10 Things You Should Never Do for a Guy

There are things we all do in a relationship for that special guy in our life, but sometimes those things cross the line from being helpful to being unhealthy. If you’re in a relationship here are the top 10 things you should never do for a guy so that you keep his respect (and yours).

We’ve all been there, ladies. There’s always a time in our life when we go from girlfriend to girl Friday. It’s important that certain relationship boundaries not be crossed in order for a woman to keep her self-respect and to make sure her guy doesn’t begin to take advantage of her. Sometimes these things are very obvious, but sometimes you might need a closer look. Here are ten things you should never do for a guy, no matter what kind of relationship you’re in.

#1 His Laundry

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Unless you’re married, you should never do a guy’s laundry. I know it seems like a small and meaningless task, but laundry actually pushes you into a more “caretaker” role and that will only continue from there.

A guy should wash his own laundry, go to the dry-cleaners, and even iron his own work shirts or pants. Never do your boyfriend’s laundry. This is definitely how chore.

#2 His Homework

If your boyfriend (or crush) is in school, or unlucky enough to bring home work from the office, then you must never do his homework for him. There are two very good reasons why: First, he won’t learn anything himself. Second, he’ll get jealous later when he realizes you’re much smarter than he is. Seriously, he will. Save yourself the heartache (and the headache).

#3 Wash His Car

I know a woman who decided she was going to wash her boyfriend’s car just to show him how good she can take care of him. He eventually got her to do everything else for him, and then left her for someone else.

Now this might be an extreme example, but seriously, ladies, cars are a guy thing. Make him wash his car. Make him wash your car, if you want. But never, ever wash his car for him.

#4 Change Your Plans for Him

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Just this past week (I’m being totally honest here), I was asked to go out. I declined because I had plans already, but the guy was insistent and said he couldn’t wait another two days to see me.

Like an idiot (obviously, yours truly hadn’t learned her lesson yet), I cancelled my plans and got myself all dressed up and ready to go. Do you know what he did? You guessed it, he cancelled our plans at the last minute.

Never demean yourself into cancelling your plans for him. I’ll never make that mistake again, and trust me when I say you shouldn’t either. It puts him in a very powerful position and leaves you taken advantage of.

#5 Let Him Party at Your Place

I don’t care how awesome your guy is, do not give him the keys to your place so he can have a party. Don’t let him invite all of his friends over to have drinks at your house. Don’t tell him it’s okay to party at your place.

One of the things you should never do for a guy is let him wreck your space when he can easily go somewhere else to have drinks and act like an idiot.

#6 Give Him Money/Co-Sign

I really can’t tell you how many women make this mistake (and if you’re one of them then just know that you aren’t alone). One of the biggest mistakes a woman makes is to give her man money (for something he wants) or co-sign for his car or apartment. I don’t need to remind you that this is just him using your hard-earned cash because he’s not man enough to take care of himself. You should probably stop dating this guy right now.

#7 Let Him Get Away With Bad Behavior

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One of the things you should never do for a guy is let him get away with bad behavior. Once a guy thinks he can run all over you he won’t stop. I had to quickly put an end to that kind of behavior with the guy that cancelled on me last week. I made it perfectly clear I refuse to be treated that way. Time will tell if he took the hint, but I don’t plan on waiting around to find out. Do not reward bad behavior, it just makes you look desperate.

#8 Anything That Will Get You Thrown in Jail

You should never do for a guy anything that could potentially get you arrested. No drug runs, no bank heists, no drunk driving, you get the idea.

Any man that respects you will want to keep you safe and protected. Any man that is worth respecting will be considerate of the law. Seriously, so many women break this one it’s ridiculous. He’s not worth it!

#9 Be His Maid/Chauffer/Booty Call

One of the things you should never do for a guy is fall into a category other than girlfriend. In other words, you should not be his chauffer, his maid, or his booty call. If your guy starts asking you to pick him up so you can see him every day, or worse, calls you to pick him (or him and his boys) up from the strip club at some early morning hour, then you’ve just become his chauffer. If you stay the night and then “clean up” for him as a cute little gift, you’ve just become his maid. If he texts you at three in the morning after a night out with the guys, then you’ve become his booty call. Ditch the guy, he’s not worth it.

#10 Give Him Sex When You Don’t Want To

Finally, one of the most important things you should never do for a guy is give him sex when he wants it and you don’t. Not only is this one of the most self-degrading things you can do, it also puts you in the booty-call category (even if it isn’t a three AM phone call). Never sell yourself short, you are worth so much more than this! A real man will respect your feelings and needs.

So tell us, what things do you think you should never do for a guy?

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  • Crap. I did a load of his laundry after staying the night (we’re in a committed relationship). I was feeling very relaxed and happy and thought”Why not? I’ll just do a bit of his laundry to help him get set up for the week!” I have been so self-restrained about cleaning until recently. I think actually I’ve ‘caved’ a bit. He needed to clean his shower so badly and for a couple of months I ignored the urge to do it myself. I realise now that I should’ve just told him that it needs cleaning. In fact, after I did it he actually told me to tell him if there’s anything that needs doing around the place. He’s very independent minded but perhaps more tolerance for filth than myself. I actually left a note on the shower screen telling him the shower needs cleaning, so I came so close to just telling him. But then yesterday afternoon, he was fixing some cracks in the walls, and I thought “Well it’s not wrong for me to do chores while he’s doing chores right?” So I did it. He came in and commented “Wow. I can’t leave you alone for 5 minutes can I?” and then he proceeded to vacuum and clean the vanity (bathroom sinks). He never fails to impress me. When I start a chore, he invariably starts doing another chore, or helps me out. I should nurture this and not give off the impression that I’m completely happy doing it myself. In fact I have told him how awesome it is that he always chips in when I start doing a chore. But I still need to be mindful of my “I’ll just do it instead of asking” habits.

  • I’ve got loads of the no dos for your man and my first one would be dont put up with your man telling your personal and private relationship to anyone else…if he respects you and loves