How To Keep A Pisces Guy

Pisces guys can be hard to read sometimes. With a little bit of knowledge on them, though, it shouldn’t be that tricky to date one. Here’s how to keep a Pisces guy right by your side.

Pisces men are off the bat sweet, caring and protective. It can be rough for them being so sensitive, but Pisces men usually have the ability to live beyond the social constructs that people live by.


the zodiac sign Pisces

Pisces guys have thin skins. They’re easily affected by people and the things occurring around them. On the plus side, they’re extremely trusting and will easily let people into their hearts. Pisces crave love; it’s their main goal to find it, have it and keep it forever. They’re always searching for, in their eyes, the best thing ever.

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, and Neptune is the planet of romance and escapism. When Pisces guys love, they try to find the odd ones out. They’re not big fans of people who are overly materialistic and somewhat harsh—again with the sensitivity.

If you think of your Pisces guy for what he really is, you’ll find that he’s like the ocean: calm where people can see him, and emotional and unforgiving where people can’t. Pisces men are like waves on a beach. Their thoughts and movements all working together to bring peace and enjoyment to everyone around him.


Pisces, in general, are very in tune with the spiritual world and this gives them the capability to find the one person he knows he will work well with. He’ll look for a friend first. Someone who is respectful of everything he does, someone who can be with him and not get tired of him, someone who loves him in a non-romantic way.

Pisces need to love someone with the same views as them. They need someone with whom they feel a connection. Pisces aren’t ones to throw you out the door if they don’t like you, but if they’re not a big fan of yours, don’t expect them to ever text you back.

Pisces men typically go for someone who is tall, with round features, a soft, welcoming face and dark, thick hair. The best physical and astrological matches for a Pisces are Cancer and Aquarius.


Pisces zodiac sign compaibility

When an Aquarius is with a Pisces guy, the weird in his life is going to be through the roof. Pisces guys love weird stuff, and Aquarius is as weird as they come. They’ll explore spirituality together, and they’ll most likely have a strong psychic bond.

When a Cancer is with a Pisces guy, things are going to be emotional. Cancer and Pisces are the two most emotional signs. There’s Pisces who lets everyone in and can trust you the moment he meets you, then there’s Cancer who isn’t the most trusting person out there.

Cancers need alone time with someone to understand how they work and what they’re like before they can determine if they can let you in. Only a select few will be able to get past a Cancer’s tough wall, but if anyone’s likely to do it, it’s a Pisces.

Dating a Pisces

Pisces sign of the zodiac

If you’re going on a first date with a Pisces guy, try to make it magical. They love to be whimsical and child-like while they’re adventuring. Take pictures, be exciting, take everything as it comes. Even if the date doesn’t go well, a Pisces guy will always remember you if you make him smile out of pure joy and happiness.

One thing to remember when you’re dating, or trying to date, a Pisces man is never to be too tied up. Always have the option of getting up and leaving because Pisces don’t like to be tied down. They don’t like staying in one place for long. They seek out adventure and need someone to go with them.

Pisces tend not to make the first move, so if you’re having fun and you feel a bond forming, go for it. Hold his hand, kiss him or do something to show how you feel. While Pisces are very emotional, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they show those emotions.

Once you’re in his heart….

You have to be a very special person to them to see how they really feel—and that trust will grow over time. He will let you in if he thinks you’re worthy and if you have a connection. Once you’re in his heart, you’re there for a lifetime. Even if you grow apart, he’ll always keep you close in his heart because Pisces men keep what they love for eternity.

Ultimately, what a Pisces guy wants from a relationship is pure and utter love. Love is what a Pisces needs, and he’s ready to have it. Let yourself love him, and he will love you back. Just make the first move. If he’s taking his time with something that you do or say, just know that the thoughts in his head are moving a million miles an hour to all different worlds. This psychic water sign will know when the time is right.


Pisces men love long drawn out sessions of seduction and foreplay-both physical foreplay (like teasing and driving him wild with your sensually swirling tongue) and psychological, mental foreplay (by turning him on with flirty, dirty words and texts throughout the day). The more effort you put in or allow him to put into the ‘romancing’ the more satisfying the sex will be for both of you. He cherishes the rituals.. It’s not because he needs stimulants or aphrodisiacs to get him in the mood, but simply because he is romantic and appreciates the effort and involvement.

A Pisces man can’t engage in sexual activity as a mechanical act.

Intimacy is very important to him. Pisces man likes all sex positions where he can have intense contact with his partner, such as “the classic spoon”.  He is not afraid to experiment in bed.

Be gentle with him, please him with a lots of cuddles and caresses.

If you want to keep your Pisces guy…

Don’t be too available, don’t be aggressive ,be gentle, tender and loving with him.  Be careful. You have a slippery fish in your hand. It can swim away anytime. Learn more about him.

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Have you dated a Pisces man? What advice do you have to share with our reader

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