How to Turn on a Gemini Man in Bed

Got your eye on a Gemini man? Well, his attention is haphazardly divided, and keeping him into your bedroom might prove to be a challenge. Here's something that could help - a guide to help you learn how to turn on a Gemini man in bed!

So you want to seduce the social butterfly of all the star signs do you? I don’t use the word ‘butterfly’ carelessly by the way; your Gemini Man doesn’t settle down in any one spot for too long. It’s not that you’re not gorgeous darling, of course you’re a catch. It’s just that he’s the one whose attention needs catching!

In order to acquire and keep a Gemini lover, you need to be able to keep up with him. Note how I use the word ‘lover’ as opposed to ‘boyfriend’. I’m sorry to break it to you, but this is probably the safest way to view any sort of relationship with a Gemini man, at least until you fully understand what he is about, and can accept him for who he is.

It’s not that he will cheat on you… although he might, it’s in his flirtatious, restless character to have a fairly fluid attitude to relationships and sex, but the Gemini man has a constant need for change. While you are unlikely to have a dull moment with him, he may well completely disappear off your radar if you don’t give him the space, flexibility and mental stimulation he needs.

It’s just the way he is. He wants to feel free and alive. Smother him with routine or place any expectations on him and you will instantly risk ruining your chances of enjoying a spontaneous sexual affair.

The Secret to Attracting a Gemini Man

How to Turn on a Gemini Man in Bed

You should be the one being quirky and restless with him never the one holding him down or trying to tame his nature!

Are you really into a Gemini guy and not sure what he may be feeling for you? Learn what the characteristics of a Gemini man are and use them to your advantage! Here’s how to seduce the restless Gemini!

This guy knows how to talk! Geminis are natural conversationalists, and your Gemini will have a desire to connect with you… through words. If you can seduce him with your witty intellect you are likely to grab his attention.

He wants to meet someone he can have a satisfying discussion with; but the kind of discussion that can go any where at any time. Be prepared to talk about a million interlinking and often random topics in a never-ending flowing stream of conversation… Most importantly be willing to listen!

The problem of course with people who like to talk is that there is not often enough action! Your Gemini man will love to indulge in long animated conversations about sex, but unless you make it happen, all you will be doing is talking into the small hours of the morning.

Unfortunately Geminis are not very assertive when it comes to initiating sex. Don’t let this put you off. Just pounce on him, grab him by the collar and snog his face off. I mean it! You’ll be glad you did because once a Gemini gets into it, the sex is going to be unpredictable and lots of fun.

He wants to please you!

The main glorious truth about the Gemini man is that he wants to please you! He wants to give you an experience you will never forget, and he puts the same level of enthusiasm into his love-making as he does meeting new people and discovering new places and things.

He’s like a child in a candy store! And he loves it when you tell him what you like, what you want, where you want it… just keep talking!

What a Gemini Man Likes in Bed

Gemini Man in Bed

A Gemini man LOVES variety

This is the man who is never in the same place twice. He wants to find out about all the new bars, restaurants, cafes, shows, people… In the bedroom this translates to experimentation and ideas. Be prepared to show enthusiasm for trying out lots of new things and he will love you for it.

Let your hair down and go a little crazy

The more adventurous you are the more turned on your Gemini man is likely to be. Be up for anything he suggests, add your penny’s worth, get involved! Note: You may not end up actually having to do half of it anyway because Geminis talk so much that there’s usually no time for putting it all into action!

Be spontaneous

A Gemini guy wants sex to feel like it has happened out of the blue without any precious thought. He approaches sexual encounters like he does life, diving straight in and seeing where he ends up! If sex is too predictable and routine it will soon become boring for him.


Because he likes to talk, sometimes just talking about wild and wonderful sexual things can be enough for a Gemini man. You don’t necessarily have to be physically doing it all for him to be stimulated. You can stimulate his imagination through unpredictable conversation and it will have a similar effect. This means that even if you are an organized kind of girl who like to be prepared and isn’t keen on too much unplanned change to your routine, you can still attract a Gemini man and reap the rewards. Simply play out your outrageous alter-ego verbally to keep him guessing.

Geminis are easily turned on by mental stimulation

This not only means you have verbal fantasies at your disposal, but you also have porn! Watching porn together is likely to turn him on and get him thinking about all sorts of naughty things. Plus it provides the basis for further… yes you guessed it, conversation!

Is It Possible to Keep a Gemini Man?

Geminis have a bit of a reputation for being unfaithful, and this might be putting you off getting involved at all. It’s true that Geminis are naturally flirtatious and they have many friends and opportunities for casual flings.

One plus side to this is that they don’t place any high expectations of fidelity on their partners either because they appreciate freedom and fluidity in a relationship. A relationship with a Gemini man is probably going to be a very flexible set-up. I’m not saying that he will be sleeping around, but certainly that he doesn’t want to feel bound in one place.

He needs his space

If you want to keep your Gemini Man, the first thing you need to consider is how much space you are willing to give him. He needs his space. If you refuse to give it to him he will just take it anyway, and you may not end up hearing from him for a while.

