11 Wicked Sex Tips for Dating Libra Men

Are you dating a Libra man? Are his romantic ways boggling your mind and making you question whether or not you should get kinky with him? It’s okay, here are 11 wicked sex tips for dating Libra men.

I can honestly say that of all the signs of the zodiac, if you’re lucky enough to catch and keep a Libra guy, then you’re going to get your feel of romance and adoration. The problem is, however, often women of other signs have no idea what to do with a Libra guy once we get him.

Libra’s are romantic, they’re caring, and you’re almost afraid to pull out the handcuffs and lingerie. Don’t get me wrong, these guys can be extremely (how do I say this delicately?)…promiscuous. Still, once you’ve grabbed ahold of one, he’ll be true. You just have to figure out what to do with him next. That’s where these wicked sex tips come in handy, ladies. Here’s how to get (and pleasure) your Libra guy.

#1 Get Romantic

Are you looking for candlelight and poetry? If so, then you’re in luck! Libra guys are all about the romance. Light some candles, put on some soft, romantic music, and treat your man to a night of romance.

Libra men are the lovers of the Zodiac! The thing is, you might not be able to tell how he feels because he is so charming and flirtatious. Libra men are shy – so you won’t often get one of them to be direct about their feelings.

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#2 Keep Yourself Clean

If you’re into the grunge look, you’re not getting a Libra. These men like their material objects and they like their partners clean and well kept.

Tidiness isn’t enough, you really have to smell good and look good, too. Go all out for this guy and fix your hair and make-up. He’ll appreciate it.

#3 Give Him a Sexy Massage

Libra men love to have their lower back rubbed. There’s something about a woman touching their back that drives them wild! If you want to get your guy’s libido kickin’ in high gear, pull out the warm massage oils and give him a back rub. Nothing turns a Libra man on quicker. But don’t leave him hanging there… instead, tease him to perfection with your skillful hands and give him the stress-relief of his life.

#4 Grab His Ass

One of the most erogenous zones for a Libra is their ass. That’s right, playfully smack his ass when you’re being cute and flirty. Even better, grab his ass firmly while you’re having sex and pull him into you.

This spot is the one area that you can get a little kinky and it really drives him wild! However, don’t get too wild on him in the beginning. Your romantic Libra guy could very easily be turned off with too much aggression.

#5 Don’t Bore Him

Libra guys are lovers, and they have a short attention span.

Dating Libra man means you have to keep him entertained (talk dirty to him just like he likes it). He’s not a stay at home and veg out kind of guy, your Libra wants to be doing something. Keep him entertained.

#6 He’s a Morning Person

11 Wicked Sex Tips for Dating Libra Men

Turn your guy on with a morning quickie before he goes to work. That’s right, Libra men are morning people. They want hot sex as soon as they wake up! Keep a box of Tic-Tacs by your nightstand and pop one in your mouth then wake him by touching him sensuously. Or even better, when he gets out of the shower to wash his teeth, come closer, wink at him in a naughty way, get down to hug his leg and play around with his penis. He’ll get so turned on when you take him deeper than Atlantis in your mouth. There’s no better way for a guy to start his day.

He can’t resist.

#7 Be His Equal in Bed

There are some signs that like to dominate in bed (I know, as a Sagittarius I like to be the one wielding the whip), and then there are some signs that like to be dominated and want you to make the initial advance. Libra men want you to be their equal.

Sometimes you have to turn them on, and sometimes they want to dominate, but whichever the case is, you definitely need to keep up. They might be sweet and romantic, but these guys also like a challenge (and if you do it right, you can bring out his inner freak).

#8 Be Open With Him

You’ll have to be pretty open with this guy, and not only with your words but with your actions too! He’ll look at the facts and you can be sure that after careful deliberating he’ll base an opinion on these facts. Don’t expect him to make a rash decision about anything.

However, once he’s made up his mind about something it means he’ll stand by it 100%. and you can trust him with everything you’ve got!

Libra men are often very charming. He enjoys flattery, but it must be genuine.

Here’s how to seduce a Libra man.

#9 Get into his Head

One of the things I really can’t stress enough about a Libra is that this guy absolutely will not tolerate dull mindedness. He is the guy you need to have an intelligent conversation with. In fact, if you can’t banter and debate you might as well forget it.

Women with no brain hold no interest for the Libra. Sure, there are some men that like a woman to be compliant and have no original thoughts of her own, but not a Libra guy.

Libra guys have to have intelligent conversation or else they’ll be on to their next conquest (and trust me, ladies, these romantics never have a problem finding a date).

#10 Be Independent

Wicked Sex Tips for Dating Libra Men

One of the things that will really turn your Libra guy on is your own sense of independence. This isn’t the guy you break your plans for. This is the guy that you say, “Not tonight, I’ve already got plans with the girls. I’ll call you tomorrow, honey.” and then go on about your night.

