8 Things Your Man Will Never Tell You

Does he really tell you everything or are there some things that he keeps secret even from you? Check out these eight things that he will probably never share.

You and your man talk all the time—on the phone or face-to-face. You share all sorts of intimate things but it’s time to face up to the fact that there are some things that he will just never share with you. Why? Because he doesn’t want you to get big-headed, he doesn’t want you to think he’s a sure thing or maybe there are some things about him that he simply doesn’t want you to know.

1. How Much He Loves the Sound of Your Voice.

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If he is in that sort of mood, just the sound of your voice could make him feel lustful. It’s the gentle way you ask him how he’s feeling today, or the way your voice gets higher when you find something particularly funny. Then, there are sounds you make when you make love and call his name as things get very hot.

2. How Much He Loves it When Other Men Look at You.

He wonders what you are doing when you go out with your girlfriends. Is someone hitting on you? Will you give yourself to another guy when you are away from him? Okay, so he is possibly a little possessive—maybe he even has a jealous streak that runs right through him.

However, when you are out together and another guy looks at you appreciatively and you don’t even notice, your man will be delighted because you are going home with him.

3. Just How Many Women He’s Been with.

When it comes to how many women he has slept with in his past, you can ask your man this question in all sorts of ways and as often as you like, but don’t be surprised if you get a different answer every time. He assumes that he will lose in whatever he says.

If the number he gives is 50, you may think he sleeps with every woman he meets and so you are just one of many rather than the special woman he says you are. If he tells you that he has slept with just a few women, you may think that he has no experience and won’t have a clue what to do—or worse: you may think that he is telling lies.

So, it’s probably best to expect, “Oh I can’t remember,” or “I’m not sure” before quickly changing the subject.

4. The Truth About Why His First Love Dumped Him.

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If you’ve got to the stage where you can’t imagine why anyone would want to dump this marvelous man you’ve found, then take it from me: you’ll probably never find out the real reason why his first love said goodbye.

It’s reasonable to assume that, as a very young man, he simply came on too heavy or needy with his first girlfriend and she wasn’t into him enough to reciprocate his feelings. Let him off with that one; it’s hard to admit that you weren’t wanted even if it is a long time ago.

5. The Details of His Dirtiest Fantasy.

Lots of men won’t even admit to having fantasies, so hearing about his dirtiest fantasy is probably a long shot and a wish that just might not come true. It could be that his fantasy involves kink, bondage or submission and he’s not quite sure how you would take it.

Or, he could like the idea of dressing up as a monk and getting it on in the woods—who knows what goes on inside someone else’s head? So, if you are still prepared to press for an answer, try sharing your own fantasies first—but ladies, remember: be careful what you wish for!

6. What He Does on Weekend Trips with the Boys.

You know the kind of thing: a weekend away with the guys to take part in a golf tour, or was it a trip to somewhere to watch rugby or cricket? It doesn’t matter what the trip is pinned on, he simply won’t dish the dirt on his buddies when he gets home.

He’ll just tell you, “What happens on a trip stays on trip.” However, the chances are good that someone got up to something, and even though he probably wasn’t even involved, you’ll never know anything about it. But who cares? Just arrange your own trip for the girls.

7. What He Tells His Friends About You.

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The details he shares about you depends on his own level of confidence. He will probably be keen to tell the whole world that he has found a wonderful woman; he wants to tell everyone that she is great to look at, sweet, confident and marvelous in bed.

However, he may worry about advertising your qualities in case someone creeps up and steals you away from him. Perhaps it’s best if you just meet his friends for yourself.

8. What He Really Thinks About Your Body.

I think it’s safe to say that your body turns him on. The way you move, your legs, your hair, your lips and your smile—everything about you just pushes his buttons and that is, of course, why he keeps coming back.

If you are lucky, he might compliment you sometimes, or he may just show it in the way he kisses you or the way his fingers trail over your skin. Compliments are great, but we all appreciate that actions speak louder than words!

No matter how open you think your relationship is, there are some things that he’ll simply never share, but that’s okay. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t trust him. After all, we all keep certain things to ourselves.

What are some of the things that you’ll never share with him? We hope that you’re willing to share them with us!

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