection should not be off and on no matter what is going on in your life together.

Of course in every relationship there are ups and downs, arguments, disagreements, and issues. However, you should never stop loving your partner when that happens.

Instead, you should both deal with the problems at hand, and still show that you will get through it. This should be easy to do because of your bond and connection that you both share with only each other.

So what does it mean if you don’t like your partner sometimes? Read on to find out, and to even see what you should do if this is what you are feeling in your relationship towards your partner.

When do you feel like you don't like your partner?

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Although this may seem like a juvenile question that is pointless, it actually isn’t. The best way to figure out what it means if you don’t always like your partner is to start at the root of this.

Look at what is happening when you don’t like them to see what it is that you don’t like about them and what sparks this feeling for you. By doing this, it may be an easier remedy, or a more difficult one.

Either way, you must find out in order to figure out what your next step should be.

For example, if you don’t like your partner when you are texting them, it may just be because of the lack of emotion that is conveyed via text. This can easily be remedied by communicating via images and text, face time, skype, snapchat, or even just talking over the phone. It’s amazing to see the differences between reading words vs. being able to hear someone’s voice or see their body language while they convey the same message.

You may not like your partner when you’re fighting and this could be because they hold on to things and bring up every issue, past fight, or even nothingness which causes even more issues.

This is a valid issue in a relationship, but this can also be fixed via communicating about this. You should both try to fight and argue in a fairer, relevant, organized, mannerly, polite, and for lack of a better word, don’t do what is considered as low blows.

No matter the occasion for when you do not like your partner, you need to figure out when you don’t like them. After you have done this, you then need to also put yourself back in those moments to find out what had happened to induce such a reaction from you.

What should you do about it?

This game plan for figuring out what to do about this is one that is individual. It depends on your relationship and what is even making you not like your partner sometimes.

However, some good ideas for this are to talk about this with your partner. Opening up an honest, polite, and direct dialogue about this is the best way to do this method.

After all you can tell them you love them and care for them, but also hate when they do certain things. Hopefully, your partner will be mature enough to realise you are coming from a good place, and will do their best to stop or alter how they do whatever is bothering you.

A good suggestion for this is to even ask your partner if there are things about them that make them not like you sometimes. Make sure you make them feel comfortable and respected.

If you want them to react in a good way, then you also need to. If this works well, you should see improvement in your relationship and the things that make you not like your partner sometimes should stop.

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The very opposite extreme to the previous method of this is to break up with your partner. Although this may seem like a very rash decision, it may not be depending on your scenario.

If there are too many things about your partner that makes you not like them sometimes, or if they are very severe issues, then you may need to break up.

This will be the best for them and for you. It may hurt at first, but you will be happier in the long run, you will also not have the chance to not continue to dislike many other things about them down the road too.

Another idea and option before breaking up is to take a break. By doing this you can see if the issue is really them, if you miss them, or if you just needed some space.

In fact, you may even realize that you took them for granted and that you love every single thing about them. By doing this, you will both be giving each other some breathing room, and although it may hurt, it may actually save your relationship.

What could be the issue?

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This too is hard to say as it varies per person. However, for some people it means that you may be out of the honeymoon phase. For others, it also might mean that you are seeing more sides to your partner as you get closer, but they aren’t sides you like or thought they had. It also may mean that you have lost that special connection, bond, love, feeling, spark, or interest.

As much as this may be difficult, it is the reality and you and your partner can learn how to fix this, break up, or learn to accept it.

However, as much as you and your partner may try to stop doing these things that do make you dislike them, it is important to not change your values, beliefs, opinion, or self for your partner.

As cliché as this sounds, they should love you for you. Do not change yourself, lose yourself, or even hide yourself for your partner. They are supposed to love you no matter what, not try to change you.

So remember there is a fine line between knowing your partner doesn’t like something about you and changing or stopping it, compared to completely changing who you are.

If you are asking yourself what does it mean if you don’t like your partner sometimes, then I hope this conflict ends and is resolved in the best way. If you can think of anything else to help people going through this, feel free to share!

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