10 Great Places You Can Go Alone (and Still Have Fun!)

Are you bored sitting around the house watching TV? Are all of your friends busy working or too tired to go out? Don’t stay home alone and let life pass you by! Here are ten great places you can go alone and still have fun!

Sometimes it’s best to go and do things alone. Sometimes you have to brave the world and say “Here I am!” Also, going alone means you don’t have anyone there telling you when to go home. Give one of these places a try by yourself and you’ll see what a difference going solo can be.

1) Hockey Games

Hockey games are a great way to get out of the house and have a good time. It’s a sport, so you’re not going to be alone, you’re going to be surrounded by thousands of screaming fans. Also, hockey is a guys’ game, so instead of you having to dress up in heels and make-up, you can go in jeans and a sweatshirt and fit right in. It’s hard to beat that.

Bonus: If you sit in the nosebleed section the tickets are cheaper and you get to hear all the hecklers!

2) Baseball Games


Ah, our national pastime. I love baseball. I love the sound of the bat hitting the ball. Baseball games are a great place to go alone, too. Not only do you get a relaxing day in the sun, but you also get to stuff yourself on popcorn, cotton candy and hot dogs without anybody there telling you to watch what you eat.

3) The Movies

I know it sounds terrible going to the movies alone, but in reality this is a great thing to do by yourself. Movies are perfect for those nights you don’t want to deal with the rest of the world, but you still want to get out of the house.

Going to the movies alone means you get to choose what you want to watch as well. If you want to see that cheesy B-rated horror film, there’s nobody there to make you watch an art film instead.

4) Restaurants

Restaurant on the sea coast

Many people don’t like to eat alone, but I love to eat alone. For one thing, I’m pretty messy. If there’s a white tablecloth, it’s almost guaranteed there will be red wine or pasta sauce on it before I’m through.

Also, I like to enjoy my food without trying to make conversation. Take a magazine or book, order a meal, and relax at your own pace. Most of my friends eat faster than I do and they’re left waiting as I finish. When I go alone, the only person waiting on me is the staff. Sometimes that’s the best way to have it.

5) Hookah Bars


Hookah bars are great places to go alone, especially on a weekend. You get out into the world to be with other people, you don’t have to worry about being groped by strangers (like you do at a club), and the atmosphere is casual and comfortable. Even if you don’t like hookah, most hookah bars have coffee and Middle Eastern desserts to choose from, so grab yourself a book (or your laptop) and settle in.

Be warned: They don’t usually sell alcohol here.

6) Local Bar

turkish coffee pot

Your local bar has more to offer than you might think. I know sometimes I get tired of going to the local bar, I’m not a big drinker and I’m afraid of running into one of my ex’s. However, your local bar is really convenient if you need a drink and maybe some company (but aren’t sure about that).

Usually when I end up at the bar, there are at least two people there I already know who sit down and chat with me. Sometimes I even get a drink out of it.

7) Art Gallery


If you prefer art over alcohol, then going to the art gallery alone is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I love art, but so many of my friends are bored by it. It’s not that they don’t appreciate it, it’s just that art isn’t really their thing.

If you can find an art gallery at a University, you’re liable to find some very interesting modern art. If you are lucky enough to have a more classical art museum around, then I say spend the day with Van Gogh.

8) Library Events

books in library

I had no idea my local library was actually a cool hang out place. I just went to a Doctor Who convention at the library (free of charge!) and won Bingo. Go to your library’s website and check it out. There are usually monthly events happening that you can attend and meet new people. Libraries are always great places to go alone, but events there are also fantastic for meeting people.

9) Any Kind of Lessons

books on the table

Learning is what keeps us motivated as humans. I honestly feel better when I’m engaging in some sort of external activity that makes me think. Although I’m terrible at them, language groups are great places to go by yourself (you’ll meet a lot of wonderful people there).

However, if language learning isn’t your thing, then try something you’ve always wanted to learn. I tried sailing a couple of years ago (I fell out of the boat and couldn’t get back in, but it was fun!) and made some lifelong memories out of it. I also took Russian (badly), am scheduled to take Italian next year (wish me good luck), and have plans to take drum lessons (I already pity my instructor).

The point is, you don’t have to be good at it, it’s just fun (and going alone means none of your girl friends will be there to laugh and tell everyone else how badly you did later).

10) Concert

Concert night

Most people think you have to go with someone else to truly enjoy a concert. Let me tell you, the last two concerts I went to I went with someone else and it turned out bad. First, I took my son to one and he decided we had to leave because the music was too loud (at which point I explained it’s supposed to be loud…but we left anyway). The second concert (and most recent) I took a guy with me who informed me we were not on a date (as I thought we were) and then he dumped me after it was over. Seriously, I should have seen it coming.

The point is, concerts are better by yourself. The energy of the crowd is enough to keep you going, and who knows, you might meet some interesting people there!

Wherever you go, you can go alone. It isn’t always easy to be single, and it definitely isn’t always easy to do things without your girlfriends with you, but you’ll learn a lot about yourself by braving the world head on.

Do you have a favorite place to go by yourself or are you planning any lessons soon?

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  • My favorite place to go alone is the beach, but I am excited to try some of the things on this list!

    • Chris, my sentiments exactly! It’s cool though…I had fun anyway. I went to another concert by myself and had MUCH more fun…I hope you’re getting out and having some fun, too! :)

      • Good list, but what if you are on a budget? Everything you mentioned requires some type of money. Baseball games, hockey games, movies, the bar, concerts.. That’s a grip of money to spend. The list you mentioned are great and easy to go out alone; I’ve done it but come on.. The expense is too much.