How To Turn On a Scorpio Man In Bed

Scorpio men are deeply complex. You may spend a lifetime trying to understand one and drive yourself insane in the process.

Here’s how to turn on a Scorpio man in bed and make him yours for a looong time!

The Scorpio Man’s Sexuality

Don’t be intimidated by the sexually potent reputation of the Scorpio man. He doesn’t expect you to have an acrobatic body that is equipped to handle every position of the Kama Sutra. The Scorpio man’s fascination with sex is not necessarily physical.

Get into his head as well as his bed.   Even if he is cold, distant and unemotional, astrology can help you snatch his heart easily. 

This man is about to challenge the way you think about men, in ways you never thought possible. Would it surprise you if I told you that a Scorpio man’s fascination with sex doesn’t actually refer to having sex? What if I told you that a Scorpio man’s fascination with sex can even lead them to withhold from having any sex? Scorpios have an impressive level of self-control. To the point of it often being quite difficult to tell if your Scorpio man is interested in having sex with you at all! Confused yet?

The trick is to understanding what makes a Scorpio man tick. The sexual turn-on for him is a mental one. He wants to get inside your head and take over every dark, and hidden crevice.

Scorpio Men and Power Play

The obvious connection you will probably make when pairing the concept of ‘power’ and sex is the idea of domination and submission. In order to understand what turns a Scorpio man on you must go beyond this. Power, or the idea of it, is something that Scorpio men love to play with. Aargh, he wants to tie me up, blindfold me and do unspeakable things! No. At the core of your Scorpio’s attraction to power is the seductiveness of having a deep, and almost telepathic mental connection with you.

Your Scorpio man has a burning curiosity and desire to know all about you, so you can expect him to want to uncover all of your secret fantasies and sexual hang-ups in the bedroom. Just remember that it is actually your trust in him that will turn him on because it means he has managed to connect with you on that mental level; which is essentially what he desires.

Sex Tip: Eye contact is a big turn on for a Scorpio man in bed. If you have the courage to look him in the eye during foreplay and sex, you will allow him to get off on that unspoken telepathic communication. It’s oh-so-sexy! Give it a go if you can stand the heat. One of the craziest ways to establish this type of “telepathic” connection, power, and excitement it to worship him with a sensual, even hypnotic blowjob. All men love it when you’ve got mad oral skills, but Scorpio’s especially appreciate this type of power play and kingly treatment.

The Assertive Female

Don’t get me wrong. The Scorpio man is definitely not the submissive type, but he might get off on allowing you to take the reigns for a bit. Scorpio men love a confident woman, who has self-respect but knows exactly what she wants in bed and isn’t afraid to take it.

Does this mean I have to dress in my leathers and beat him into submission? God no… I asked a Scorpio man how he likes to be touched. He said; “Gently, sensually… but I like to be rougher!”

Does this mean my Scorpio man wants to get into his leathers and beat me into submission? Aw, bless you! No chick, on the flip side, the Scorpio man’s beastly side can be quickly riled up by your coy innocence. So you don’t have to be a dominatrix to get his attention in the bedroom. He won’t necessarily have you tied up and ready for a spanking either, so don’t panic yet.

If I were you, though, I would be prepared for a sudden ravishment under the bed covers. When you’re least expecting it…of course. If you tend to be a bit on the naive side, you may not even know that your Scorpio man is about to pounce. He may not even know it himself!

Scorpio men can undergo sudden transformations from seemingly sexually disinterest to unexpected urgent raw sexual freakishness. In fact, some Scorpios get off on holding out on sex. Specifically because they love that feeling of intense physical can’t-get-enough-of-each-other raw and grimy passion! The attraction of unleashed desire is that mental connection thing. He wants you to lose control because of him.

Sex Tip

Play him at his own game. Hold back for as long as possible. Let the sexual tension build (better yet, create that sexual tension yourself) and churn you both up to the point of no return, and then let yourself want and need him all over you! Pure uninhibited animal physical passion and human mental lust is a powerful combination for a Scorpio lover.

A Scorpio Man’s Desire for Fearsome Intimacy

The first thing you need to lose if you want to turn on a Scorpio man in bed is your fear of closeness. Closeness means being able to open yourself up and reveal the things that make you feel most vulnerable.

It shows great courage to do this, and a Scorpio man will admire that about you. Allowing him to access your vulnerability reveals immense confidence and strength of character. He will feel honored and proud that you want to share these intimate, private parts of yourself with him. Scorpios are very caring and protective creatures.

But we are talking about dirty, raw deep intimacy here! The Scorpio man won’t want to be your couch therapist. He will want to rip you apart both physically and mentally. Often it is a test to see if you are capable of handling everything he has to throw at you. Deep down he knows how screwed-up and difficult he is to catch, and he doesn’t want to hurt you in the long run. If you can show resilience, he will eventually feel confident enough to give himself up to you entirely.

Closeness is something he is just as terrified of as you are, and he gets a perverse pleasure from his own fear; often pursuing women he feels are slightly out of his league because he finds that slight fear of rejection exciting.

Sex Tip: Play hard to get. He will enjoy trying to figure you out, and the play for control will turn him on. Are you in control? Is he in control? Is anyone in control? Suddenly it won’t matter anymore and you will both submit to your carnal needs and meet on some crazy, possessed middle-ground where boundaries are just a hot sweaty blur. Learn

To Summarize

  • Remember the key to turning on a Scorpio man is to ‘connect’ and nurture a type of intimacy you may never experience with anyone else ever again!
  • Develop a secret unspoken telepathic language. Know that the power of a look or a nod in a public place to instigate a sexual encounter will stir up implications of possession that a Scorpio man will find very erotic
  • Take control and make the first move. It will surprise him and evoke a curiosity and urge to know more about you. A confident woman can be a sexy mystery if she does it right!
  • Be effortlessly sexy. Work his imagination by wearing casual but revealing clothes… always leave enough to the imagination, and enough material to remove, or keep on as an erotic barrier between you both in bed! A Scorpio man will crave the intimacy of feeling your skin against his, but there’s nothing wrong with providing him with the opportunity of a challenge. Never hand a Scorpio yourself on a silver platter. In other words, cultivate sensual mystery!
  • Prepare yourself for his deep passionate kisses. His tongue will want to explore the inside of your mouth; every single inch of it! And a kiss like that is bound to lead quickly to other things.

If the man of you dreams is a sexy and seductive Scorpio, then I honestly recommend you to check out Scorpio man’s secrets by amazing astro expert Anna Kovach. She will give you all the answers you need about Scorpio man traits, how to seduce him and make him yours for good.

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  • The personality traits assigned to Scorpio men are sexy af…period. However their unwillingness to open up, connect and reveal themselves is often a deal breaker. It’s as if they are too insecure to be whom they really are. Scorpio men should be viewed as the ultimate catch for a woman. However….their impulses of jealousy, control and obsession can easily cause her to run away.