What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Personal Style

Like everything in life, your style can be described by looking at your stars. Are you a sexy Scorpio or a more conservative Virgo? Read on to find out what your sign says about your personal style

Nearly all aspects of our lives can be linked, in some way, to the patterns found in your astrological chart: how you think, how you act, your personal preferences—it is all found right there in the stars. Here’s a handy guide to each sign’s unique style to help you figure out your own style or that of someone you are trying to buy for.

Aries (March 21—April 19)

woman in red

Aries, being a Cardinal Fire sign, is not one to blend into the crowd. Your Aries style is one of boldness and of confidence. You won’t often find an Aries personality who really cares too much about following the fads or trying to look like anyone else—unless, of course, they are trying to look a specific part.

Being such a fiery and independent sign, red is a color you will find in any Aries closet. If not in the clothes, you’ll often find an Aries woman with red lipstick, glasses, purse or other accessories. Aries is all about getting to the bottom line and finding success, so the wardrobe is smart, professional and intense. She is well put together, even when just relaxing or hanging out.

Taurus (April 20—May 21)

Taurus has a nice, down-to-earth kind of style. Being a Fixed Earth sign, Taureans tend to be pretty well put together. Don’t think that this will make Taurus frumpy or boring though—far from it, in fact. You see, Taurus is ruled by the lovely and attractive Venus, giving the Taurus style a touch of elegance and beauty.

Primarily, you will find shades of brown, green and gold in the closet of a Taurean. Odds are that just about everything that is in the closet of a Taurus woman was bought on sale. Taurus loves luxury and creature comforts, but is not willing to pay top dollar for much. Taureans love soft fabrics that allow for comfort while looking amazing. You’ll also notice that the Taurus personality likes to accentuate the next area, making necklaces and scarves a must.

Gemini (May 22—June 21)

woman in pastel dress

Gemini is a bit tricky when it comes to pinning down their exact style. Being a Mutable Air sign who is really into duality in life, you never really know what to expect from a Gemini. One thing you can be sure of is that Gemini likes to keep up with the latest fashions and will not be any part of putting together a style choice that can be seen as boring.

Geminis prefer lighter colors to match their airy disposition. Hues of blue, silver, white and yellow can be found in the closet of just about every Gemini. Then again, you’ll also find darker shades for when the mood strikes—it’s all about duality. Geminis tend to have a nice upper body structure, so articles of clothing that accentuate this, such as tank tops, can be found in their repertoire and make a great gift if you are trying to figure out what to buy for your Gemini friend.

Cancer (June 22—July 22)

Cancer is another of the Cardinal signs, but this time we are dealing with a more emotional Water sign. Nostalgia is at the top of the list of words we use to describe the Cancerian feel. Old vintage clothing, beautiful lace and cozy comforts are what Cancer is all about. If a Cancerian had an important moment happen in a specific piece of clothing, you can bet that will stay in the closet for the rest of all time—it may even be worn on the anniversary of said event.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and represents femininity and fertility, so don’t be offended if you find yourself in the company of a Cancer woman with a bit of cleavage showing. It isn’t so much that she is trying to show off her lady parts, but rather that she is just really in-tune with the flow of life and is comfortable with her femininity.

Leo (July 23—August 22)

woman in gold

Leo is the flashiest sign of all. You are likely to find this Fixed Fire sign wearing the season’s boldest designs and flashy accessories. Leo likes to stay center stage and will definitely not be considered boring. My mother is a Leo, and trust me, this can lead to some embarrassing moments as a child with your mom all decked out in leopard print!

It isn’t all about the faux fur, though. Leo likes anything that will be noticed and admired, including the more sensual and basic styles that scream class and beauty. Ruled by the Sun, Leo has to be the brightest in the room. You can count on finding a wide variety of exciting things in the closet of a Leo. Gold tends to be the color of choice when it comes to jewelry and you can bet, be it real or costume, your Leo friends will have some very noticeable accessories.

Virgo (August 23—September 22)

Virgo is one of the pickiest signs in the Zodiac. Ruled by Mercury, this Mutable Earth sign likes to be in control and look smart. Virgos tend to be very organized and always on time, so you can bet the Virgo in your life will be sporting a nice watch that coordinates with her outfit.

