How to Turn on a Sagittarius Man in Bed

Are you ready to ignite the fiery passion of a Sagittarius man in bed? This guide will show you how to seduce, excite, and satisfy your Sagittarius lover like never before.

Sagittarius men are said to be perfect lovers – jackpot! What’s more, they are one of the easiest signs to seduce seeing as mind games are not in their DNA – phew.

Sagittarians are simple and honest, fun-loving creatures with a sense of adventure about them that you are sure to find both refreshing and satisfying.

Sagittarians are not for control freaks or anyone who wants an emotionally deep connection with their partner. This man’s weakness is that he is unemotional. He also values his independence and won’t be tied down. Sexually speaking, this is a concoction for a great sexual experience if your head is in the right place! So let’s get it there

Understanding the Sagittarius Man’s Sexual Personality

To truly turn on a Sagittarius man in bed, it’s crucial to understand his sexual personality.

It is less about knowing how to turn your man on and more about being aware of what turns him off. Sagittarians are not difficult to figure out in the bedroom, but getting him there could prove to be a challenge if you don’t ‘get’ his approach to love and life. The good news is that he is honest and open, so if he finds you attractive it will be made very clear to you.

They crave excitement, spontaneity, and a sense of adventure between the sheets. Variety and exploration are essential to keeping a Sagittarius man engaged and satisfied. Now, let’s explore some tips and techniques to bring out the best in your Sagittarius man’s sexual desires.

The Sagittarius man loves to explore, in every sense of the word. He is ‘The Explorer’ of all the signs. In life he pursues adventure and challenge, in the bedroom, he is likely to want to explore every corner of sexual potential with you. Aren’t you lucky to have such an interesting and devoted lover?

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1. Embrace Spontaneity and Adventure

To captivate a Sagittarius man’s attention in bed, embrace spontaneity and adventure. Surprise him with unexpected encounters or spontaneous acts of passion. Plan exciting and thrilling experiences that go beyond the ordinary routine. A surprise weekend getaway or an impromptu role-playing scenario can unleash his wild side and leave him craving for more.

2. Stimulate His Mind

A Sagittarius man is not just attracted to physical pleasure; his mind also plays a crucial role in his sexual experiences. Engage him in intellectually stimulating conversations and ignite his imagination. Share your fantasies, read erotic stories together, or watch a sensual movie to create an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.

3. Be Open to Experimentation

Sagittarius men love to explore and try new things, so be open-minded and adventurous in the bedroom. Experiment with different positions, techniques, and even locations. Let your Sagittarius man take the lead and express his desires. By embracing his adventurous spirit and willingness to explore, you can create an intimate bond that transcends the physical realm.

4. Maintain Independence

Sagittarius men value their independence and freedom. To keep the passion alive, it’s essential to maintain your own sense of self and give him space to pursue his interests. This creates a healthy balance between togetherness and individuality, allowing the relationship to thrive both inside and outside the bedroom.

5. Express Your Desires

Communication is key in any relationship, including the sexual aspect. Don’t be shy about expressing your desires to your Sagittarius man. Share your fantasies and preferences openly, encouraging him to do the same. This mutual exchange of desires will create a deep level of trust and understanding, enhancing your sexual connection.

6. Be Adventurous Out of Bed

A Sagittarius man’s sexual desires are not confined to the bedroom. To truly turn him on, be adventurous in all aspects of your relationship. Plan exciting activities together, explore new hobbies, and embrace the thrill of the unknown. This sense of adventure will spill over into your intimate moments, intensifying the passion and pleasure.

Instant Turn-offs…

  • A woman who is clingy or emotionally needy. Sag’s need their space. Seriously, this is not an understatement!
  • A woman who tries to define the relationship. It’s not that they are commitment-phobes, they just value their freedom and like to keep their options open. This is because they have an innate sense of adventure and they love excitement, not routine.
  • A woman who tries to move forward in the relationship too quickly for them. They need to take their time. If you jump in too soon, they will run a mile. It’s just the way it is – deal!
  • A woman or relationship that’s too predictable. Sag’s are easily bored, so you should try to be adaptable and spontaneous.
  • A woman who is afraid of or doesn’t like change. Excitement and adventure must be a part of this man’s world, so if you are not flexible and open-minded you will hit road blocks, which is never a good thing.

