Slip of the Tongue: 6 Signs of a Tongue Piercing Infection

Slip of the Tongue: 6 Signs of a Tongue Piercing Infection

The tongue is one of the most sensitive body parts when it comes to piercings. Be aware of the signs of a tongue piercing infection.

Knowing the signs and symptoms of potential infections will help you detect them in time and treat them before they develop into more serious health complications.

Described below are some of the most important tongue piercing infection signs that you ought to be mindful of:

Signs of Tongue Piercing Infection:

The tongue should be fully healed within 6-8 weeks after the piercing has been done. In most cases, it is quite normal to experience some swelling and irritation during the first 2 weeks, but if these signs don’t disappear and other symptoms show up, it will be necessary to immediately consult your doctor and receive adequate medical treatments and antibiotic therapies.

Tongue piercing infections are mostly caused by different types of bacteria that live in the human mouth, which have the capacity to rapidly multiply and spread, giving raise to infections. If left untreated, these infections can lead to serious health problems.

But let’s take a look at some of the most common tongue piercing infection signs.

1. Swelling

As we have just mentioned above, it is normal to experience some swelling around the tongue area, immediately after you get your tongue pierced. However, if swelling persists, becomes worse, or is accompanied by difficulty swallowing and speaking, it is one of the first signs that you have an infection. This requires immediate medical attention and treatment.

2. Redness

Slight redness around the tongue area may also be normal during the healing period. But if it continues and is accompanied by swelling and pain, it is a sure sign of inflammation and infection.

3. Red streaks

If you notice red streaks radiating out of the piercing hole and running down the sides and the front your tongue, this indicates the presence of an advanced infection going on, which requires an immediate antibiotic treatment.

Red strikes come along with painful tenderness of the tongue and are sometimes accompanied by fever.

4. Bleeding

Although some bleeding may normally occur immediately after the piercing is done, bleeding that occurs after the initial healing process has completed is instead another sign that indicates an ongoing infection.

5. Discoloration and discharge

Any extreme discoloration of the tongue (green, yellow, purple or black) should be taken very seriously, as it indicates the advanced stage of an infection. In this case it is necessary to seek immediate medical attention.

Discoloration may also be accompanied by yellow or green discharge, which is the pus that comes out of the infected area. This also requires prompt and adequate antibiotic treatment.

6. Fever

A fever is a sign of infection in the body. If you develop a fever after getting a tongue piercing, it could be a sign of an infection.

Tongue Piercing Infection – Prevention and Treatment

6 Signs of a Tongue Piercing Infection

It is possible to prevent tongue piercing infections, as well as to treat them at home in case symptoms and signs have been noticed in time.

1. To avoid any infection, it is fundamental to find a reputed and professional piercer, and inform yourself well about the piercing procedure.

The piercer you choose should have a license to practice, as well as adequate training and experience. He should also exercise all the necessary sanitary precautions during the entire process of piercing, such as using sterilized needles, instruments and tools, and wearing sterile gloves and face masks.

2. After the piercing is done, it is important to carefully follow all the aftercare instructions, as advised by the piercer.

3. You should always opt for plastic (polytetrafluorethylene or polypropylene) studs, since they gather less bacteria than stainless steel or titanium studs.

More tips

4. During the healing period you should avoid coffee, alcohol and cigarettes, and eat foods that are not spicy or irritating, such as mashed potatoes, bananas, cold soups, and other similar.

5. Another good way to prevent infections is to rinse your mouth after each meal. Salt and water is a very effective rinse to accelerate the healing process and treat infections in their initial stages.

6. If you develop an infection or suspect that you may have one, don’t ever take out the bar yourself. You will only worsen the situation.

Hopefully this post has helped you realize the importance of adequate sanitary precautions during the tongue piercing process, as well as of the appropriate aftercare steps, in order to prevent infections. If you have ever experienced any tongue piecing infection, please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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  • Is it ok if my tongue is yellowish. My hole tongue is and were the ball sits is a little crater of yellow stuff is that ok

      • I got my tounge pierced on tuesday all of my tounge is yellow what does this mean ??

      • Hey I have a white ring around the bottom of my tongue where my tongue ring is what does it mean and it hurts sometimes

    • You need to brush your Tongue. The build up of yellow stuff is bacteria. You Tongue usually cleans itself on the roof of your mouth but because the ball is in the way your tongue can no longer do this. It’s not a sign of infection but your Tongue does need to be washed with a tooth brush. The ring around the piercing are just dead cells and perfectly normal although you need to start brushing them and the rest of your Tongue. Also use non alcohol mouth wash (the alcohol will irritate the piercing )

      • So the yellowish, and weird tasting stuff around the ball on the top and bottom of my tongue is just build up of dead cells and will go away if i brush it longer?

