Mars In Retrograde: What Each Sign Needs To Know

Want to know how to handle the intense and fiery Mars retrograde energy that we’ll be feeling for the summer? Good, because that’s exactly what this article is all about!

Just about everyone who uses the internet has heard about Mercury’s retrograde and how to deal with the ups and downs that come with it. Mars’s retrograde, however, is not as well-known astrological phenomenon.

This is due partly to the fact that Mars only retrogrades (slows down) about very two years while Mercury constantly seems to be going in and out of retrograde—the ruler of Gemini can’t seem to make up its mind, go figure. So, how will this all affect you?

What is this whole retrograde thing all about?


First off, let’s start with the timeline for this transit, which will last pretty much the entirety of the summer. From April 17 – June 29, we will be under the actual retrograde period, but the shadow period, which kind of leads up to and winds down from retrogrades, has been happening since February 17 and will last all the way until August 22. In other words, there is no escaping it.

The thing about this particular retrograde is that it will be highly charged and intense, yet the shift in energy is one of less intensity if that makes sense.

We’re forced to slow down and take a more introspective look at our motives during a retrograde transit. While Mercury retrograde can make your electronics go kerblooey, Mars retrograde can cause a total meltdown if you aren’t careful.

If you have been letting some past pain or frustration get you down, now’s the time to let it all out and begin to heal. However, if you’ve been misusing your own sense of power, being a bully or just generally been letting your temper rule, you will have to atone for this now.

Everything is kind of coming full circle if you think about it, and doing so in a blaze of fury. Failure to pay attention and answer your minds own questions here will lead to major frustration.

The amazing thing, and this is true of most ‘frustrating’ astrological events, is that you can use this to start making some much needed improvements.

Mars will start this retrograde transit in the usually happy-go-lucky Sagittarius and will move into the darker, more brooding Scorpio.

It isn’t just Mars you’re feeling, either

All retrograde periods—which we actually have five happening right now: Mercury (officially going into retrograde April 28); Jupiter, which is incidentally the ruler of Sagittarius; Saturn, ruler of Capricorn; Pluto, ruler of Scorpio and, of course, Mars—cause us to slow down and take stock of some area of life.

Now think about that for a second. Taking into account that Pluto is in Capricorn, we have a whole mess of interwoven slowed down energy demanding reevaluation of some pretty important areas of your life—basically every area of your life. The amazing thing is you can use all of this to your advantage.

A lot of old issues will be brought to the surface during this transiting period. Scorpio never lets go and never forgets being burned, and when Mars comes back for a second pass, the results will, no doubt, be explosive. If there are things from the past that have been festering, now is the time to handle them.


Don’t run out and wage war on anyone though. Unlike typical Martian energy, being the aggressor is not favored here. Impulsive actions and arguments over nothing will surely stem from Mars’ influence, so it’s best to just mentally prepare yourself and try to not get too caught up in petty fights.

The full moon in Scorpio, happening April 21, will be one of the most intense days where things will come to a head and life may seem to explode temporarily.

April 25 and May 22 are also days to watch out for. Think of the old adage, and I can vouch for this 100%, that hospitals and doctors’ offices are full of craziness on a full moon—this will be like a full moon times 10!

What should each sign be on the lookout for?

Aries: you need to watch out for accidents and injuries, as well as work on maintaining your fiery temper. Also, consider avoiding any major travel plans under this transit—just to be safe.

Taurus: you will be needing an outlet for your excess energy. This transit period can bring on some pretty intense fits of rage and, in your case, stubborn rage. Also, power struggles will be a thing now—try to lie low.

Gemini: you’ll be feeling this retrograde energy in your romantic relationships and partnerships. Don’t fight just to fight, for real—try to use your passion for something a bit more pleasurable.

Cancer: you may feel a lack of drive to get things done, or you may be finding this in your co-workers. You may decide to go back to an old job you thought you were done with, and there is some potential here for health issues to creep up. Actually, now isn’t a bad time for your yearly checkup.

Leo: you stand a good chance of an old flame popping up more than most. Consider this carefully, but do consider it. Then again, you may just find yourself fighting with your mate like Gemini. Lord help you if your mate is a Gemini—maybe you two need a break if that’s the case.

Virgo: you will find that undoubtedly some things in your house will decide to break down, or maybe even totally break apart, under this transit. Fights with loved ones are also a huge possibility. Maybe consider spending more time out of the house this summer.


Libra: you are typically all about balance and partnership, but under this transit you will likely find yourself chomping at the bit to argue. Do your best not to let every communication become an issue. Also, maybe now is a good time to have your car checked out—as you know, preventative maintenance is the best maintenance!

Scorpio: you are going to feel this shifted energy first off in your wallet. Fight the urge to overspend as impulsive shopping could be your downfall this summer if you aren’t careful. Things will get pretty intense for you under this transit; do your best to NOT obsess over things and maybe start meditation. Find your happy place.

Sagittarius: you aren’t really prone to angry outbursts, but in the coming days and weeks, something could just come over you and it will ALL come out. If you have had some anger issues in the past, however, now is the time to deal with them.

Aquarius: you like to stay on top of things and you don’t like to stagnate. This transit could make you feel like your life goals and reams just aren’t moving quickly enough. Give yourself credit: whatever you do, don’t act on your impulsive nature under this transit. Also, be careful of fighting with friends—it probably isn’t actually that big of a deal whatever you are upset about. However, if it is, now is the time to clear the air.

Pisces: you’ll be feeling this transit’s craziness in your career. This is a good time to reevaluate your chosen path, but not the best time to take action on your thoughts. Consider what you want, what you have and what you put up with in your chosen career. When things die down after the summer, then you will be well-equipped to make some decisions on this.


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