What He Likes…

How to Turn on a Sagittarius Man in Bed

  • The thrill of the chase! He is difficult to pin down, so if all of your focus is on pinning him instead of giving him the chase he desires, he will probably be chasing after some other chick before long. Make sure that you’re the one he is chasing, and be prepared to chase him a bit too.
  • Romantic modesty. He’s not romantic in a showy kind of way. So if you are talking about the future and engaging in any sort of emotional commitment talk, be warned, it’s not the best idea. If you want to turn him on be fun and fearless rather than heavy and intense.
  • His privacy and emotional distance. He loves to talk about himself, share stories and have a laugh, but if you delve too deep he will feel uncomfortable. Remember, this is not a naturally emotional sign, and he’d rather leave the intimate details out. And it goes both ways. You keep your issues to yourself and I’ll keep mine! This is where using things like the Respect Principle come into play and what a Sagittarius men really values in a relationship.
  • Activities! If you are going on a date, stimulate him by suggesting something that involves the great outdoors.
  • An open-minded attitude to relationships. This may not mean he wants an ‘open relationship’ with you, but he will certainly be happier if you can enjoy the time you spend together in the here and now, rather than looking into the future.
Keep in mind that he expects exactly the same level of attention back from you

If you don’t put in the effort and there is an imbalance in the giving and receiving of sexual attention, then your Sag is definitely going to lose interest. And probably one of the most pleasurable ways to reciprocate your Sag is giving him some killer oral action (they just love being worshipped!).

He is thorough, perhaps, because of his attitude towards anything in life, and as an explorer, he will never cross the same path twice.

What is the best way to attract a Sagittarius lover?

Sagittarius Man in Bed

1. Build a friendship first, and genuinely get to know and like him, then flirt your way into bed! Sagittarians LOVE flirtatious friendships that cross boundaries.

2. Be straightforward, like he is. He will respect you for allowing him to easily know where you both stand and appreciate the simplicity you offer.

3. Suggest outrageous dates that will attract his sense of fun and adventure. Even better if they are outdoors!

4. Wear bright colors that suggest a fun and easy-going personality. Orange is good, or perhaps lime green…

5. Be energetic and have lots of ideas.

6. During foreplay pay attention to his hips and inner thighs – these are his erogenous zones.

7. Allow him the thrill of the chase and don’t be too available. A lot of flirtation and playful teasing is required!

8. Be spontaneous, mix it up, keep him guessing, be the land he wants to explore…

9. Give him space when he seems to need it to avoid pushing him away.

Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

Zodiac signs that are most compatible with Sagittarius in bed are 


Aries and Sagittarius have the qualities required to keep a relationship going. They are intellectually, emotionally, and sexually compatible.


Gemini and Sagittarius have easy, enjoyable, and often hilarious bedroom lives. Their partnership never gets boring.


Leo, like Sag, is a fire sign that is ambitious, daring, passionate, and constantly looking for a good time. Their relationship fells like ne long party.


Both signs are fiercely independent and place a high value on their freedom. They appreciate both the intellectual stimulation and the unconventional, non-traditional side of their relationship.

Do you still need more info about  Sagittarius? Find out everything you need to know on what a Sagittarius man wants in bed and how to please him.

Have lots of interesting things to talk about, show him you’re into everything, you will excite him and he will be dying to experience everything with you.

Q&A About Turning on a Sagittarius Man in Bed

How do I know if a Sagittarius man is interested in me sexually?

Sagittarius men are straightforward and direct. If he’s interested, he’ll make it known through his words and actions. Look for signs of flirtation, physical touch, and engaging conversations about intimate topics.

What are some turn-offs for a Sagittarius man in bed?

Routine, predictability, and possessiveness are major turn-offs for a Sagittarius man. Avoid falling into a monotonous sexual routine and give him the freedom he craves.

How can I keep the sexual spark alive with a Sagittarius man in a long-term relationship?

Continually introduce new experiences and keep the element of surprise alive. Plan regular date nights, explore new fantasies, and maintain open communication about your desires.

What are some ways to seduce a Sagittarius man in bed?

Embrace your confidence and initiate new experiences. Surprise him with unexpected encounters and be willing to fulfill his fantasies.

