How to Turn On a Taurus Man In Bed

A taurus man is one of the most sensual lovers of the zodiac and he'll make sure you leave the sheets completely satisfied. Reciprocate the gesture and learn how to turn on your taurus man in bed.

Taurus men are irresistible but exceedingly difficult to attract. It’s not that they are fussy, but they do have incredibly high standards.

If you have your eye on a handsome Taurus man it might be worth you doing your research before attempting to seduce him, because once you’ve put him off, you’ve probably put him off for life!

Or you can just read my nifty little article. I’ve gathered some useful snippets of information for you…

Understanding the Taurus Man’s Personality

How to Turn On a Taurus Man In Bed

Unless you truly ‘get’ what the Taurus is all about, attempting to attract him is going to be a frustrating battle, he’s very particular when it comes to choosing his women; and while he may indulge in ‘looking’ he won’t ‘touch’ you with a bargepole unless you meet and exceed his expectations.

The key thing to know about a Taurus man is that he is the perfect combination of a nice guy and a macho man. Tradition is important to him, as is a stable and comfortable lifestyle. He is also very proud and has a slightly stubborn streak.

He is possibly the most steady guy you will ever meet; certainly family man material, and he looks for exactly the same things in a woman.  Drama-queens, please step to the back of the queue now, thank you.

Perhaps the reason he takes his time when choosing his partners is that once he had chosen her, he will stick to her for a very long time. Taurus is one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac, so if being treated like the one turns you on, this is definitely a guy worth your time.

Essentially the Taurus man is about creature comforts, a steady home life, financial security, balance, and harmony. Once he has secured a woman he can rely upon in all of these areas of his life, he will be able to fully satisfy her in the bedroom… Which is what we are all interested in here!

What Turns on a Taurus Man In a Woman?

They are looking for a very beautiful woman. Do you look in the mirror and secretly smile to yourself because you know that pretty face of yours is going to break a few hearts today?

Appearance is very important to the Taurus man. He is a proud man and wants a woman he can be proud of by his side. He is self-confident enough to be able to handle being with even the most attractive of women, as long as she is loyal.

But beauty is not enough. You will also have to have to be intelligent and strong-minded, quietly confident within yourself, fun to be around and exciting. Most important though is your ability to maintain a stable life and mind. No emotional nutters, no spendthrifts, no loud bolshy attention-seekers. Is it too much to ask for just a nice normal girl?

It might not sound like the sexiest thing in your mind, but Taurus men are turned on by a woman who can expertly manage and balance everything in her world, including work, money, social scene, family, and home. If you are a clean-freak you will be right up his street because disorder in the home is one thing he cannot tolerate.

Femininity is very high on the agenda, so all that sensual lingerie is going to come in handy. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that Taurus men can be quite fussy when it comes to scent.

Taurus is an earth sign and your natural scent is more likely to turn him on than the flowery or soapy smells you use in the bath. I wouldn’t overdo the perfume or body sprays if I were you, keep it to fresh linen-type deodorants.

Sex with a Taurus Man

I have great news! While Taurus men tend to come across as quite stuffy in everyday life, in the bedroom they can actually be pleasingly stylish. This is because they have an old-fashioned kind of romance about them.

So, how to turn your man on? They like music and candle-lit rooms, aromatic scents softly tinting the air and a proper, and a romantic kind of seduction. This is why a ‘lady’ appeals to the Taurus man.

She is someone who will appreciate his old-fashioned tastes and style. He likes to take his time and enjoy the whole experience of a gentle courtship. He is not the ‘mushy’ type of romancer, though, remember Taurus men are macho men, so he will take control of the whole evening and sweep you off your feet.

You should let him too!

He is naturally sensual, earthy and lusty; but not in the raw rampant style of the Scorpion Man. Taurus is far more simple and straightforward. In fact, until you manage to coax the trust out of him, the sex is likely to be a bit predictable.

One should never underestimate the power of a man with stamina in the bedroom, though. He is strong and steady… especially with his tongue ladies! He likes to take his time and do things properly, and he has incredible patience. He may not give you a wholly acrobatic performance in bed, but he will give you three quality orgasms!

