Zodiac & Interior Design: Aquarius

Aquarius are well known for their unique and eccentric personalities, that enjoy standing out and having fun. If you are a real Aquarius, here’s how you should decorate your place in order for it to always feel like home.

We’re not calling you crazy, but as an Aquarius, you are the type of girl who sees the world differently than others, and who enjoys things others may find a little uncommon. This is why, when it comes to interior design, the Aquarius are definitely among those who have a lot of fun decorating.

There are practically no limits and boundaries that would bind your creativity and free spirit. The only rule there is for you, is not to create a monotonous, dull atmosphere without any dynamics, playfulness or contrasts, as this would definitely pull your spirits down.

Daytime Coolness

Make sure that your living room reflects your vivid personality! Include color blocking details and unordinary pieces. Include a lot of designer elements and artistic sculptures because, as an Aquarius, you will enjoy such pieces the most.

Polished Brass Studded Cube Box Table And Other Zodiac Design Stuff

  • Patrick Norguet What’s Up Chaise Longue (
  • Artifort Hanna / René Holten Armchairs (
  • Polished Brass Studded Cube Box Table (
  • Itâs Ottoman (
  • FontanaArte Avico Suspension Lamp (
  • Tranquil Zebra Sculpture (

Bon Appetit Swag

Bring some groove to your dining room by simply importing and combining crazy design chairs. You can either have some regular chairs and one unordinary or, if you’re both crazy and brave, all of them to be different and curiously designed.

Bright Metal Chair And Other Zodiac Design Stuff

Clockwise from upper left:

  • Bright Metal Chair (
  • Cactus Chair by Valentina Gonzales Wohlers
  • The Fifties Diner Chair (
  • Hand Chair (
  • Leif.designpark Flower Cup Chair (
  • Rayne Outdoor Chair (

Bedroom Boom

Why not make the most private part of your house, your bedroom, a jungle of creativity? It can be a real explosion of colors, materials and motives that will really boost your energy for the day and make you see the world in a new, inventive way. Pick a time, forget about limits, and have fun decorating!

Antique Corbiere Bed And Other Zodiac Design Stuff

  • Antique Corbiere Bed (
  • Toy Jewel Armchair (
  • Sierra Four-Drawer Chest (
  • Mid Century Ebonized Wood and Chrome Hippo Sculpture (
  • Monkey See Trinket Drawer (
  • African Ceremonial Mask (
  • The Asphalt Jungle Movie Poster (

Black and White Chick

You don’t have to go wild with colors in order to create a true Aquarius home. There are lots of cool grayscale elements for you to enjoy, and to match with the rest of your interior. Still, don’t forget the beloved silver and gold that will add up to the elegance of the design.

Victoria Lounge Chair Black and Other Zodiac Design Furniture

Left to right, top line downwards:

  • Victoria Lounge Chair Black (
  • Herman Miller Nelson Coconut Chair (
  • Kartell Bubble Club Armchair (
  • Alle Ligero Coffee Tray Table (
  • Blaire Table Lamp (
  • Flux Armchair (
  • Arktura Ricami Stool Side Table (
  • Bonze Stool & Tiki Stool
  • Caira Mandaglio / Christian Maas Sculpture In Aluminium (

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