Libra men don’t want clingy women, they don’t need you texting them every day, and they don’t take well to women who try to control them or women who they need to control. be an individual, don’t change yourself for him, and your Libra will respect you (which is exactly how you’re going to keep him interested). The same way, it’s very important that you also give him the respect he intrinsically craves.

Remember, mental stimulation equals physical stimulation with these guys and it’s essential for dating Libra man.

#11 Let Him Catch You

If you’re not offering enough of a challenge, your Libra will get bored and move on. Once again, you have to be an individual to keep this guy going.  dating Libra man means you should let him chase you. Also, these guys have a strong sense of self and they know how to treat a lady, so don’t be the woman that insists on paying for everything or says she can open the door herself.

Libra men are very romantic and classy, you have to let him call you first, you have to let him open the door and pay the bill, and you have to let him be the man.

So, what do you do with your Libra guy once you’ve caught him? You enjoy it! Libra men are the ones women write romance novels about. Consider yourself lucky if you’ve got to seduce Libra.

Are you dating Libra man? Share your experiences with us.

Now tell us, how did you get your Libra to fall for you?

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  • By being an original individual and keeping up the chase. It can be a little tiring after 12 years and 3 children but its worth it

  • It was our first date that had both of us absolutely hooked. I’m an Aquarius & we had the most amazing conversation!

  • I’m personally a libra and my girlfriend ( a capricorn) got me by threatening to punch me in the face.

  • I got my Libra man by telling him, ” Whatever we do in the bedroom stay’s strictly between us”. Therefor, I give him crazy blow jobs, and he enjoy’s it. He loves oral sex more than regular intercourse. But believe me the sex is amazing. However, he does like to be rough and be the one in charge. He likes to pay for everything and he is always well groomed too. Everything I read above is all true. Especially, about the clingy part. I don’t message him every second of the day, and it is hard to keep a convo going through text messaging. However, when we are together he loves to talk and be around a big crowd of people. He was born to be the center of attention. On the other hand, me being a Gemini and all, I am very shy and hardly talk and that does bore him. But at the end of the day, we are the perfect couple, and I some how made him fall in love with me. And this man has dated a lot of girls, yet he decides to marry me and to only give me his full undivided attention.

    • I recently started dating Libra, I’m having hard time trusting him since he’s so friendly and he has dated a lot of girls in the past. On our second date I refused to have intercourse with him and since then I feel like he’s not interested anymore. He’s talking normal but not like how he started at the beginning. I left him cute text msg and all. But I haven’t called him yet. I really like him but i want him to fall for me.

  • My libra and I were best friends with absolutely no attraction to one another at first. I myself am a Virgo so our signs aren’t really too fitting for one another but somehow after simply one week of almost constant interaction with one another sparks just flew!

  • I’m a leo, and I’m married to a Libra man. We’ve been together 10 going on 11 years and have been married for 9 months. I’m 18 do the math. And let me say I caught my man as a child hood romance. And I’ve kept him by doing my roles as woman Leo women are different then most we use the left side of our brain unlike Libra men who use the right and that does cause conflict at times but me and my Libra have never been more in love.

  • It was challenging. I didnt think he wanted to be with me at first but he love talents my strong love for him. Playful, happiness & adventures together.

  • I’m a Pisces with a Libra guy. Honestly it didn’t take much for me to win him over. I’m a deep thinker who loves intellectual conversations, Im spontaneous and unpredictable which keeps him on his toes, Im a girly girl so I’m always pulled together and I’m a freak. Surprisingly he can’t keep up with my sex drive! Says I drain his juices;-) He seems to like when I tell him off once in a while too. Lol He definitely has my heart on a leash but I’ll never tell him that!

  • I work with my Libra and we are still really fresh. He approached me and I never even knew he had been watching me. He told me he watched to see how how I carried myself and interacted with everyone at work before he decided to make his move.
    Reading everything above confirmed a lot of things for me, especially since I’m a Libra as well. Looking forward to what the future will bring.

  • how I got my Libra man was we were talking about politics and conspiracy theories. we also we are wonderful in the bed I’m a Capricorn woman and he loves the way I make love to him.. I am very sensual so he likes that kind of stuff. I’m also a romantic woman so that’s how we met and do our things

  • Jessecca I am a Libra Woman and how I got my Libra Man was that we are one in the same. We both like the same things and we both want the same things were both easy going and relaxed. We have never argued or fought about anything and we don’t get angry with each other. I love him to the very core and I prove it. I give myself to him eagerly, readily, completely, and I never stop I never say no to him what he wants he gets. We have been in love for 23 yrs since he was 19 and I was 18. I love how romantic he is and how expressive he is in telling me he can’t wait to get his hands on me that he’s going to have me begging him for more and begging him for forgivness and allow me to recover from his lovemaking to be able to walk the next morning. He turns me on just with his words and can make me orgasm just with his eyes or his voice he knows what to do and how to do it and I with him to he loves my no gag reflexes and the fact that I warship him mind, body, and soul.