No, he’s not flashy in the sack, but there’s a calm aura about him that oozes subtle sex appeal.  He’s the kind of guy you can just give yourself to in the sexy confident knowledge that he will take care of everything.

What Will Your Taurus Man Like in the Bedroom?

  • Kissing!  Lots and lots and lots of kissing.  He is sensual and grounded, he wants you to kiss him slowly and make each second of it count.
  • Touching! Gentle caresses and a soft tactile exploration of each other’s bodies is what he’s after. Unleash your inner Goddess and enjoy having your body thoroughly worshiped!
  • Take it slooooow. Kiss slowly, touch slowly, undress slowly. Just take your time and savor every moment.
  • Kiss his neck. This is his erogenous zone. He’ll like it a lot! And remember… kiss it slowly…
  • Taurus men may be quite traditional lovers but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a bit of sexual play and toys.  His sex toy of choice will probably be the handcuffs or anything else that can bind you together or to a bed so that he can focus on taking advantage of your vulnerability. The allure is in the sexy connotation of ‘ownership’.  It really turns him on! Let him exercise his dominant streak and reap the rewards.
  • Once you get to know your Taurus man in the bedroom you will discover that his appetite for sex borders on insatiable.  It’s a weird contradiction because Taurus men manage to come across as so gentle, romantic and caring…  Once you discover your Taurus man erogenous zones you will be in for a pleasant surprise!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The thing is… Taurus men don’t have to be that difficult, not at all. I’ve learned how to read (and please) the Taurus I liked from Anna Kovach’s Taurus Man Secrets, it’s crazy what a difference it can make to your relationship when you finally “get” him.

About the author

Scarlett Robinson

I am inspired by the ways people interact. Human behaviour and emotions are wonderfully complex, and I want to dig deeper and understand more. This is why I explore intimate relationships in my writing. (I’m also ever so slightly kinky.)


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    • My man is a Taurus and he LOVES oral sex. He said pleasing me turns him on even more. So if you want yours to perform oral sex, make sure you’re fresh and clean. They love females that take care of themselves.

      • YUP! Couldn’t agree more! Make sure you’re groomed & clean down there. Mine can go down there for a looooong time. lol. and he’s good at it too!

    • Wow really? I had a Taurean lover and he could go down on me for hours!
      …you sure he’s Taurean? :D

      Nudge his head there… tell him you want to feel owned by him…

    • I’m a male Taurus and African American, but this should work for any Taurus of any race. Yes we love to do oral when it’s clean, but coach us. Say nasty things, moan a little bit, let him know you’re enjoying it. Tell him exactly how you like it. Kiss him softly at the same time while you’re telling him how you like it. It’ll drive him crazy. Let him know you are all his. He may act like he don’t want to do it, but once he’s turned on he will do it for hours. I love pleasing my woman until she climaxes all over. I’m trying not to be too specific.

    • Ask him to… Ask him to lick you down there and everywhere… It will get him going. You can always ask him

      • Go down on him for a little while then just gently stop and inch your way up..right to his lips, I’m pretty sure he will know what you desire.

  • Really Lemon? I am a Taurus and definitely enjoy oral sex, both ways.
    Ive not long been with a Taurus man myself and was wondering the same thing Reenie :(

  • true.
    i agree
    my fiance is a Taurus and he has similar qualities mentioned above.
    he wants to do things in a old fashioned way. he gets so horny..
    when he is in bed with me he does not want me to get hurt in any way but enjoy every bit of it as he is. that’s what i love about him..he makes me go crazy

  • Yeah d traaits re true…..dis is makin me love him the more!I guess I understand him more naw…..I lov my taurus man.

  • “Taurus man is that he is the perfect combination of a nice guy and a macho man.”

    I know two guys like this and they are both Taurus. Extremely nice and sociable and they really like being around girls. One is more the macho style while the other seems to be more quiet but passionate and energetic.

    “he will stick to her for a very long time.”

