All You Need To Know About Astrological Compatibility

All soulmates have one very big thing in common: astrological compatibility. Read on to find out what astrological signs are your soulmates.

‘Soul mates’ is a very common term in the astrology world. Everyone wants to know if the Virgo they’re with is the one for them—and they might be. Astrology has lots to do with who you click with and the reasoning behind it.

To find out if you’re soul mates with your S.O., you need to understand your relationship and yourself. Start by examining your relationship and all the smooth and bumpy sides of it.

Astrological compatibility


Soul mates go beyond the compatibility of the Sun signs (the sign you were born under). Compatibility is incredibly in-depth within the astrological community.

Astrological compatibility is everything about two people. It’s their habits, the way they speak, the way the hold themselves—it’s all a person is. The stars and planets define every single person, and some lucky people are completely compatible with another lucky group.

The way the planets move in the sky has a big factor on how you feel every day, and you may have met your soul mate, but the planets could not have been in your favor. Each of the twelve zodiac signs expresses a different energy that pertains to you and your personality.

Finding a match

The most occurring features in soul mate relationships, according to the zodiac, are balance and passion. Soul mates are easier to come by for particular signs such as Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn.

These signs are typically more in tune with themselves and the people around them. These signs are some of the most outgoing and attractive signs in the zodiac. People are always drawn to them, thus creating the image of a soul mate.

Though all couples have opposite viewpoints, is that to say the same about compatible signs or soul mates? Compatible zodiac signs argue like any healthy couple would, but the way they argue and hold themselves is either very similar or very proactive.

Astrological soul mates can make anything work. They work with each other and together, not against each other. Where one sign is lacking, the other is fruitful.

They complement each other and act their best when they’re around the other. The presence of compatibility in any relationship causes the relationship to grow, and the lack thereof causes the relationship to plummet. To get an easy read on compatibility, think of the elements.

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces


fire signs

Two fire signs together create an explosive romance that can grow for ages and conquer anything together.


This is the most problematic mix of the elements. If this relationship were to be a natural occurrence on this planet, it would be a volcano: long-lasting and overpowering.

This isn’t to say that a Fire—Earth relationship won’t work out; it’s just that it doesn’t have the compatibility to stick. However, when it does work, they can do great things together.


Loud, energetic and explorative are the words I would use to describe this couple. The Air sign’s whimsical nature and soft touch eases the Fire sign’s harsh blow and cools it down. Where one sign is lacking, the other complements.


The opposing signs have the most potential to be soul mates. Opposites attract in the case of Water and Fire. The two signs could not be more different. This phenomenon is rare and very special. They complement each other to the best of their extent.


This pair can be too serious at times, but hopefully, the attraction and further compatibility will rise up and give them the spontaneous, open feeling they both long for.


The feeling of being grounded could be a new thing for an Air sign. They are typically flighty and always have their head in the clouds. The Earth sign will gladly bring them back down to reality.


The best match for an Earth sign is a water sign. They have the potential to become soul mates. They will stick together through thick and thin and always be there for each other when they need the other most.


air signs

Two Air signs would be the best matches for each. The soul mate levels are rising, and the Air signs are relationship goals. They’ll always have a good time. Air signs tend to be emotional and forgiving, which is perfect for being with each other because they can have a slight temper as well.


This would be a steady relationship between the two signs—always thinking of special ways to please the other and almost never having to argue because their views are so similar.


This match has the potential to be a very cold and distant relationship. Water signs tend to be overly emotional, but they also tend to try to hide those emotions for fear of looking weak. Water signs together understand each other and aren’t afraid to show who they are if they feel completely comfortable with one another.

Speaking just within the compatibility of Sun signs, it’s very easy to determine whom you’d match up with. Of course, there’s always a more in-depth explanation for everything in the astrological world.

The most common feature that soul mates have is how compatible they are. Within that, it’s everything. To find your soul mate, look for someone who you see yourself in.

Look for someone you have things in common with and a person whom you trust. Or, don’t look at all. Let the stars and planets work in your favor to help lead you to your soul mate.


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