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Those who can’t do teach – same with me giving you love advice. I like jazz and the theatre, old movies that I watch while drinking wine, but most of all I like love and smiles.

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The Best Way to Lose Your Virginity

When girls reach a certain age, they stop being little girls and become young women. And young women have an urge for something other than Barbie dolls. Yes...

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5 Mind Blowing Sex Surprises for Him

Buying men gifts is exhausting and not very rewarding. He never wears the perfect polo sweater you bought him – he says it looks "gay". He never uses the...


5 Things Men We’re In Love With Owe Us

Don’t expect a normal article out of this or a great new theory. It’s just a story about how being in love affects certain women (that is, me) and how many of...


What is Twitter Used For

It usually starts with you getting tired of Facebook, or some moron convincing you “Twitter is a must.” Then you make an account, and you start wondering: what...

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20 Reasons Why Men Fake Orgasms

Wondering why men fake orgasms? It’s because your vagina is too big. Joking! Well, maybe not. Still, that might not be the only reason. There are many reasons...

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How to Have Skype Sex

Let’s face it, people do it. Yes, Skype is used for more than just international chit chat about the weather, and now has a bit of a more intimate use. Yes, we...