Geminis have a tendency to go off the radar. It can be quite confusing when one minute he is one hundred per cent into you, all over you, constantly; and then suddenly he has disappeared and you can’t even seem to get him on the phone!

You just have to think of him as a butterfly… He will flutter around you when you are not paying too much attention, but if you grab hold of a net and try to contain him, he’s gone. Until you have put the net down that is, then he will be back fluttering around again.

This is actually a useful insight. You need to be able to have the self-confidence to let him go off doing his own thing and not show that it bothers you. Essentially your Gemini man wants your attention, but just not on your terms.

Don’t chase after him

Also, he doesn’t want to think that your sole focus is on him because it makes him claustrophobic.

When you take the leash off he will be like a dog. He will bound away at top speed. When you don’t chase after him he will come playfully running back to see what you’re doing and to remind you that he exists and still wants to play!

There’s so much more to a Gemini man that you should now. And if you’re serious about putting him under your spell, I suggest you to read Anna Kovach’s step-by-step guide called Gemini Man Secrets. If anything helped me get my Gemini man to commit, it’s her amazing book!

According to her Gemini men are some of the quickest to fall in love in the Zodiac. When they feel that the vibe is right, then they just go with the flow and let the connection grow naturally.

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I am inspired by the ways people interact. Human behaviour and emotions are wonderfully complex, and I want to dig deeper and understand more. This is why I explore intimate relationships in my writing. (I’m also ever so slightly kinky.)


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  • Spot on with the butterfly analogy it took me 2 years to figure this out about my gemini lover and I am a libra woman. I can honestly relate to his need for space, I possess that need also. Although as a libra women we are not fond of inconsistent attention from a man so I’m always willing to break it off permanently. But that Gemini charm reels me back in every time. Your also spot on about the gemini man not being assertive during sex. That drives me mad! It’s one thing I appreciate about the scorpio man they are so assertive it’s hypnotizing to a libra female. I’m caught in a two way love affair between a gemini man and a scorpio man. They both provide things the other don’t but neither can get it all the right to make me break it off with the other. It’s so confusing yet guiltly exciting. I need to get it together quick! Thanks for the insight

    • Yes im caught between my Gemini boyfriend && my scorpio Baby’s father && i am a Leo woman.. But this defiantly helped me understand my Gemini alot better. . He talks a good game but i normally have to be the one to get him started..

  • Great article. I must admit love having sex with my Gemini guy :D I am a Scorpio girl and he’s the only guy who has ever got me. Sexually and mentally.

    • Altia that doesn’t have anything to do with astrology haha, your zodiac sign doesn’t say if you have a big or small penis. It’s genetics.

  • I totally get this. My Gemini lover knows me so well. I am an aries women and he knows what I like and where I like. We hit it off the first time we met with the most cheesiest line and if it had been anyone else I dont think it would of worked. It was the way he said it. He blows my mind every time. But ive managed to keep that to myself without telling him. I worry that I may slip and never see him again.

  • Hm, interesting. My boyfriend is Gemini, been with him for 7 years and I must say we do so many fun things in bed. I am the one who likes to get some space (I’m Scorpio girl) but he gets upset if I do, he wants to be with me almost all day every day, gets paranoid if I’m not around. So it’s kind of confusing every time I try to understand him more but everything says he should be the opposite of what he is right now.
    Is it even normal he is too clingy? >_> here it’s described like they wouldn’t be hahaha

  • Same…I’m a libra woman and my Gemini man is killing my nerves sometimes. Now he is 100% into me and in love with me and tomorrow he is looking for every excuse just to go…so exhausting. But still, love the sex and his charm

  • My boyfriend is a gemini and I’m a taurus. Sometimes it scares me that it might not work. We have’nt gone physical till now..but I keep on checking these sites thinking it’d be better in the coming days. Thankyou

  • though we talk over phone only meanwhile,but the phone sex is sooooooo amazing,i really like him for this<3.i am a true blue aquarian and i sort of needed someone exactly like him,and thankfully i found him.i am so happy to have him in my life that god forbid even if the things dont workout between us,i ll not regret since i had the privilege of knowing such an amazing guy.and yes i have to be on my toes sometimes to engage him with my talks.seriously the air signs can have sex without having sex,all they require is brains,words.My baby is soooo amazing.<3<3<3

  • That was exactly my experience with the father of my child. Being a gemini woman I thought I could adjust to it easily.

  • It was sounding fun until it got to number 5. Then it took on a very domineering, almost lecturing tone. I’m an Aquarius rising so I don’t like being told how I “must” treat a man. I prefer to be adapted to, especially if he’s lecturing me about how he “ought to be” handled. That sounds very haughty and almost…Capricornian. In fact, the whole tone of this piece reminds me of a Capricorn I used to go out with. Anyway, no p*rn. Discussion about p*rn is fine but unless he makes me feel heard rather than manipulated into embracing it, the talk will not be about pleasure. P*rn is so riddled with patriarchal cliches it just feels too…ordinary, like, what every man does, for me to feel turned on by a man who promotes it. Aquarius likes to be different and right now p*rn is beyond normalized, not to mention mysoginist. Phrases like “love making” feel trite and…not very poetic as well. I like a man to speak well and with offbeat original romanticism, especially about sex.