      • I don’t have any experience about the tongue piercing but i really want to have one, but before i do. i want to know those tips and effect after piercing is it normal if you can’t eat after the piercing or 2 to 3 days ago??? NOTICE ME PLS.

      • My tounge is all yellow and I got it done on tuesday is that a sign of infection ??

    • You have to brush your tongue as it’s a bacteria that will lurk around the area and may cause it to get infected so it’s always recommended that you do so

    • You should be okay, as white/creamy colors are safe in most cases, your tounge can’t scab over and all that is is white blood cells

  • i had my tongue pierced 3 days ago,on the 3rd day(today) i woke up and it was a yellowish color and had a ring of bloody round the pierced area,does it mean its infected,and if it is what do i do?

  • I have had my tongue pierced for 5 years now and sometimes I have some sort of swelling around the ball which goes within a few days.
    However, my tongue has swollen completely like when it was first pierced. Why is this??
    Slightly worried!!

  • i got my tongue pierced on monday and today when i was cleaning t yellowish puss was released…..does that mean my tongue is infected

  • Got my tongue repieced for the third time. And this time I have like little bits of skin growing up the piercing. Why and what can I do.

    • That’s called the anthil. It’s just like the tongue’s form of a scab. It will disappear in a few days. Completely normal.

      • I have had my tongue pierced since last sommer,i have not changed my tongue before but when I did it started to hurt so I change it I have this price of skin that is swallowing right in front of my pericing and it hurt,is it an infection how do I get rid of it?

  • I had my tounge pirshed 14 days ago it healed up good. No swelling no redness. But it turned tounge dosent hurt or nutting. Why did it turn yellow? Some body plz help. I need info!

  • I had my tongue pierced 2 weeks ago, and i wear a retainer when im at work. There’s yellowish pus that comes out only when im wearing my retainer. Should i be worried??

  • hey i got my snake eyes tongue piercing 2 weeks ago n yesturday i got the regular one done! now the tip of my tongue went a little numb and its kinda red… i just cleaned my tongue and i had yellow stuff coming out i wanted to know if i should be worried!! i don’t know who to go to cause nobody knows please help me! :(

  • i got my tongue done 2days ago and i think i might of ripped it a bit because its started bleeding

  • I just got my snake eye piercing yestoday and today at night i saw my tongue only the tip of the balls are blue and under its blue too itsinfected or its normal helppp im really scared and dont know what to do

  • I’ve had my tongue pierced over 3 months and its beeñ fine but latly its swollen and very tender are there any ways to stop an infection or should i go to the piercer and have him look at it.

  • I had my tongue pierced for almost a week this Wednesday (August 14, 2013) would make a week and my tongue has turned a yellowish color does that mean its infected?????

  • I’ve had my tongue pierced for 3 days & on the third day it was black round the balls , what does that mean ?!

  • hi , i have had my tongue pierced before and within two weeks it was fine. i took it off and now have it re-pierced. Now its 1week and 5 days and around my piercing its swollen and it looks red inside the hole, also under my tongue around the piercing its white. what does that mean ? Help . tips. would be greatly appreciated

  • i had my tongue pierced 3 days ago,on the 3rd day(today) i woke up and it was a yellowish color and had a ring of bloody round the pierced area,does it mean its infected,and if it is what do i do?

  • I got my tounge pierced round about 3-4 weeks ago and under my tounge round my ball is white/yellow hard puss kind of thing and on the top of my tounge ther is a swollen red circle round my ball and let’s out yellow puss???
    Is it infected and how can I get it to go normal???

  • I got my tounge pierced round about 2weeks ago and under my tounge round my ball is white/yellow hard puss kind of thing and on the top of my tounge ther is a swollen red circle round my ball and let’s out yellow puss???
    Is it infected and how can I get it to go normal???

  • I got my tounge pierced 6 days ago. And it’s been really sore and iv been eating a lot of ice and slushies and pop sickles to help the pain and swelling and iv been taking Tylenol 500. And today it just randomly started bleeding. And I got it checked out but they didn’t say much about it. And it’s bleeding a lot off and on. And in really worried that its infected or something. I semi think that while eating or talking I some how ripped the hole a bit causing bleeding. Does anyone know why this may be happening??

