5 Easy Ideas To Show Him You Care

Looking for easy ways to show your new guy that you really care for him? Read on for some easy ideas that will make him love you even more!

You’ve just met someone new and while you’ve been seeing each other more often but have yet to define your relationship, you know it’s there.

You want him to know you care for him more than just a random date every now and then but don’t want to scare him off with all your feelings. Learn how to show him that your interest is growing without scaring him away.

1) Listen to him

woman listening to a man

This is probably the easiest thing you can do to let him know you care. Listen to what he says. I don’t mean sit on your phone and say “hmm” every now and then. Actually listen to what he tells you. Ask him questions that make him talk longer; let him divulge anything and everything about his day to you. If you’re seriously into the guy, this will be the easiest thing to do.

We all want to know more about the person we’re interested in, and letting him know that you’re interested in more than just his looks or him making you laugh is a good start. Don’t forget to remember things he tells you so that you can continue those talks later if they come up again.

2) Touch him

This is the most fun way of showing him that you care. It’s basically a win-win situation for both of you. The way your hand touches his skin can show him a lot of what you’re feeling, and when done in a normal setting (i.e. sitting at a table, driving in the car or passing him a drink), it will definitely have him thinking that your connection is deepening—not to mention, you get to put your hands on a guy you can’t keep your eyes off. So who’s really the winner in this situation?

Either way, he will feel how much you care for him and how much you desire his presence in your life with your simple touches. For example, if the two of you are hanging out at your house make sure you give subtle touches—not one that scream how much you want him sexually, but how much you want him physically.

Cuddle up next to him, hold his hand, put your leg against his, rub your hand up and down his arm while you’re talking or simply draw little circles on his hands. The right guy will make you go back to your teenage self of wanting never to have your hands off him.

3) Watch the way you look at him

woman smiling at a man

We’ve all heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and some people have great poker faces, but a poker face isn’t what you want in a relationship. When you are trying to communicate to your SO that you want more from them or want them to know something, a look is a simple way of letting them know.

In this case, it’s not the ‘you didn’t clean the dishes so I’m mad at you’ look; it’s a softer one—the one where your eyes stay connected to his because you can’t bear to look away.

It’s not something you’re trying to do, but something that happens when you don’t even know it. The moment he replies with “Why are you looking at me?” and you have no response is the moment you know you have the right look. Give him more looks where you get embarrassed and have to look down when you’ve been caught.

Let him feel everything you feel through the look you give him when your eyes connect whether it’s just the two of you in a room or you’re surrounded by people. We all love getting that look that makes us feel like we’re the only person in the room, but in this case it’s real and you’re letting him know that no matter how many people are around he’s the only one on your mind.

4) Be honest with him

If you miss him, tell him. If you’re thinking about him and want him to know, tell him. Don’t be afraid to be the girl who says too much because the right guy will never question it if you mean it. Be brutally honest to a fault that lets him know you care about him.

Women are often raised to keep their emotions in—especially at the beginning of a new relationship. But, if you continuously let your man know that you’re into him, he will never question whether you are or not.

He may question why you think the things you do of him and feel that he doesn’t deserve it, but keep telling him how you feel. Tell him until you’re blue in the face, and he finally realizes that you aren’t saying it to be nice but because you really mean it. If you like him, tell him. Too many games in a relationship can make him question whether what you feel is real or not, and that’s not the way to keep him around.

5) Surprise him

woman buying present to a man

Whatever this means to you, do it often. Some people believe that buying someone something they really want is the only way to show them that you care. However, I’ve found that subtler ways have a longer-lasting effect.

For instance, once you get to know your man, you’ll be able to do things that he will appreciate and be surprised that you even knew about him. Learn his favorite kind of drink and keep it around for when he comes over. Take things you’ve learned about him and buy something out of the blue for no reason other than you were thinking about him and knew he’d like it.

Also, don’t think that buying him things are the only surprises he’ll enjoy. Leave him a note somewhere that he’ll easily find before he heads to work in the morning. Say good morning and tell him that you hope he has a good day. Tell him that you’ll be thinking of him all day and can’t wait to see him later, or take him a drink if he’s working on something outside.

If you think about something specific to do with him, send him a quick text telling him about it. Let him know that you’re thinking about him throughout the day. Never go a day without telling him to have a good day at work, or asking about his day, and randomly tell him how hot or sexy you think he is.

Never forget the power that we hold as women. By this, I don’t mean that we hold power in a relationship, but in a sense that you are the only person who can show your man that you care about him. Think of your man and all the little things that you can do for him, as often as you like, that let him know he’s something more than just a momentary decision in your life. He’ll return the favor, I promise.

Have you ever done any of these things that a guy has noticed and commented on? Let us know how it worked out for you!

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