5 Sweet Jar Gift Ideas Your Boyfriend Will Love

If you are looking for a gift idea for your boyfriend, whether it is for a special occasion or “just because,” try one of these sweet jar gift ideas!

There are times we want to make a sweet little gift for our boyfriends. It might be for a special occasion, like his birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas.

Sometimes we just want to make something cute for them to let them know that we are thinking about them.

Nice “just because” gift ideas can be a pan of homemade brownies, picking up their favorite candy when we go to the grocery store, or treating them to a movie they have been wanting to see for a long time.

Another kind of gift that is sweet and thoughtful are jar gifts, which combines all of their favorite things into a small jar that you can give to them.

Some of them are made with candy, other with little liquor bottles, and some with just paper notes that are special and meaningful to them. They are adorable and very inexpensive to make!

Many times you can find all of your materials at the dollar store. Though they are cheap to make, they will mean a lot to your boyfriend and it will surely melt his heart to know you took the time to put it together for him.

Try one of these five gift jar ideas below!

“Kisses For When I Can’t Be With You” Jar


This jar gift is super easy to make, and all you need is a small jar, a bag of chocolate kiss candies, and some embellishments for decorating your jar.

Simply fill the jar with the chocolate candies, and then on a colored piece of paper, write “Kisses for when I can’t be with you.” Decorate the little paper and the rest of the jar any way you like by using stickers, markers, paint, and gems.

Not only will he love having some chocolate candies on hand, but he will love that you thought of him. Every time he is craving something sweet, he can reach for a kiss candy and think of you.

Adventure Fund Jar

Is your boyfriend someone who loves to travel? Has he been stashing money away for a trip or have been talking a lot about wanting to visit somewhere?


Maybe he’s in college and thinking about going for a trip once he graduates. If you want to give him a sweet gift that doesn’t cost much to make, try creating an “adventure fund” jar for him!

He can put spare change, some savings, and other money away in this jar until he has enough money to go on the trip of his dreams.

You have so much creative freedom when it comes to making this gift, and can use all kinds of different materials to make it look amazing!

Try scrapbook paper, stickers, glitter, pictures of some of this favorite places cut from magazines or from online, and other cool materials!

Minibar in a Jar


If your boyfriend likes the occasional drink or is planning on going on a trip with his friends soon, you might want to send him off with this little “minibar in a jar” gift.

All you need for this sweet gift is a jar, your boyfriend’s favorite alcohol, and some cute material for embellishments. You can use letter stickers to spell out “open bar” on top, or you can use markers to write your own custom message.

You can find the little bottles of alcohol at your local liquor store. This makes a really sweet birthday gift and not only if he getting a few bottles of some of his favorite liquor, but also it will let him know you put a lot of thought into the gift.

Instead of just buying him a bottle of his favorite liquor, you took the time to make a whole little jar gift, which means you spent a lot more time and thought on it!

DIY Jar Photo Lantern


This is so perfect for Valentine’s gift, but can be made for any holiday or as a “just because” gift. All you need is a jar, your favorite picture of the two of you, some fairy lights that are battery-operated, jute or ribbon, scissors, and glue.

Simply insert the photo into an empty mason jar, and then put in the string of fairy lights. Turn it on and it will glow beautifully! Finish it up by decorating it with the just or ribbon, and if you want to add more embellishments, you totally can!

You might even want to write a sweet message on the top of the lid, on the inside of the lid d(so he can read it when he opens the lid), or stick a sweet note inside the jar. This is the perfect way to create soft, relaxing lighting in his room, and it will remind him of you always.

“Remember When” Jar


This cute little jar is filled with notes that will remind him of you whenever he is feeling down, or when you are away. All you have to do is cut little pieces of paper and write a memory on each of them that you will know put a smile on his face once he reads it.

You can talk about your first kiss, the first time you went on a trip together, or the first time you said: “I love you.” You can also write about fun, quirky moments, or even embarrassing ones that will make him laugh.

Maybe you spilled your milkshake on him or tripped on your first date. You can write about all the different memories that make you laugh or smile, and you know it will do the same for him.

Just fold them or roll them and then put them into the jar. He will love it because it shows you put a lot of thought into it and also spent a lot of time making it for him.

These jar gift ideas prove that you can make sweet and meaningful gifts without having to spend a lot of money! Sometimes sentimental gifts that we make ourselves are much more impressive than just going out to buy something.

Sure, maybe he’s really been wanting a jacket or a watch, but making this gift for him will show that instead of just buying something (which doesn’t take a lot of thought!), you spent the time thinking about your relationship and putting together a gift you know would reflect your love for him. His heart will melt at the site of your gift!