  • I got my tongue pierced like 2 months ago, it’s gonna be 2 months in 3 days.. But it always hurts around the ball and today I switch the ring and I noticed that I have something really white all the way in the back of my tongue with a lot of little bumps, what does that mean?

  • i got my tonuge periced around febuary and everything was going good but i kept playing with it and everything and just 3 weeks ago i had to take it because i had to get surgery. but i noticed that the skin has rised where i split it. and i just wanted to know how i can get rid of the risen skin

  • I got my tongue pierced about 5 weeks ago, and there’s a little white ring around the ball underneath my tongue. It sort of looks like an ulcer and its sore. What does this mean?

  • I got my tongue pierced 3days ago and have a little lump of skin in frount of my bar should i go back to the shop or is this ment to happen???

  • I got my tongue pierced 3 days ago, it has got a whte/yellow blob on it, to anyone else who has the same, this is !00% normal you could just make sure you clean your tongue; such as brush it with a toothbrush. the yellow blob is just bacteria and is nothing to worry about :3 also make sure you use mouthwash and/or salty water throughout the day c:

  • I got my tongue pierced about a week ago. There is a yellowish color on my tongue! It doesn’t hurt or isn’t swollen. What does the yellow mean?? Should I be scard?? Help please..

    • That’s just bacteria. Your tongue usually scrapes itself on the roof of your mouth but it can’t because of the ball. Just brush your tongue really well & make sure you use a mouthwash that doesn’t have alcohol in it. If you do, your tongue could get dried out and turn a little white & slow down the healing process. Rinse with salt and water to speed it up and brush the ring gently to get rid of plaque that could get on it.

  • I’ve had my tongue pierced for 6 days and it’s been so sore and I haven’t been able to eat. A second ago I noticed some puss looking stuff around the ball on the top and bottom. I used my tweezers to get it out then I mouthwashed but it’s come back? My tongue is a yellow colour but it’s always been that way so I’m not stressing about that. But the stuff around the balls was a white colour and it was stringy and thick, like mucus. What do I do?!

    • It’s not infected so don’t worry. That is just dead cells coming out of the piercing. That will happen for a few days while the piercing is still healing.

  • My tongue is coated white is it infected? I had it pierced 3 days ago and I am very worried

    • No it is not infected. That is just bacteria. Just brush your tongue really well to get rid of it.

  • Hi i got my tongue pierced 10 days ago and it doesn’t hurt but on odd days it does feel like when I talk its streching my tongue, I don’t knowif this is just part of the healing process? Please let me know asap! Thankyou..x

  • hi i got my tongue done about 4 days ago and its red under the ball and has like yellowish stuff coming out of it whats that mean??
    please help!

  • My tongue has been pierced for 5 months now and I’ve been sick and taken antibiotics, but that hasn’t helped. My tongue is extremely sore but only right at the back where my throat is, so I cant swallow or poke the area with my finger. Is it infected??

  • I had my tongue pierced 3 days ago, I am not experiencing some pain and a little more swelling. I rinsed with salt water this morning.

  • Ive had mine peireced and repeired about 4weeks ago should Iit be normal if its numbish on the bottom tounge? What can I do to get it back to normal

  • I just got my tongue pierced im on my third day and i woke up and went straight to the bathroom brushed my teeth mouth wash all that good stuff and hours go by and i rubbed my tongue against my lip n i felt a bump i go to check it out and its a little yellow bump next to my bar, ball however you want to say it and it doesnt hurt its not hot. is it dead skin or something cause i got my toothbrush and put my mouth wash on it and lightly brushed on it it didnt hurt , is it infected or ?

  • Hi I have a white ring around the bottom of my tongue bar it’s really hurting and on the top I’ve got a yellow ring could anyone help me out please x

  • I got my tongue pierced four days ago and I woke up with a right of blood round it! Is that normal? Also on the second day of having it done my tongue went white! What does it mean?

  • Is it normal to have like soars on the side of your teeth on you cheek . I think it may be from sucking on my.piercing but not to sure . I just had my tongue pierced for the first time 2 days ago . should I be worried ?

  • My tongur has gone yellow straight after changing into my new bar. I got this pierced about 4 weeks ago.
    I am not worried but just want to know how to reduce the amount of bacteria evolving around my tongue, but.. Should i be concerned ?

