Meeting Your Boyfriend’s Family: How to Leave a Good Impression

by Jessica |

Meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time can sometimes be a really stressful and scary experience. But you only have to go through it once! Of course, you will want to make a good impression and appear nice and positive. The best way to do that is to be relaxed, polite and never act like someone you are not.

There are no specific rules on how to behave when meeting your boyfriend’s family, but there are certainly a few tips that can help you deal with this nerve-wrecking adventure in a more positive and less stressful way. And remember, it doesn’t have to be a bad experience at all!

#1 Get Some Information about His Family Beforehand

Ask your partner about his family, learn their name, and inform yourself about what interests they have and which subjects they prefer. This will make talking to them a lot easier and you will also have a few conversation topic ideas that will help you feel more at ease.

#2 How to Avoid a Nervous Introduction


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daughter and her mother talking

Relax. Try to forget for a moment that you are meeting his family. After all, they are just people like you and me!

Be polite, shake hands, smile, look into their eyes when saying hello, and tell them how nice it is to meet them.

#3 Be Yourself

Do not try to behave like someone you are not. There is nothing wrong about being a little nervous and tense the first time you meet his family. In fact, this can only make them think that you really care.

Be yourself, be polite and friendly, but don’t talk too much and don’t express too many personal opinions, at least until you get to know them better. They might have different views than yours, and you don’t want to start any debates.

#4 Dress Nicely

This is a must. It is the first impression you make. So, don’t overdress, but don’t look too informal. Wear something simple, tidy and clean and show class. Avoid low-cut clothing, see-throughs and excessive makeup.

#5 Bring a Gift

smiling woman with presents

It’s always nice to bring a gift when you enter someone’s house for the first time. A nice box of gourmet chocolates in a pretty packaging, or an elegant flower bouquet, could be excellent choices.

#6 Conversation

1. Be respectful. Don’t contradict them, avoid religious and political topics, and think before speaking. If you are asked to give your opinion on a touchy subject, try to stay as neutral as possible. You don’t want to offend anyone. Once you get to know them better, everything will be easier.

2. Be a good listener and pay attention to what everyone says. People like to be heard. Showing your boyfriend’s parents that you are interested in what they are saying is a very good step to making them like you.

3. You will be asked a lot of questions! Get ready for this. Your boyfriend’s family will want to know everything about you. If necessary, prepare your answers in advance. They will ask you about your job, university, interests, aspirations, childhood, family, etc. After all, you are their son’s girlfriend!

And please, remember that your answers should never be too long, for that may be really boring. And of course, don’t forget to smile all the time!

4. Let your boyfriend’s parents do most of the talking, but be prepared to ask some questions as well. They should be based on what your boyfriend has told you about his parent’s interests.

5. Compliment his parents, especially his mom. Tell them that their house is really nice, that her food is delicious, or that her garden is beautiful. Compliment his mom on her dress and his father on something he has personally constructed. Do it from time to time and don’t exaggerate, for you will sound false and artificial.

6. Try to find a common topic with his parents. For example, if his mom is into gardening and you like it as well, talk about it for a while. If his father likes barbecuing, sports or any other activity that you find interesting, speak about it. He’ll appreciate it! Just don’t chat too much!

There you have it. That is pretty much it. If you follow the above mentioned tips, you will certainly have a nice and pleasant experience. Just be friendly, respectful and polite and they will love you for what you are, just like your boyfriend does! Good luck and let us know how it went! Just write in the comments below.

Jessica is a translator who has lived for many years in Asia and South America. She now lives and works in Europe, while preparing her new journeys. She enjoys traveling, meeting new people, exploring different cultures and foods, and being in love.

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10 thoughts on Meeting Your Boyfriend’s Family: How to Leave a Good Impression

  1. youqueen girl illustration Amanda

    im freaking out about meeting my boyfriends family this weekend. hopfully it goes well.

  2. youqueen girl illustration Valarie Wright

    Im seeing my boyfriends parents for the second time this Saturday! We are gonna go to the fair! But im so nurvous! Im scarde if my impression that I will make on them! Wish me luck!

  3. youqueen girl illustration Monica

    I’m super nervous, I’m staying at my boyfriends house for a couple of days. I just really want his family to like me. Soooo nervous!!!

  4. youqueen girl illustration Mojisola

    C’mon gurls, its no big deal.. Jst make you sure be urself nd probably follow the tips above..

  5. youqueen girl illustration Barbara Johnson

    im so so so worried about meeting his parents for the first time!

  6. I am very nevous meeting my boyfriend’s mom and sister these holidays, I can’t even concentrate to my exams…. I just hope they would not judge me *crossing fingers*

  7. I’m meeting my boyfriends sister tomorrow and my boyfriend has mentioned that she doesn’t like our age difference and that she has a lot of questions, i’m worried about what she is going ask and how she’ll act with me.

  8. I met my boyfriends parents in January, I’m getting on with them really well & feel much more confident and at ease when around them now. My worry is regarding his other family! I met his aunt, uncle and nan today, all went so well until saying goodbye to them at the door. His aunt & nan gave me a big hug and said they would like me to visit them soon. Then his uncle shook my boyfriends hand… When it came to saying goodbye to me I went to shake his hand as he had done to Nick (my boyfriend) but he rejected my hand shake by just ignoring it? And just said bye. It was so embarrassing & awkward, I was just trying to be polite? Was this wrong? Is he sexist? So embarrassed by it, someone help :(

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