    Hmm…well I know one that keeps calling me every time he returns to his home country. They are infuriatingly confusing….and loyal. Even though they might not talk to you for months (because they are busy or just stubborn) they still return to you.

    “But beauty is not enough. You will also have to have to be intelligent and strong-minded, quietly confident within yourself, fun to be around and exciting. Most important though is your ability to maintain a stable life and mind.”

    The only taurus I know are extremely intelligent even though they might not show it they seem lazy because they like comfort . for example my friend told me he reads books until 6 in the morning O.o. You might understand their need of a partner with whom to share their thoughts and ideas about life.

    “Femininity is very high on the agenda”

    i think they don’t like boysh girls. A nice dress (not a short attention grabber one) can make him happy. My friend is the reason why I’ve become more feminine (the way I dress adn act in front of him). Be natural and confident they like it. And no exaggerated make-up, they will notice and comment on it, believe me.

    “He likes to take his time and enjoy the whole experience of a gentle courtship.”

    Short: Relax and enjoy if you like slow, passionate sex. And they do like weird games. Like once he leaned on top of me and everything was so sudden that I got scared and told him to get up (bad idea, he wasn’t even horny) then he told me he wanted me to get in his game. When he did it again he just stood like that kissing me then he got up like nothing happened. Expect this kind of weird games but don’t get afraid they are gentle they won’t hurt you at all. (And no they don’t like p*rn so forget that…or at least the Taurus I know don’t like p*rn…I don’t generalize, but it’s freaking rare :D )

    “Taurus is far more simple and straightforward. In fact, until you manage to coax the trust out of him, the sex is likely to be a bit predictable. ”

    …or not even present. :) But it’s ok it’s a sign that he respects you (you realize it when he hugs you and kisses you but doesn;t try anything further). Or maybe they are not attracted enough by that person. But they are not the type to jump to sex just for the sake of it.

    “He is naturally sensual, earthy and lusty”

    True! full lips, soft kisses and A LOT of patience…pleasure builds up and without knowing you are so horny you go crazy and want him to do something…anything! :)

    “especially with his tongue ladies”

    I wonder what you are referring to but I might have an idea :D. I only got to the kissing part…and yeah there is a lot of kissing but not the way others do, they are gentle , calm and they love you truly

    “but there’s a calm aura about him that oozes subtle sex appeal.”

    I must agree 1000000% :). Calm aura oh yeah but they also have strong hugs, they like to feel you in their arms . So don’t go flashy and try to seduce him directly. Wait for him to come to you and feel his touches, open yourself up!

    “Unleash your inner Goddess and enjoy having your body thoroughly worshiped!
    Take it slooooow. Kiss slowly, touch slowly, undress slowly. Just take your time and savour every moment.”

    Like sloooooooooow. The slowest of all…and it’s killing you. If you don;t have the patience then forget about it. Don’t try to change his way.

    Ok so I wanted to say this from my own experience but this might not be true for every taurus so PLEASE just take it as an idea, an advice :).

    I think I fell in love with a Taurus :).

    They are loyal friends, helpful, give advices when everyone is against you, have a lot of empathy and they are hardworking towards their dreams. If you meet a Taurus, watch him, and if you like him go for it. Be natural, feminine, always with a smile on your face (because they change their mood according to the people around them), don’t be fake, they read people quite well and it doesn’t work for them. So yeah…don’t be scared by their macho style, not every woman gets in their heart. Don’t try to draw their attention just because they seem interested. Do it slowly, be confident.

  • Hi!

    I’ve been dating a Taurus for three weeks, he’s a lot like the profile that’s described here.
    We’ve had sex twice so far but those two times he wouldn’t have an orgasm, he’d just focus on giving pleasure to me and then he’d just be ok about not himself. Iwas wondering if you’ve ever gone through the same experience with a Taurus?
    I was wondering why he wouldn’t come but after reading this I kinda got an idea…

    Any comments, clues?


    • My taurus husband was kinda shy in that department. Not sure why but eventually he got over it.