  • I have my tongue ring four 4days now n itz still sore as hell im rinsing with da salt water but nw i dd c my tongue is turneing so blue is it nomal any1 help plz

  • i have just recently had my tongue pierced but around the ball my skin has cracked at the front and started to overlay a bit of my ball what does this mean?does this mean i have an infection coming? i am constantly rinsing my mouth after my meals with salt water and morning and night i am using alcohol free mouth wash but it has still not gone also i have a whiteish tongue and i am really hoping i dont have an infection coming along also, my speech has been affected because it is swollen will i permanently have a lisp or will it go down within the healing process?

  • I have had my tongue pierced for 4 days now. Its still fully swollen and almost over the ball at the top and bottom. I have been eating, drinking a lot of ice cold water, brushing my teeth regular, taking paracetamol and using anti bacterial mouth wash a lot. I have experienced pain on the bottom of my mouth the side of my tongue and around the actual piercing. Does anyone know what this means?

    Need help ASAP.

  • So i got my tongue pierced last night and tonight im lookin at it and i see a yellowish colored puss around the bottom side ball. Is that normal?

  • I want to get my tongue pierced but people are say if it get’s in effected that their going to chop my tongue off :O

  • I got my tongue peirced a week ago and today it was bleeding like forel 10/15min straight is this bad?

  • I got my tongue pierced on dec. 31 . That was 2 weeks ago. Today is jan. 16 and qhen i woke up this morning my tongue was yellow and for rhe past three days my throat has been hurting is this normal please please respond. I really wanna take it out

  • I got my tongue done a few days ago, its the second time having it pierced and it was infected when i got it done the first time and now its pussing on top and bottom and it bleeds when i brush my teeth, what do i do to heal it or stop it from being infected?

  • Hi i got my tongue pierced 9days ago… and the day after i got it pierced like yellowish greenish discharge been coming out of it & inside theres like a hard lump the discharge is like mucous… is this normal

  • I went and got if look at at the place i got it pierced at and he said it was normal. Im just worried because i been reading online that yellow or green discharge isnt normal. Thanxx in advance.

  • Just got a tongue piercing about 3 days ago and its yellow and I have a lifted yellow taste bud aroung the oiercing. Is itninfected should I take it off and if yes what do I do after I take it of is still going to be infected

  • I got my tongue pierced 4 days ago took it out the next day bc it was pierced to far back, I got it redone yesterday and now there is a red circle around the piercing it formed blood earlier is that bad??
    Super scared any help would be lovely

  • I took my tongue piercing out yesterday and today my tongue feels a little numb and kinda swollen. Really scared here. And it feels like hard where my tongue piercing was

  • Hey, so I’ve had my tongue ring for about 6 1/2 months now and haven’t had any problems with it until a few days ago. It healed really good and I played with it a lot, I do smoke cigarettes, but I use mouth wash twice a day and after I smoke. Well a couple days ago I’ve had really bad cotton mouth and I can’t get rid of it to save my life. And I started getting bumps along the side of my tongue but not where near the piercing. I read that I could just be really dehydrated or I could be having an allergic reaction to something food or something that is affecting my whole mouth and throat. I didnt notice swelling on my tongue until about an hour ago and now my piercing is really sore and im starting to talk like I was when I first got it done (not as bad tho.) My boyfriend said that bc I play with it too much there could be a possibility that I may have ripped it? No bleeding, no puss, and no redness. If this might be a start to an infection I’d like to take of it right now bc its annoying :( any ideas of what I should do?!

  • Hi I’ve had my tounge done for a year now and I’ve noticed it’s swollen where the ball sits it’s also really sore I don’t know if it’s infected I don’t know what to do I clean it 4 times a day with mouth wash and salt water any ideas of what’s wrong please reply kinda worried

  • i got my snake eyes on 5 days ago nd i keep forgetting to buy listerine what is another way i can prevent it from getting infected ?

  • I got my tongue done about 4days ago nd Ijust nnotice a like yellow bump right in front of pieced hole!! What does this mean please someone help I alaid no try noticed a yellow. Whiteish color wit yellow discharge.

  • I got my tounge done 3 days ago, and i’m really worried because my tounge is yellow…. i have read on line that its normal but i’m not sure if it is or not… its also painful to swallow… not sure if i should take it out or not because i can’t eat… Help!!! someone tell me what to do (: xx

  • This is my 2nd time getting the snake eyes piercing..ive had it pierced for 2 days and monday when i woke up i had a blood ball that was on the left side of my piercing so i just took it off it keeps bleedind so i used salt water…is my tongue infected???

