Zodiac & Interior Design: Capricorn

You have probably wondered why is it that some things make your home feel more comfortable than others. A big part of the answer to this question could lie in the traits of your zodiac sign.

As a Capricorn, you are the most stable of all zodiac signs. You have a traditional way of looking at things and don’t like changes that much. You are very family-oriented, and need your place to feel safe and comforting. Since you would rather jump off a bridge than have your interior constantly changing, you should carefully pick pieces that are nice to have around, but at the same time very discrete.

More than anything, the interior design of your home should be clean, free of details that would make the place feel too crowded. It would be excellent to have white dominate the space you live in. Also make sure that all your furniture consists of large uninterrupted surfaces and clean cut lines. Earthy, natural tones are going to make you feel at your best and make you feel energized and relaxed when you need it after a stressful day at work.

Let everybody know what’s important to you – put up family heirlooms or photos from important events so that everyone can see them, and stop to admire them. The best place for this is probably the hallway, where there is nothing that could steal the attention from what you value.

Your first ballet shoes hanging from a wall, or your baby brother’s favorite toy among your books on a shelf can be charming additions to your home and will make your heart warm, and your visitors smile. Don’t forget the light because it adds focus to such details and makes them a worthy component of the design.

It’s also important not to forget the details – a thing or two to personalize the space you live in. As a Capricorn, you should put them in places where not everyone can reach them and disrupt your privacy. Or implement them in wall or door design, so that only you and keen viewers can notice them.

Most other Zodiac signs will feel the need to add more stuff to your home – this is where your natural stubbornness comes in handy: have it your way because it is the only way for you to feel good in your home.

Combo 1

This is how you can bring nature to your home. Use plant and earthy tones and textures that are a direct association to natural environments. Involve shapes that remind you of landscapes you have seen and you love. Complete the atmosphere with clean, white elements that will support the feeling of calmness and balance, but won’t visually add up to the total number of elements present.

Artifort Bono Sofa Zodiac Interior Idea

What’s in Combo 1?

  • Karl Zahn Phrena Hanging Lamp, $110 (
  • Artifort Bono Sofa (
  • Bolacha Coffee Table, $1699 (
  • “Lady” Armchair (

Combo 2

If your ascending sign makes you a bold Capricorn, you can always try something out of the box. Surprise everyone with your home and at the same time have fun decorating it! This dining room combo is based around a wonderful, slender dark-wood table where you, and your friends and family can gather for lovely moments together.

The strictness of the table design is softened by the charming chair, designed by one of the most important contemporary architects, Frank Gehry. Don’t be afraid to double some elements in your home. This is a subtle but effective trick to use symmetry in order to attract focus to where you want it.

Basque Java 82 Dining Table Zodiac Interior Idea

What’s in Combo 2?

  • Basque Java 82 Dining Table, $799 (
  • Frank Gehry Wiggle Side Chair (
  • Brissi Betty Cylinder Vase, $55 (

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