How important is foreplay for a Sagittarius man?

Foreplay is crucial for building anticipation and excitement with a Sagittarius man. Take your time to explore his body, engage in passionate kisses, and indulge in sensual touch before diving into the main event.

Can a Sagittarius man be satisfied with one sexual partner?

While Sagittarius men have a natural inclination for exploration, they can be deeply committed and satisfied with one partner who understands their need for variety and keeps the sexual experiences thrilling.

With these tips, you’ll be able to unleash the passionate side of your Sagittarius man, creating a bond that extends far beyond the bedroom.

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  • This article about Sagittarius men is amazing I have a Friend that is exaclty that way in personality and attitude. Thanks for the advise am a taurus so I was Intersted to know.

      • stumbled unto this, don’t know how I even got here or why stumbleupon thinks this is among my interests particularly but I’m totally a Sagittarius so obviously I stayed to read… This is surprisingly accurate actually, but I wonder how much of it applies to everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I love it in nature and I’m definitely pretty adventurous, but who doesn’t like ‘flirtatious friendships that cross boundaries’…? It’s fun, naughty and sexy, among many of the other things discussed above, attributes that generally apply to most people’s favorite activities…

    • Hi, I’m an Aries and I’m in to a sag guy who’s actually like me but never show me any love kind of gesture? Are the sag guy not romantic? Passive ? Ta

      • Yes they are known for being a little shy and they are notorious for being unemotional. However, in private they can be very affectionate. Get some liquid courage in him and get him alone. If he’s into you sexually he will make a physical move.

      • Thanks for your info, the question is how to get the liquid courage in him??? :) we did have some steamy encounter (almost having sex) but somehow I acted weird who made him felt uncomfortable about his “size”, frankly I still like him but he’s kinda keep a distance since although I knew he still wants me, being an Aries yourself I think you know what happened with me :) but I do need your advice what should I do next? Since I’m a very impulsive person ;) ta

  • I’m a sag and so is my boyfriend. Our biggest issue is allowing him to chase me and Persue me sexually because naturally I’m a hunter too, and get restless easily myself. Once we’re in the bedroom it’s steamy. But allowing him the time to get to the sexual point is difficult for me. How do I get him to be more aggressive with his sexual initiations?

  • Perfectly describes my man. He’s a Sag and I’m a Scorpio. Luckily we both love excitement and adventure an we are so good together. Very educative piece and definitely spot on.

  • Am a Sag too as well as the guy I like. He’s a virtual friend and I really like him. This is so true coz I asked him if we can be more than friends but he said he’d like me to be his friend- freedom issues eh. But we are too honest with each other and we talk about anything and everything even the emotional parts so I think it really depends on the person. With him, he likes me to tell him my personal issues and it helped a lot. Now, I guess am fixed with less insecurities. We also talk dirty and tease each other. He likes the thrill and chase so I guess that’s an A+ for me. But I really want him to like me beyond friendship.

  • @Linda – the “size” thing would probably be making him feel really uncomfortable now and you have got some major work to make it up to him. Good luck!

    @Tonya – just be more agressive yourself but in a playful way – My sag guy loves a bit of rough play but I also let him win the play fight so he feels like the strong sexy man that can take me when he wants and how he wants ;)

    @Catherine – just lay it out there – tell him you want him or youre moving on – or just say there is someone else youre interested in as nothing gets a Sag guy to hurry up and make a move than if he thinks hes going to miss out!

  • Hi im an aries nd I guess I like to know where I stand my bf is obviously a sag and I dnt know sometimes it seems like everythin else is more important then me. I said in the beginning of the relationship your responsiblitys always come first I come last. Bt I still wnt to feel important aswell nd I just dnt know if he will actually ever see me as more then just a gf of the moment…

  • My boyfriend is a Sag and I’m a Cap. Total opposites and not the best match on paper but since I’m very hard to get in the beginning it jolted my Sag into full speed ahead trying to get me. he won me over after about a year and now I’m putty in his hands. He is very sensitive and emotional but tries to hide it. He knows me inside out and tells me he loves me all the time-even before I told him he would say it and I knew he meant it. In the bed he’s a lion! I have never felt so much passion and real love mixed together. Best guy and relationship ever!