  • I got my tongue pierced last year, drank alcohol the next day, smoked a cigarette right afterwards, everything was fine. I just made sure to use mouthwash after every cigarette and beer. I had to take it out due to work and it closed up, so I recently got it repierced about a month ago. Smoked a cig right after and drank again the next day. Still perfectly fine. Y’all just got some messed up tongues lol

  • I had my tongue pierced yesterday, and it didn’t hurt when I got it pierced. and it did not hurt afterwards, just a little sore 2 on a scale of 10. and it doesn’t hurt now, same amount of pain. and there is no pus. but it is a little white around the piercing hole on top, and I’ve gently, very gently scrubbed it with a toothbrush and it did not come off, it looks like my tongue with taste buds too. it’s a very light white. other than that everything is fine. is this normal? is it infected? Thanks

  • I am writing about my piercing that no longer feels okay when in for more than a couple days. Its been over 3 years since I got a tounge piercing and it was fine the first two years but now I can’t leave it in for more than a few days until it starts swelling and irritating the area and starts to feel worse and worse and I feel I have to take it out until the swelling and throbbing goes away and I wonder why

  • I got my tongue pierced yesterday, and I have a hard time spitting!! is there a solution

    • If you suck on ice and cold things such as Popsicles, ice cream etc. the swelling will go down and you’ll be able to spit easier.

  • hey I got my tongue pierced march 22 (2 weeks ago) and I’ve had some light yellowish pus coming out of it. I’ve been rinsing it with salt and water & mouth wash but it doesn’t seem to be going away. Should I be worried ?!?! It doesn’t hurt or anything.

  • so I pierced my tongue on april 6 2014. I have two days with my piercing and I noticed I have like a white sore underneath the bottom of my piercing and it hurts . its that normal or is it infected…..

  • I got my tongue pierced 2 days ago. and I noticed like a white sore around one side of my piercing on the bottom. and it does hurt a little.does that mean its infected please help..

  • Had my tongue pierced a week ago but my tongue has turned a bluey-green colour. I suspect that it’s just from trying to suck my disinfectant mouthwash and water through the piercing to clean it because I constantly get food stuck in there… Should be normal right? Don’t have pus or any yellow colour, also almost no pain normal swelling and no heat/throbbing sensation. Don’t need to worry right? Thanks :)

  • I have my tongue pierced 3 and half months it has this yellow ring around the ball and its like pulse on the inside right next to the ball it hurts right now! What does this means

  • Actually, you should NEVER opt for plastic or acrylic jewery. Acrylic pieces contain chemicals that can me harmful to the body. Both plastic and acrylic are pores and when nicked or cracked with produce large amounts of bacteria to fester.

  • Hi I wonder if anyone can help me iv had my tongue peirced for 4 years and this week it’s been really sore feels like I have an alsore on it but iv been to the place iv had it done n they said it looks oki just to keep rinsing my mouth out after every meal please help!!

  • A yellow color discharge is good. It looks like phlegm? That means your piercing is healing properly. Non alcoholic mouth wash is good for cleaning the piercing as well. If you take care of your mouth anyway your piercing will be fine. Its not that complicated.

  • I got my tongue pierced 3 days ago now, I have like a little red dot right where they pierced my tongue. Is that a sign of infection? Also could I rinse with regular salt like cooking salt? Or does it necessary have to be sea salt?

  • I got my snake eye done three days ago the one on top of my tongue and u some up the morning and one of the Rings had crusted blood on them is that ok? I have the regular one too but no bleeding came from the regular one

  • hi i had my tongue pierced 2 week ago and it is still swollen and the top ball is sinking into my tongue is it infected and what should i do!!!

    • Ok so I got my pierce done yesterday “the snake eyes” or w.e everyone calls it. I didn’t bleed when I got it done but today (my first morning with it) I woke up and it’s really swollen and bleeding a little bit. Is that normal?

  • I regret it it hurts so bad….the after healing part oh my god very pain full . You can’t eat nothing for a couple of days after yo u can only drink and most of the time it even hurts to do that… when they put the needle in did not hurt but the healing part is very bad.I just got mine done and already want to take it out. I’m starving and can’t sleep its 4:19 am right now and I’m in so much pain!!!!!

  • I got my tongue done, about 3 days ago and my tongue hurts really bad in the morning, is that a sign of infection or what.?

  • Omg i think mine is infected or im just being stupid hahah its only day six i have like white discharge and it only hurts sometimes and i always rince my mouth with sea salt after every food or beverage i put in my mouth except water

  • Iv had my tongue pierced for almost a year and I have a white ring on the bottom of my tongue ring is and it kinda hurts sometimes . Is it infection?