  • So, I just had sex with a Taurus man and it was by far one of the most erotic and sensual evenings of my life! My only concern is that he claimed to not enjoy getting blowjobs. I asked him if he would let me try and change his mind on that, because he was amazing with his mouth and returning the favor helps me get off… He was happy to oblige (so it seemed) and from the sounds he made I may have changed his mind… :-D one thing that shocked me was that after having an intense session, (like an hour+) he was able to tell I hadnt came yet (although I had almost had the big o, it just didnt happen) even though I had faked it! My previous lovers could never tell, how was he able to?!

  • Ok, I get it. He’s old fashioned and spontaneous… What if he’s the one with awful body odors? Most of it is true about him anywho + c*ckiness…

  • My live in partner is a Taurus, weve been together for almost a month now, yet we don’t have sex, every time I’m starting to kiss him he always said his sleepy,tired and lots of alibis. What should I do, I need advise… were getting married this coming December. Thanks

  • Hmmmmmm what i wanna know is do Taurus men get frustrated and upset when they can’t have sex with a girl they like alot or miss alot.

    • I relate, I’m Aquarian and love my taurean man it has taken me a long time to get him now I do and would like to say this to you
      If they really liked you they would have told you in their own way and time, if this so for you then yes and Yes and yes again, just dig deep and you’ll work it out together x

  • Im in a relationship seen a taurus guy that’s in a relationship himself every time we have sex is awesome the best sex I ever had I’m so confuse cause he tells me that he likes me but some day he just doesn’t show it..confuse bx lover

  • I love my Taurus man he is everything above . one thing does it have to be all about the looks in order for him to love you more?. cause I just wanna be myself I don’t wanna have to impress everybody just to make him suuuppper happy what do I do? I mean I wanna look hot but not to the point where I gada be a model.

  • well apparently taurus men are totally different cause mine wasnt so picky about the other women he was out with and he has not learned the art of females and im a taurus

    • Yes he was picky. He’s still not with them. Sometimes we’re so picky we find ourselves with women who went after us and caught our attention. I don’t know his story, but we are a little picky not in the sense of beauty only, but other aspects also.

  • i am a taurus and my man is also one and boy everything whats in the statments thats how he likes it

  • I’m a Taurus male, I don’t particularly like getting oral and I’m picky about who I’ll go down on. Sexually I fit the stereotypical Taurus perfectly from what I’ve read-I like being on top, I’m not particularly experimental but I am extraordinarily long winded and can last all night long.

  • I’m a Taurus man and i think this lady couldn’t describe a Taurus man any better! I consider myself 99% of what she describes in her article, and my type of woman is 100% of what she says

  • I’m an Aquarius and have been always reluctant to date a a Taurus because they are usually described as boring, steady, routinely, stubborn and not adventurous in bed.

    Well there has been this really good looking Taurus who was after me and really unrelenting and super sweet. I finally gave him a chance after 2 months of dating we finally hit the sex and man it was AMAZING!! He was fun and adventurous but not in a way that makes one feel used. He was caressing and soft and seemed to adore and worship me throughout the whole time. He gave me the best sex ever no lie. So I’ve learnt not to really judge people’s sexual abilities based on what the Zodiac says. Our relationship is just amazing I’m so glad to have given him a chance

    • I’m Aquarian women and experienced similar with my Tauren man whom I love, so glad I gave him a chance as well, he’s seen all sides of me and still keeps loving me all the same and I have to say he’s on his way to being the best lover I’ve ever had !!!

  • My boyfriend of one year is exactly as described in this profile. I love how he is so caring, considerate and sensual when it comes to sex and although he likes to take control- I feel like he is slightly shy. Whenever I’m trying to give particular attention to him, for example, oral sex, he will try and switch it around to giving me pleasure again. I’m not sure why but reading the comments it seems like some Taurus men are really like that.

  • I am a Taurus male and I agree to this article especially when pleasing my partner at all cost to satisfy her making her feel wanted desired. So this article is very accurate, and I hope most women stop stereo-typing us Taurus men and let the Taurus men fulfill them LOL!! Just kidding!!