Nice Things to Say to Your Best Friend

Whether it is her birthday, wedding, or a new born baby, there will come a moment when you will want to tell your best friend how much you love her. Ways and occasions to express your feelings are always numerous, but sometimes the words just seem to be locked deep inside. Listed below are a few nice things to say to your best friend, which you should feel free to change and elaborate, following your own emotions.

Thank You for All the Things You Have Taught Me

Saying to your friend that you appreciate all the things you have learned from her is one of the most beautiful ways of expressing love to someone.

Start by telling her how she has taught you to be strong and persistent during tough times of your life. Tell her that without her strength that gave you courage in so many difficult moments, you would have probably slid into profound sadness in many situations.

Say how much you appreciate and love her tireless energy and enthusiasm. She is the one who has inspired you to never give up and she is the one who has always motivated you to enjoy each moment of your life to its fullest.

Simply go to her and say: thank you for encouraging me to change, grow and love life.

Thank You for Some of the Best Times of My Life

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Tell your best friend that you have spent some of the most amusing and fun times of your life with her. Tell her that, most of all, you wish to continue sharing great, as well as bad moments with her and that she is the best adventure companion you’ve ever had.

Remind her of those days when you laughed yourself to tears, as you have never done before, and take her memory back to your first trip together. It was one of the most amazing and most thrilling adventures you have ever gone through.

Don’t forget to mention all those times when you went out together dressed up weirdly, pretending to be different persons, with strange names and odd personalities. Remember how you started laughing when people took you seriously?

Just say: Thank you. I want to do it all over again with you!

I Will Be There Whenever You Need Me, in Any Moment of Your Life

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Best friends will always need each other in difficult times and life is sometimes full of such moments.

A nice thing to say to your best friend is that whenever she finds herself in a desperate situation, at any time of the day or night, and anywhere in the world, she can count on you and rely on your friendship.

Tell her that you will always support her through tough times, and listen to her any time she needs to confide in you, cry and bring out her pain or anger.

Say to her that you will never stop being by her side in the worst, just like in the best moments of her life. She is your best friend and you will always love her, no matter what happens and no matter where you are.

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