All You Need To Know About The New 13th Zodiac Sign

There’s been quite a bit of drama going on in the astrological and scientific world about the ‘new’ 13th sign, Ophiuchus. Read on to find out all about it.

Ophiuchus is loosely translated from Greek and Latin to mean Snake Bearer. The sign also carries the name of Serpentarius. In western astrology, this thirteenth sign does not exist. The twelve zodiac signs we all know are part of western astrology.

There are many different cultures that portray astrology and the zodiac differently. The Babylonians play a huge role in astrology, especially when dealing with Ophiuchus. The Babylonians have thirteen zodiac signs and the dates are completely different to the ones we all go by:

zodiac wheel

Aries: April 19—May 13
Taurus: May 14—June 19
Gemini: June 20—July 20
Cancer: July 21—August 9
Leo: August 10—September 15
Virgo: September 16—October 30
Libra: October 31—November 22
Scorpio: November 23—November 29
Ophiuchus: November 30—December 17
Sagittarius: December 18—January 18
Capricorn: January 19—February 15
Aquarius: February 16—March 11
Pisces: March 12—April 18

Scorpio would be the shortest sign, having the sun be in its path for only six days, while Virgo would be the longest sign with the sun in Virgo for forty-four days as opposed to the usual thirty-one days that each sign has.

Why Ophiuchus Doesn’t Make Sense

Having Ophiuchus in the zodiac doesn’t work mathematically or scientifically. Each Western zodiac sign lets the Sun cross its path for approximately 31 days. On a natal chart or a chart of the zodiac, you can see that each house of the zodiac spans 30 degrees evenly throughout each sign. This makes a complete 360-degree cycle, which is mathematically and scientifically correct.

With Ophiuchus, the zodiac would still be a complete circle, but the numbers of the signs would not be equal at all. This would cause more people to be Virgos and fewer people to be Scorpios. Scorpios would become a rare species.

Astrology is a busy world, and there are a thousand things to think about when it comes to placements. The placement of the constellation Ophiuchus is just outside of the Sun’s zodiac path—the ellipse—so it’s not technically a zodiac sign.

Also, constellations are not signs—just to clear that up. Though astrology is difficult to learn and there is a vast amount of knowledge on the topic, it’s not a science. Astronomy is a science—a science of the stars, in fact—and where Ophiuchus lies is in astronomy, not astrology.

People lately seem to believe that Ophiuchus should become an official zodiac sign in western astrology because the Earth has moved, and the serpent constellation is now in the sun’s path with the zodiac.

If the constellation were to be considered a sign in western culture, your current sign wouldn’t change. If you were born under Ophiuchus before it was declared a member of the zodiac, you would still be a Sagittarius—one of the few left with a birth between November 30 and December 17. Everyone from then on would be considered an Ophiuchian if they were born on the specific dates.

Characteristics of Ophiuchus

zodiac constellations

Some traits and characteristics of what would be an Opiuchian are that they are very lucky people. They tend to wear bright colors or colors that match their mood.

They are impulsive people, and don’t wait around for what they think they need. These people dislike anything negative. They wish to rid the Earth of pain and negativity.

They fight with themselves often because they harbor anger and don’t usually have a good output. They are very power-hungry and jealous. In mythology, these people relate to Ophiuchus so well that it’s like they are one.

Mythology reads that Ophiuchus was called The Master. He was the original guardian who betrayed the other houses of the zodiac to try and make himself immortal.

The other House keepers of the zodiac shred his plan and turned his world to darkness and nothing was left but the decay of what once was. The need for power is strong within Ophiuchians. Where they seek fame and immortalization, they will only achieve this when they rightfully deserve it.

The likely careers of today for Ophiuchians would be doctors of medicine or science, something that serves people and can make the world better and more positive. Another career they could have is in architecture. Ophiuchus built the stars around him, and Ophiuchians will follow his lead.

Ophiuchus and Western Astrology

The sun and the planets are constantly moving, including Earth, so the accuracy of the zodiac houses are dated from thousands of years ago to their creation.

The accuracy of the constellations in alignment with the earth are indeed different, but Ophiuchus is still not known as a zodiac sign in western astrology. If Ophiuchus were to be added officially to the western zodiac, astrology as we know it would be a mess.

Many people believe that this sign is already included, and some even identify as an Ophiuchian. Until western astrology adopts the concept of the constellation Ophiuchus, it is not a part of the zodiac we know.

The Constellation

Ophiuchus  constellation
Ophiuchus constellation

It is a beautiful constellation, though, aside from the gruesome mythological history behind it. Within the constellation, there is Bernard’s star, which is the closest star to Earth. It’s currently six light years away and fairly dim, so it seems invisible to the naked eye.

The constellation itself, though, can be best viewed in North America in the month of June. It is located North West of the Milky Way. If you can locate Scorpio and Sagittarius, Ophiuchus shouldn’t be too hard to find. Scorpio is to the west and Sagittarius is to the east. The constellation is between these two well-known signs and constellations.

As of 2016, Ophiuchus is not part of the zodiac and is, therefore, not a zodiac sign. Now that you’re aware of what it actually is and some of the science behind it, you can debate with people who currently identify as being born under Ophiuchus.

Enjoy the current zodiac for as long as you can, because there is no telling when it might change. Though it’s been a couple hundred years, I don’t personally think it’ll change anytime soon to fit Ophiuchus’ needs. Let us know where you stand on this ‘new’ zodiac sign.

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