10 Compliments He’s Dying To Hear From You

Women aren’t the only ones who want to receive compliments—men love them, too! But, you might be surprised by what they really want to hear.

As rough and tough as our boyfriends pretend to be, they’re actually really sensitive creatures deep down. It’s a proven fact that men really feel their emotions more although women are the ones who show them more.

This means that as good as we feel when men compliment us, they feel even better when they’re compliment—even if they don’t show it outwardly.

Unfortunately, the lack of display of emotions has led to many women thinking that most men don’t like compliments.

Although men love compliments, the ones they’re actually dying to hear may come as a surprise. Sure, a slap of their nice butt followed by a comment stating it is as such may have him jumping for joy—on the inside—but that’s not exactly the best compliment to give him.

Here are the things your man is dying to hear you whisper in his ear after a long day.

1. Anything about how manly he is

man and woman in bed

It’s true. Men love to hear how manly they are. Maybe it makes them feel good just because, or maybe it validates the fact that yes, they are now a man.

So go ahead, and comment on how manly he looks walking around, or how his beard adds just the manliest touch to his features. He’ll go goo-goo over these types of compliments.

2. His movie selection

Just like his choice of music, men want to hear that they have the best taste in movies. Not only does this show him that you pay attention to the little things, but it reassures him that the two of you are compatible.

If you like the same movies, you’re bound to mesh well with each other for a long time to come—something men really want to know but hardly ever say so.

3. How safe you feel with him

Speaking of those muscles making him extremely strong and able to protect you, tell him how safe you feel with him. It might seem like a small detail, and perhaps a given since you’re with him, but you’d be surprised how meaningful this can be for a man.

Throughout history, men have been known for protecting the family and making sure others are taken care of. So, even in today’s world, men love to be reassured that they’re doing this job.

4. His style choices

confident man

Yeah, yeah, most men aren’t exactly fashion gurus, but they still like to know when you find their outfit, or even just a cool t-shirt, attractive.

The fact that most of them aren’t fashion-savvy may even make the compliment that much more special. Bonus points if you tell him that you couldn’t have picked out a better outfit yourself.

5. His taste in music

There aren’t many things that really make a man feel special. However, his music choice is something that can mean a lot to him—especially if he spends the majority of his time listening to music.

Just simply telling him, “You have good taste in music,” is enough to send his ego soaring! Before long, he’ll be sending you playlists and different artists to take a look at. Sharing that part of his life can even bring you closer together.

6. How great he makes you feel

Or how happy you have been since getting together with him. He might not show his appreciation of this comment much since his ‘job’ is to make you happy, but he’ll be lying in bed at night with a smug smile plastered across his face just thinking about what you said.

7. His strength

good looking couple

It’s one thing to drool over your boyfriend’s muscles, but another to tell him how hot they are, and still another when you talk about his actual strength.

Yes, muscles are delicious and any man who possesses a large number of them is going to be ogled whenever he takes his shirt off.

However, it’s very seldom that he is complimented for how strong those muscles make him. He’s not spending hours in the gym for the appeal of the bulk that has accumulated across his body.

He wants to be strong. He wants to be able to protect you.

8. How much your friends like him

No guy will ever admit that he cares deeply about what his girl’s friends think of him, but he really does. If your friends don’t approve, he knows that it’s only a matter of time until they convince you that you shouldn’t like him either.

So, the next time the two of you just got done hanging out with your friends, whisper to him as you’re walking away and just tell him how great they all think he is.

It’s a huge compliment to him, even if he doesn’t show it.

9. How much your parents love him

Friends aren’t the only people in your life whose opinions matter to him. If you tell him that your parents love him, it’s just reassuring him—yet again—that you’re not going anywhere.

Since parents tend to have a big say in the significant others of their children, the fact that they approve of him just gets rid of any and all insecurities related to that.

10. How great he is to his family

man and woman in love

Don’t say this if it isn’t true. The rest of these you may be able to embellish upon to make him feel good, but when it comes to the way he treats his family, be honest about it. Nobody wants you to encourage bad behavior that will only extend into your family if the two of you choose to have one.

But, if he’s really nice to his siblings, helpful to his mother and respectful to his father, tell him that and don’t hold back. Let him know how great you think he is to his family and he’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

Men like compliments. Although they don’t show it nearly enough, it is still necessary to give them a few here and there. Use one of these compliments next time you’re together, and watch how his face lights up.

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