  • Hi am taurus and my bf is a sag.. Initially he was doin d chase until he noticed I lik him too . Since den am d 1 chasing . + d sex is out of dis world, very passionate. He tells me he loves me most tyms I complain about his lack of attention n care towards me wat do I do?

  • I’m a SAG female, just got intimately involved w/ a SAG male. We have the same birthday (although he’s 2 years older) & we’ve known eachother for 3 yrs now. The Sex Is : Yessss! Us sag’s make moves based off intuition. He knows jus what to do, n how to do it. & even the pain, hurts so Good! I can tell he cares about me but he is very emotionally unattached. At first I felt some type of way but now I’m happy because I don’t like clingy guys anyway. I would never settle down with him cause no matter how blunt n upfront Sag men are, they cannot be trusted. They’re rolling stones. Only good for the time being!

  • Hi this guy im dating is a sag,
    but the problem is whenever we plan to met up he just say that he forgot it or was working with his dad. So every time he text me now i just answered with an
    attitude. im getting really tiered of him. How can i make him understand that he can’t go around saying that he miss me then do nothing about it?

  • its me libra – my boyfriend is sag , he is wild and cross his extreme level , i love it –

  • I got to say they hit it right on the head. I’m a sag and I find that monogamy dose not need to mean monotony. It can be difficult to stay faithful to one person if they do not poses the drive and imagination to keep me stimulated, but changing it up with new looks and ideas keeps it strong.

  • As a taurus, this Sag has been interested in me for a while and I with him as well. He made first move and since then we’ve been hitting it off great. Do you think our match is compatible? I don’t want him to get bored or have myself leave him unsatisfied.

    • Im a Taurus too my husband a Sag, we have been together for 17yrs now, married for 11. We have no kids together but he has 3 frm 2 different mothers and i have one. It was great in the beginning but we rarely have sex now but maybe once a month. I can tell he has the wondering eye and most likely has been sleeping with other woman. He wont change in front of me anymore and has no interest in being intimate with me. I get the kiss goodbye when he leaves to work, the i love you when he hangs up and the meaningful cards on the holidays. Its not worth it, im sorry, but im no longer myself. Everything is still more important than me and ive tried dealing with all his hobbies with no complaints for years but you can only support, tag along, listen to his stories and walk down memory lane for so long. Its tiring… And im embarrased to go with him to his hobbies because i can spot the signs of the other woman spending time with him when i dont get eye contact from them and they run the other direction when then see me coming. My pride is destroyed. I wish i could tell you something different because he is my love, my life but i hurt everyday.

  • I am a saggi and i am dating a sagi for a month now…i wanto love him and i want to blew his feeling him allot.anything else to share?

    • @DEEZNUTTZ Laughing. =D I thought your comment was funny! That’s what my ex bf (THE BIGGEST CUNT EVER) always said. *Rolling my eyes at the thought of him* (Cunt isn’t a offensive word to me. It’s a dailyyyy, normal word for me.. “Happy Birthday Cunt!” “Did you get any presents, cunt?” “You’re so AWESOME, cunt!” “I love you so much my cunt”.. you know things like that) Anyways, he was a Sagittarius but he wasn’t a normal Sag.. he was a boring, clingy, whiny, cheating cunt. Even tho I don’t know you.. who knows.. maybe your a okay person.. I can’t say anything bad about you. Hope you have a great day! =)

  • This is one person opinion. We are not just one sign.
    We have many influences, but three main ones that
    influences us, our Sun, our Moon, and our rising.
    And age also makes a difference. I am Sag Sun, but
    also Libra Moon and Gemini Rising

  • I been dating a sag for about 5 months I’m a Scorpio the sex is amazing he has a good heart he takes care of my three kids that’s not his we have no children together but he was with this other girl for like 7 years he took care of her four kids but she’s a major problem she says she ain’t goin no were she starts a bunch of drama she says they still ducking I don’t no if I should believe her cause she lie so much but he tells me they ain’t but he don’t answer for her in front of me I just don’t know he always with me but once in a blue he do stay home where ever that is cause she say they have a house together he say they don’t I’m just confused but I do love him he don’t show his feelings he show it by doin things for me I just don’t know if I should keep this or move on don’t get me wrong he has a good heart for the most part he sleeps with me sometimes it’s 7 days sometimes it 5 days