Virgos love prints and classy styles. The Virgo woman will choose a specific style, and will not rest until she finds just what she wants. You can bet that the Virgo style is one that is well put together, classic, stylish and fits properly.

Libra (September 23—October 22)

fashionable woman

Libra is the most beautiful of al the signs, in a manner of speaking. Libra is a Cardinal Air sign, making their style one that is forceful, yet elegant. Libra, like Taurus, is ruled by the lovely Venus, and is the ruler of the relationship sector of the zodiac. Libras will not be outdone when it comes to looking the part, wherever they are.

Libras tend to rely heavily on their partner for a sense of approval. That being said, the typical Libra will base her style on what her partner likes, making her a bit of a chameleon of sorts. They really dig balance in all areas of life, including their wardrobe. For this reason, Libras will almost always wear things that work well together and balance out their look.

Scorpio (October 23—November 22)

We are getting into the more daring of the styles when we talk about Scorpio. Ruled by Pluto and being a Fixed Water sign, Scorpio isn’t afraid to show her style in the most intense way possible. She wants to make you feel something, even if you are only feeling it below the belt.

Blacks and blues are what you will find in the closet of a Scorpio woman. She is likely to have a box labeled ‘bondage accessories,’ and it won’t be hidden in the back of the closet. Odds are, she uses these accessories quite frequently. Scorpio is the seductress—the bad girl in black leather. Of course, she can also dress in a professional manner. You can bet, though, that there will be a bit of an edgy feel to whatever this sign is wearing, even if she is headed to a business meeting!

Sagittarius (November 23—December 21)

fashionable woman

Sagittarius has a style that is very bohemian. Being a Mutable Fire sign and ruled by the unbelievably fortunate Jupiter, Sagittarian ladies like to feel free to export and travel the world. This shows through in her wardrobe, which has something for every occasion.

The Sagittarius in your life likely can’t sit still for too long. It is the opposing sign to Gemini, and a bit of the duality found in Gemini definitely comes through in the style of your typical Sagittarian. Reds, oranges, yellows and blacks are all going to be a part of the wardrobe we find in a Sagittarius’s closet. If you spot a gorgeous hippie chick walking down the street with an air of positivity and worldliness about her, you can bet you’ve spotted yourself a Sagittarius.

Capricorn (December 22—January 20)

Capricorns are often thought to be a bit on the stodgy side, but this is really all wrong. Being a Cardinal Earth sign ruled by Saturn, Capricorn tends to be very comfortable in her style. Work is the place to make yourself known in the world of a Capricorn woman, so you’ll find a plethora of smart, well put together work clothes in her closet.

Capricorn tends to stick to the darker hues. You won’t often find a lot of pinks or baby blues in the Capricorn repertoire. Classic style is where it is at for the Capricorn woman. Perfectly tailored suits and a little black dress for a fun night out are going to be a winner when you get to looking into the style choices of the Capricorn in your life.

Aquarius (January 21—February 20)

woman in a white outfit

Aquarians are the most brilliantly unique of all of the zodiac signs. Being a Fixed Air sign and ruled by the wacky Uranus, Aquarian style is one that is not easily replicated due to the unique and independent feel that goes along with the wardrobe of any Aquarian you meet.

Tradition is not a thing that Aquarians try to stick to. In fact, Aquarian personalities tend to avoid tradition and the status quo at all costs. Think about that weird shop in the mall that you’ve never been sure about shopping at—this is where you’ll find an Aquarian, blissfully submerged in the weird and different styles that can be found here.

Pisces (February 21—March 20)

Pisces is one of the touchy-feely signs of the zodiac. A Mutable Water sign, ruled by Neptune, you can spot Pisces by their dreamy Neptunian style. Blues and darker colors are what the Piscean woman prefers, as she is one who lives on the darker side of life—in some ways, at least.

The Pisces woman is one you’ll find working in a pet rescue or perhaps feeding the homeless. Pisceans can be a touch on the needs side, and can often seem like they are playing the part of a victim. The thing is, they are usually ‘playing’ a part. Neptune and Pisces rule over illusion and have a sense of being the dreamy siren you see off in the distance in a fog. Sheer fabrics and dreamy looks are where it’s at for the Pisces style.

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