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Wedding Season: A Quick Survival Guide

Let’s face it: Weddings can be a bit long, and after a while you may feel like you’re starting to wilt. Don’t let a long wedding get the best of you. These...

Bridal Shower Games: 10 Fun Ideas Your Guests Will Love

10 Fun Bridal Shower Games and Ideas

Are you a lucky upcoming bride? Do you need to know how to entertain your guests? Have no fear; here are 10 fun bridal shower games you and your guests can...


Unconventional Wedding Gowns

The wedding gowns you’ll see here are for the future brides who dare to be different. If you are planning an unconventional wedding, you definitely need an...


What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

One of the hottest wedding seasons is well under way and odds are, you’ve been invited to at least one. Fun, fun, fun! All you need is that picture perfect...


What Shoes to Wear to a Beach Wedding

You’re invited to a beach wedding and you’re super excited, but have no idea what shoes to wear? Here’s a list of possible shoe styles to help you decide!


3 Best Classic Wedding Hairstyles

The day of her wedding is one of the most important days in every girl’s life. Every girl dreams about it, and wants to look beautiful like never before...


5 Beach Wedding Outfit Ideas

You are invited to the beach wedding and you have no idea what you should wear? Here are 5 beach wedding outfit ideas that may help you decide what to wear.


6 Wedding Vows Ideas and Examples

Ok, we all know that writing your own wedding vows is the best solution. But still, not all of us do so well with our words. You know the feeling when you know...