9 Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Boyfriend

Being honest with your man is not always helpful in a relationship. There are some things you should never tell your boyfriend no matter what happens!

Do you remember one of the most important relationship rules there is: Be 100% honest with each other so you can be happy in your relationship?

Yeah, that one. It’s one of the greatest jokes there is because you obviously can’t tell your partner everything, right?

There are times when the most grown up (and wisest) thing you can do is to keep your mouth shut and restrain yourself from telling your partner any of these nine things.

These are top 9 things you should NEVER EVER tell your boyfriend!

1. His fashion sense would give Anna Wintour a heart attack

things you should never tell your boyfriend

First, he won’t likely know who Anna Wintour is. Second, if you live together, you can always buy new clothes for him and playfully suggest he allows you to dress him up from time-to-time. His reaction will tell you if you’ll have to live with his terrible fashion sense for the rest of your fashion-forward life.

2. You cheated in a past relationship

Yes, you regretted sleeping with your ex-boyfriend’s buddy, but who cares? Knowing this fact isn’t exactly going to make him put you on a pedestal because he appreciated your no-holds-barred honesty. With that said, infidelities you’ve committed in the past are one of the things you should never tell your boyfriend. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him anyway, right?

3. One of your girlfriends is cheating on her boyfriend

Young couple flirting with legs at the restaurant under the table

While the old adage that says birds of the feather flock together isn’t always true, you can’t blame him if he begins thinking that you may have cheating tendencies, too. So, if you don’t want him to get paranoid to the point of suspecting you even for your most innocent moves, zip your mouth when it comes to your friends’ slip ups.

4. One of his buddies made a pass at you

If it’s something that his friend repeatedly attempts to do, then you should obviously tell him because he deserves to know that his friend is stabbing him in the back. But, if it’s the first time that it happens, what do you say about giving his mate the benefit of the doubt? This way, a friendship isn’t lost over some nonsense.

5. You’re crushing on someone other than him

Maybe you thought that admiring that hot guy and his bulging biceps was totally harmless, but that is one of the things you should never tell your boyfriend about, though. Because as petty as this matter is, it’s a blow to his ego. And, you know that when his morale is down, his performance in bed might follow suit—and that’s something you don’t want to deal with, right?

6. He should be drinking buddies with your ‘cool colleague.’

Drinking beer

The mere thought that you think the guy you’re working with from Monday to Friday is cool will make your partner’s mind race with jealousy. He’ll think it’s actually you who wanted to be friends with him and you’re just using him as a front. So, while this suggestion seems innocent, it’s almost always guaranteed that he’ll interpret it in another way.

7. You loathe his mom

Number one of the things you should NEVER tell you boyfriend most definitely is this. Never give your two cents about his overbearing mom—or any of his relatives for that matter—even if he initiates the topic.

Just let him vent if he’s feeling disgusted about anything related to his family. Sharing the fact that you hate the woman who gave birth to him can make him feel close to you now, but who knows if he’ll hold it against you in the future. Vent your frustrations about his family to your BFFs because they’ll never get back to him about it.

8. You’re not impressed with his performance

Whether it’s cooking you breakfast, performing at his job or satisfying you in bed, you should be your boyfriend’s number one fan and cheerleader. You’ll be surprised how he’ll even be better at anything he does just because you proudly wear a banner that says, ‘I believe in you.’

9. He should be better in bed

things you should never tell your boyfriend

Nothing brings a guy’s morale down quite like telling him that he sucks in bed. Yes, you have sexual needs, too, and just as you meet his, it’s only right that he meet yours, but that doesn’t mean that you can tell him bluntly that he’s bad in bed.

There are other ways you can tell him how to be better without hurting his ego. Better yet, why don’t you tell him or show him what you want so he knows exactly what to do? Most of the time, guys want their girlfriends happy and satisfied, but they miss the mark. He’ll appreciate hints, clues, and help from you, so don’t hold back from telling him, in a nice way, what is it that you want.

Whenever honesty is required, be honest with your man, but don’t forget to use your judgment in telling him several things that he may not understand or interpret the right way. Always speak in love and don’t criticize him when speaking the truth so he doesn’t get offended and end up resenting you for being brutal and tactless.

More importantly, show him that even if your relationship isn’t perfect, you are on the same team and that you’ll work together to make the relationship a safe place for both of you. If you do these things, you can be assured of a peaceful relationship with him.

What do you think are other things you should never tell your boyfriend? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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