  • I got my tongue pierced about 3 weeks ago. I tried to change the bar after 12 days but it started swelling again so I changed it back to a longer bar (I got this done by a piercer). It’s still a bit swollen and there’s some pus. Also the tongue is sort of white but it did this all before when the bacteria just got at it so I’ve been brushing it gently and rinsing with salt water. I’m just worried though because it’s been doing this for a little while and doesn’t seem to be going away yet. And it looks like there’s a small canker sore on my tongue. Should I go get antibiotics?

  • Hi I got my tongue pierced on Friday and it’s swollen but the top of my tongue is fine just the bottom has a whitey colour around it , what does this mean ? Help please!

  • I just got my tongue pierced n to the side of the tip i have purple going down is that infected or what ?????

  • I’ve had my tongue done for about 6 or 7 weeks now, its healed great but I change my barbell and im starting to get a discomfort and sharp pain in my tongue and neck? Is that bad

  • I just got my tongue pierced 5 days ago and it hasn’t hurt or given me any problems until today I woke up and my mouth was covered in blood and there was a blood clot around the bottom ball I got my mouth all clean and it was fine until tonight when I was rinsing it I moved the piercing forward and back to swish the solution around it better and it started bleeding a lot. And my tongue is a yellow almost brown color. I’m scared that it could be starting to get infected or something but it hasn’t hurt at all. My tongue is still pretty swollen since I just recently got it done and I just want to know if this is normal stuff happening because it is freaking me out. I don’t want to have to take the piercing out because I just got it done but I don’t want to damage my tongue at all either. Can anyone give me some info?! Thank you!

  • I got my tongue pierced 3 days ago and now its still swelled and yellowish discharge is coming out. is it infected or what do u think?

  • Mh piercing was ok untill 3 dsys ago, I took it out for cleaning and changing and it couldn’t go back in and i forced it in but now the bottom has a white ring around it and it hurts….. But i brush it it kinda stop…. What can i do

  • I got my tongue pierced 5 days ago it has been kinda faided yellow colour on my tounge but behind the bar in middle off my tongue there is a red blotch bit? Is that my tounge healing or is that normal need info please?

  • i had my tongue pierced saturday it hasnt been hurting to much but when i eat it hurts what things can i eat for dinner n all??? everyone says mashed bananas and all that but i want real food :(

    • Hi u truly need to allow your tongue to fully heal after getting it pierced.if you were given instructions on how to care and what things you can eat or drink after getting ur tongue pierced you really need to follow them.go easy on everything u drink an eat until ur swelling goes down.etc etc.

  • There is like a ball thats kinda swollen next to my tongue ring and it seems swollen what does that mean?

  • I know that’s how mine I know they say that the white cell will be coming out so thats what mine doing I can’t wait til I can eat.

  • Feels pain when I eat and my piercing does 4 months now..I take out the ring and it pains me when im pushing it in back

  • pls I got my tongue pierced its almost a month today,there are red streaks radiating from the piercing hole down to the front of my tongue,don’t know if it’s an infection sign or its normal? becoz am currently taking antibiotic prescribed to me by e doctor coz of a yellow discharge from the piercing hole

  • I think if it’s been four months than its infection get the doc to give you meds now.

  • I’ve had a snake eyes (tip of tongue) piercing for over 2years and it still closes extremely fast, if I remove the jewelry for up to 30 minutes and hurts to force it back through, the other night I forgot to put it back in and fell asleep. After about 9 hours of leaving it out I forced it through again and it began to bleed. I debated about even putting it back in. It finally went back through but my tongue was bleeding(which stopped in less than 5 minutes) and my tongue was sore for about a day.. Is my piercing not fully healed? And how could I heal it after all of this time??

  • Guys I kind of have a problem…my got my tongue pierced 3-4 days ago and this morning when I woke up my tongue was like a greenish blue color,the previous day it’s was yellow but as I was told it was normal to have a yellow film on your tongue

  • Hi ok i noticed only recently that the area where i have my tongue piercing is slightly swollen and i got it done back in 2015 December 24.i havent had any issues with my piercing until recently.not sure whats going on help! It doesnt bother me but i am concerned.

  • I got my tongue pierced friday night its Sunday and my tongue didn’t really swell up just the left tip hurts feels like i bit it really hard the piercing is also kinda of crooked the top is centered but bottom is to the left close to the vein is it. healing ok and will it heel even though its crooked ive been using salt water and keeping clean